Mind SNAP! "The Calculator"
The Mentalist in your Pocket


The Mind SNAP! calculator and the routines included have been thoroughly performance tested. Eugene Matthias (President of the Magic Club of Great Britain) was so impressed by the quality of the calculator and audience reaction he agreed to release the routines he'd developed for it.

Eugene said, "It was absolutely amazing! After including it in my table magic routines for the first time I was offered new work on the basis of the calculator alone."

As to the calculator itself; Basically it is well constructed metal faced calculator and protective wallet. Apart from protecting the calculator the wallet also enables you to store your prediction so it's in their hands from the moment it leaves yours.. If written on the back of your business card this also a great way to give out your card

The Calculator comes with two routines with the first one introducing the calculator such that the audience use it for normal calculations increasing the impact it has in the finale routine.

For Wholesale enquiries please contact: wholesale@MindSNAP.co.uk


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