Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

d'k tahg, warriors knife (n) DAKTAG
damage, cause damage (v) QIH
damage, destruction (n) QIH
dance, run in a place, do callisthenics (v) MI'
dancer; fire dancer (n) KUL MI'WI'
dandruff (n) KUHVAJ
danger (n) QOB
dangerous, be dangerous (v) QOB
dare (v) FIL
dark omen, sign of evil coming (n) MAQMIG
dark, be dark (v) HURG
darsek, unit of currency (n) DARSEK
data access (n) DE' NAW'WI'
data banks/memory (singular) (n) KAWHAK
data transceiving device (n) HABLI'
data transmission (away from a place) LAB
data transmission (to a place) (v) LI'
data transmission, issue, edition (n) JABBI'ID
data, information (n) DE'
daughter (n) PUKBE'
dawn (n) JAJLO'
day (from dawn to dawn) (n) JAJ
day after tomorrow (n) CA'LES
day before yesterday (n) CA'HU'
days ago (n) HU'
days from now (n) LES
daytime (n) PEM
de-; [SEE -undo (v-R)] (-HA')
dead, be dead (referring to food) (v) (slang) QOP
dear [SEE -endearment (n-1)] (-'OY)
death (n) HEG
death (put to), execute (v) MUH
death ritual (for a leader ) (n) The dead leader is repeatedly jabbed with painsticks and challenged to fight. a lack of response proves that he really is dead. SONCIY
death ritual (n) HEGTAY
death; to the death (excl) (archaic) means "to the death" in an archaic form of Klingon. It survives as an exclamation, something that you'd probably just shout out (or snarl) at the start of or in the throes of battle or a duel. GIKTAL
debate (v) FAC
debris, litter, rubble (n) DI
decant; pour (from one container into another) (v) KAF
decay, rust, corrode (v) RAG
deceive, trick, bluff (v) TOJ
decide, decide upon (v) WUK
decimal point (n) VI'
decimal point (n) VI'
decision (n) * WUK
deck (on a ship) (n) [BoP Poster] for a ceiling/floor between stories use XOY' SAS (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] COQ
decline, deteriorate (v) SAB
decrease (v) NUP
deed, accomplishment (n) TA'
deep fry (v) (fu) MIQ
deep-fry (v) MIQ
defeat (v) JEY
defect (n) DUY'
defect (v) CEH
defective, be defective (v) DUY'
defence (n) HUB
defend (v) HUB
-definite (n-3) (used when there is no doubt in the speakers mind) e.g., SUVWI'NA' - a definite warrior. -NA'
definite, be definite, be positive, be certain, be sure (v) (slang) BEJ
definite, be definite, be sure, be positive, be certain (v) (slang) NA'
deflect a lunge, parry (v) WAY'
deflect a lunge, parry (v) (w) WAY'
deflectors (n) BEG
déjà vu (n) NIBPOH
delay (v) MIM
delicious, be delicious, harmonious with, tasty (v) 'EY
deliver, transport goods (v) HIJ
demand, require, need (v) POQ
demolish (v) PEJ
demon (Klingon), Fek'lhr, devil (n) the beast who guards the dwelling place of the dishonoured dead. VEKLARG
demonstrate, show, display (v) 'AG
demotion; suffer loss of status (v) LU
demystify; [consider, confuse(v)+undo(v-9)] (MISMOHHA')
Denebia (n) DENIB
Denebia (n) DENIBYA'
Denebian (n) DENIBFAN
Denebian (n) DENIBYA'FAN
Denebian slime devil (n) DENIB QAX
Denebian slime devil (n) DENIBYA'FAN QAX
deny (v) TEM
deodorant (n) NOSVAG
depart (v) XED
depart, leave (v) MEJ
depend on, rely on (v) WUV
depreciation (n) (regional) FIB
depreciation (n) (slang) YEB
depressed, be depressed (v) 'IT
depth; have a depth of (v) SAW'
descend (v) GIR
describe (v) DEL
desert (n) DEB
desert (v) COS
deserted, be deserted, empty, uninhabited (v) CIM
deserve, warrant (v) KOX
destination (n) GOC
destroy (n) QAW'
destroy, tear down, break up, ruin completely (v) QAW'
deteriorate, decline (v) SAB
detest, hate (v) MUS
Deuterium Isotope (n) [BoP Poster] BIQSIP 'UG
developed (highly), be highly developed, be advanced (v) IX
developed, be developed (e.g., civilisation) (v) HAC
device (n) JAN
devil/demon (KLINGON), Fek'lhr (n) the beast who guards the dwelling place of the dishonoured dead. VEKLARG
devise, invent (v) 'OG
dictator (n) HI'
dictatorship (n) HI'TUY
dictionary (n) MU'GOM
die (v) HEG
different, be different (v) PIM
differently (adv) JAS
difficult, be difficult, be complex (v) QAX
dignity (n) NUR
dilithium (n) CA'PUJ
dilithium crystal (n) CA'PUJKUT
-diminutive (n-1) (infers noun is less/smaller etc.) e.g., SUS'A' -wisp of air. -HOM
dinner (n) 'UQ
diplomacy (n) GAR
diplomat (n) GARWI'
direction (spatial) (n) LURG
directory (communication catalogue) (n) * QUMMEM
dirt (n) LAM
dirt under fingernails (n) BUX
dirty, be dirty (v) LAM
dis- [SEE -undo (v-R)] (-HA')
disable (v) QOX
