Mind SNAP! "Twin" Development
The following effect is still in the development stages


The magician gets a member of the audience to select and Initial the chosen card. The volunteer then places his signed card any in the pack.

The magician gives some speil about twins and how they seem to have a kind of ESP between them He then states he wants to test a theory. He asks the volunteer to confirm what the card was that he signed. The magician then looks through the pack for the matching "TWIN" card i.e. if a diamond was selected then the same card in hearts is found.

The magician then says how he needs the help of the Joker and looks through for him. He takes the image of the camera from the rear of the Joker and places it on the front of the "TWIN".

The magician then asks the volunteer to think of his card and his initial signature whilst he takes a snap of his Mind.

Amazingly when the camera is peeled off the "TWIN" the signature is seen to have developed right there in the centre of the card.

Simple animation of the effect. (The flash is a visual effect for this animation)

Please let me know what you think or if interested


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