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This site has been set up as a central archive and link point for as much Klingon Fiction as it can locate.  It is not affiliated to any one club although it's concept idea came from Something Else and was Created by qe'San be'rawn, a member of not only "Something Else" but also the "Klingon Strike Force", "tlhIngan Qummem" and the "Klingon Language Institute".
qe'San is also the
Battle Lines editor.

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This table has been added to let you know what's been added and when:
Title Author Uploaded
mangpu' pegh Azram 25/04/2010
Added Author - Azram (Mauricio R Barbosa) Author 25/04/2010
We Are Women Lady Katallia 08/08/2005
Added Author - K'tallia Tawi'Yan  Author 08/08/2005
Boys will be Girls itís a mixed up world Lusciouslips  31/03/2005
Ladies Night Lusciouslips  28/03/2005
Added Author - Lusciouslips sutai Juriss-Chang Author 28/03/2005
The Discworld Encounter Kohn K'Torra 27/03/2005
To Kill a Klingon Kohn K'Torra 27/03/2005
Added Author - Kohn K'Tarra Author 27/03/2005
Updated Dar's Place Link Updates 15/03/2004
Update Theld jubchuQun: Who are They? Link Update 15/03/2004
After the Storm Katia 28/04/2002
Added Author -Katia Author 28/04/2002
Added "GrownUP" Category Category 28/04/2002
Added Link to Staggering Stories  Mac 28/04/2002
Honour Bound Ch'tach 21/01/2001
jIHaD Part IV Ch'tach 21/01/2001
jIHaD Part III Ch'tach 21/01/2001
jIHaD Part II: Witch Hunt Ch'tach 21/01/2001
Altered Author - Phil Norris to Ch'tach Ch'tach 15/01/2001
Who's the Fairest Pt1 Phil Norris 14/01/2001
Grilka Khey'Ra 12/01/2001
Added Author - Khey'Ra Author 12/01/2001
jIHaD: Part One: First Strike Phil Norris 12/09/2000
Added Author - Phil Norris Author 12/09/2000
Hired Gun Ke'Reth 26/07/2000
The Odd Couple Part IV - The Marriage Kara & Riz 30/07/2000
Klingon Mission Report - Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 Keith Dunn 24/07/2000
Added Author - Keith Dunn Author 24/07/2000
Death Song Faye 23/07/2000
Added Song category Category 23/07/2000
Added Author - Faye Author 23/07/2000
Limerick Ke'reth 23/07/2000
Added "Sign Guestbook" to each item Site change 23/07/2000
The Odd Couple Part III - The Proposal Kara & Riz 22/07/2000
SuvwI' Shrogh Sub Carolyn Winifred 18/07/2000
qagh qagh je Carolyn Winifred 15/07/2000
The Odd Couple - Part II - The Mating Kara & Riz 11/07/2000
The Odd Couple Part I Kara & Riz 11/07/2000
Death Song Faye 09/07/2000
Blessing in Disguise Michael Tucker 24/06/2000
The Dentist  Mach HI' 21/06/2000
Coming of Age Riz 18/06/2000
Death of a Warrior K'Tor 17/06/2000
Serving the Chain Ke'reth 17/06/2000
Love Song Ke'reth 17/06/2000