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Who is Jonathan Brown 

Who is anyone but the culmination of their past experiences. So I suppose I should start from the beginning.

I was born on 11 February 1961 to a great Mum & Dad. Those already interested will know that makes me an Aquarian and as we are currently in the Age of Aquarius it looks like this is my time (with a few million others). 

My interest in magic started at a really early age so please don't ask me to quantify when. My dad had also been interested in magic since his early years so I suppose this makes me a second generation magician. This helped me focus my interest, one because the magic was available but secondly my dad would point me in the right directions. Like all true magicians he would never just reveal the secrets, he made me work at it and gave me books to read that he had read when he started.

I am shy by nature so do find it hard doing something that focuses attention to me. Performances have on the whole been to children and schools.  Ironically when I was a kid my stage performances were mainly to adults. As such I can not say I have ever been a professional magician but as my magic has never been for just for friends and family I don't believe I'm what most people would imagine as an amateur.

For as long as I have been interested in magic I have been creative. I can't help think, "this is great but what if you could also do that".  I have developed magic in the past albeit for personal use and as such now forgotten. 

What has turned things around in my magic life is meeting Eugene Matthias and The Magic Club of Great Britain. I don't want to put words into his mouth but I think he must have noticed the cogs moving between my ears and encouraged me to develop the ideas that eventually became the Mind SNAP! envelope and following concepts.

Thanks for taking the time to view my page on the Mind SNAP! website why not leave some feedback.

Jonathan Brown
"Without the magician there is no magic and without the secret there is no magician"


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