Mind SNAP!

Nuts Through and Through 

The Magician Asks a couple of the audience out to assist. He then produces a long threaded bar and a nut showing both of them and the audience that the bar is solid by hiting on the table or floor. He also shows the nut and explains that they have been made to be a very close fit and starts to thread the nut onto the bar. a nut. He lets the audience members touch the nut and even thread the nut further to a place they are happy with.

He asks them to hold one end each of the rod so that.they can be sure the nut canít escape of the ends and then covers the nut with a red silk. He reaches underneath and within a couple of second pull the silk off to show the nut in his hand and the empty bar.

He then hands the nut to one of the volunteers to examine and takes his well earned applause.

What You Get

The Threaded Rod
Normal Nut
Gaffed Nut
24Ē Red Silk


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© Jonathan Brown 2008