Mind SNAP!


The Power of the Mind SNAP! Camera

You are about to witness to the truely amazing power of the Mind SNAP! camera.

It is important that you follow the instructions below completely as we can not be held responsible for any careless thought or subterfuge.

Anyway the instructions:

Choose any two digit number i.e. between 10 & 99; 
Add together both digits and then subtract it from your original number.

e.g. 56: 5+6=11. 56 minus 11 gives you the answer. 

When you have the final number click on the link below to see the Mind SNAP! Camera and chart. Look up number on the chart to find your selected card. 

Then Concentrate on the card selected and when you have it clearly in your mind click anywhere on the Mind SNAP! camera. 

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Jonathan Brown 2004

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