disagree (v) QOC
disagreement (n) * QOC
disappear, vanish (v) FAB
disapprove, discommend (v) NADHA'
disassemble, take apart (v) LAG
disaster (n) QUG
discard (v) POLHA'
discipline (n) SUN
discommend, disapprove (v) NADHA'
discommendation (n) NADHA'GAC
discontinue, terminate (v) BAK
discourage (v) TUF
discover, find, observe, notice (v) TU'
discuss, confer (v) JA'CUK
disease (n) ROP
disgraced, be disgraced (v) WEB
disguise (v) JEC
disguise, costume (n) JEC
disgusting, be disgusting, be reprehensible, be contemptible (v) (slang) NAX
disgusting, be disgusting, be unsavoury, be repugnant, be loathsome, be icky (v) 'UP
dish in a restaurant, "catch of the day" (n) DAHJAJ GED
dish, course (at a meal) (n) NAY'
dishonest, be dishonest (v) YUD
dishonour (n) KUVHA'GAC
dishonourable, be dishonourable, be dishonoured (v) KUVHA'
dishonourable, be dishonourable, dishonoured (v) KUVHA'
dishonourably (adv) BAXHA'
dishonoured, be dishonoured (v) KUVHA'
dishonoured, be dishonoured, be dishonourable (v) KUVHA'
dishonoured, be dishonoured, dishonourable (v) KUVHA'
dislike (v) PAR
disloyal, be disloyal (v) MAXHA'
disobey (v) LOBHA'
disperse, scatter (v) GOMHA'
display (n) e.g., BETLEH BEY' - Bat'leth display <> NUH BEY' - weapon display <> KUV BEY' - honour display BEY'
display, show (picture) (v) CA'
display, show, demonstrate (v) 'AG
displeased, be displeased (v) BELHA'
dispute, argue (v) GOH
disregard (v) KIMHA'
disrupt, interfere with, hinder, interfere (v) NIS
disruptor (n). NISWI'
disruptor pistol, hand held disruptor (n) NISWI' HIC
disruptor rifle (n) NISWI' BEH
disruptor rifle (n) NISWI' BEH
dissolve (v) FOS
distance, range (n) CUK
distance; unit of measure, 1.25 light years (n) [BoP Poster] LOGKAM
distracted, be distracted, be not attentive, lack focus (v) (slang) DAC
distress call (n) SOTLAW'
distressed, be distressed, be in distress (v) SOT
district, area (n) YOS
distrust (v) VOKHA'
disturb (v) SUJ
divide (v) WAV
do; [SEE - interrogative (v-9)] (-'A')
do (v); consider TA' - accomplish e.g., VITA'PU'BE' - I didn't do it. If the doing is only attempted use NID - attempt TA'
-do again, resume (v-3) (equiv: re-) VINEJKA' - I am resuming the search for hi,/her/them. -KA'
do callisthenics, dance, run in a place (v) MI'
do it, proceed, go ahead (v) RUC
dock (n) VERG
dock (v) VERG
doctor, physician (n) QEL
dog, inferior person, cur (n) (slang) HA'DIBAH
dog, inferior person, cur (slang) (n) HA'DIBAH
Dok'e food server (fast-food restaurant server) (n) TEBWI'
domain, holdings, territory (n) [12/7/98 NEWS list] YER
dominate (v) GAX
Don't do it yet! (excl) WEJ
-don't!, won't! (v-R) e.g., YIXOBQO' - Don't ask him/her -QO'
Done! Completed! Finished! (excl) PIX
-done/accomplished (v-7) e.g., VISUKTA' - I have acquired it. (implies past tense of an action deliberately undertaken) -TA'
door, gate (n) e.g., YIVOK 'AC LOJMITMEY YISAM - Trust, but locate the doors. LOJMIT
double-headed axe (n) JEY'NAS
doubt (v) HON
doubt (v) e.g., BISOVBEJBE'DI' tImer - When in doubt, surprise them. SOVBE'
doubt; one full of self-doubt, insecure one (n) (regional) (slang) GAW'
drain (v) NAX
dread (v) HAJ
dream (v) NAJ
dregs (n) PUG
drench, soak (v) HAH
dried out, be dried out, be dry (v) QAD
drill (military) (n) KEK
drink (v) XUX
drinking song (n) HIVJE' BOM
drive back (v) page 48 KGT DOHMOH
drool (v) BOL
drop (v) CAG
drum; percussion instrument (drum, bell) (n) 'IN
drum; type of drum (n) 'O'LAV
drunk, be drunk, intoxicated (v) CEC
dry, be dry, be dried out (v) QAD
-due to, because (n-5) e.g., SUSMO' JOKTAH - It was fluttering in the breeze. -MO'
-due to, because (v-9) e.g., SUYOHMO' - because you (plural) are brave (or because all of you are brave). -MO'
duel (v) HAY'
dull, be dull, be blunt (of blades) (v) JEJHA'
dull, be dull, uninteresting (v) KEX
dumbfounded, be dumbfounded, shocked (v) YAY'
Durani lizard skins (a food item which never uses plural suffixes) (n) DURAN LUF DIR
Duras (pr n) DURAS
duration; be short (in duration) (v) FAJ
duties; assume duties of, take over responsibilities of (v) GES
duty station, station (n) YAH
duty, assignment, task (n) (slang) GIG
duty, quest, mission, task, chore (n) QU'
dwell in/at, reside in/at, live in/at (v) DAB
dye, pigment, paint (n) RIX
dye, stain, tint (v) FUVMOH
dyed, be dyed, be stained, be tinted (v) FUV
dysentery (n) POM

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