Mind SNAP! Where on Earth?


The magician hands a card, with a list of places, to a member of the audience He then obtains a unique number with the assistance of three others and little maths.

Using the unique number he then asks the person with the card to see if there is a place in the world next to that number. But not to say what it is.

A pack of cards is produced and the magician explains that he now needs the help of the joker who looks after his new experi-mental camera.

A member of the audience finds the Joker and passes it to the magician. They person with the list is asked to think of the place especially a landmark to help fix it and he proceeds to take a picture of the persons mind.
The magician then says, "Lets see what has developed", and peels off the camera to reveal a place name and possibly even a picture.

Amazingly it is the place selected and thought of.


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