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Sim/Group Experience
Please list sims/groups (include any affiliations) you're currently participating in, or the most recent sims/groups you were in.
(Not both, unless noted)
  Please note that by providing a sample of your writing it will allow us to better gauge a playing experience for you in the future.
Sample Writing
In this area please provide a previously written sample piece of writing.  Preferably from a group listed in the experience above.




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Character's Name
The full proper name of your character for KSFCN database and death records.
Character's Gender
Character's Age
The age of your character in Terran (Earth) years.
Please note that age determines experience but not always rank.
Please specify the species your character will be part of.  If you do not specific a species your character will be listed as Imperial Klingon.
Planet/Place of Birth
Where your character was born, place and planet.
Please specify the position that your character is applying for.  If you do not specify a position your character will be assumed as being a civilian.

Area of Expertease
Although the KSF is not currently operating Divisions they still exist and this choice will guide some of your Role-Play orders.

As a rule of thumb, Klingons generally known Fed Standard.
A list of activities, hobbies, sports, games your character enjoys while off duty.
Will normally include Imperial War Academy. However Klingons have been known to acquire skills in more than a classroom.
Service Record
A listing, with dates of all positions and postings in the Empire. The current gaming year is 2380.
Please note that unless you have made alternative arrangements with the GM your character's initial rank will be Ensign as far as the Strike Force is concerned.
Please include promotions.
A listing of any awards received during recent service.

The factual life story of your character thus far. This is the main historical background on your character. Usually the longest part of the biography.  This should be no shorter than 5 paragraphs.
The more information that is included the better able the players and the GMs will be to assign you to away missions and other plots.  Furthermore this will determine your initial assignment.
Personality Profile
This section describes what your character acts like. This is an important section, as others will reference it when writing stories that involve interaction with your character.
Physical Profile
Describe the characters appearance. It will include things like build, weight, height, skin color, eye color, etc.
Special Notes
Anything you want to let the other players know about your character that hasn't been mentioned in the other sections is appropriate.
Additional Comments
This area is available for any comments you would like to make. They will not appear on your biography.



By clicking YES below, you are stating that the information entered into the player section above is true and correct.  You agree that joining is voluntary and that the intention is purely on the basis of fun and enjoyment for yourself and all other members of the group.  If otherwise, we will be forced to deliver mass quantities of last year's flock of Tribbles.  And yes...we have many handy!



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