Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

(each), everyone, all, everything (n) If the noun following HOC is explicitly plural, it means 'all'. If it is singular, it means ‘each'. (See also other meanings). HOC
ear (external) (n) (referring to the flap of skin or cartilage or whatever it is that sticks out on either side of the head) It is also homophonous with KOG - belt e.g., KOG TUQMOHHA' - take one's belt off; to not hear <or> KOG VITUQMOHHA'PU' - I've taken off my belt; your secret is safe with me. KOG
ear (hearing organ, not flap of skin (n) TES
early, be early (v) 'EK
earn (v) BAJ
Earth (n) TERA'
Earther, Terran (n) TERA'FAN
earthquake; experience an earthquake or tremor (v) QOM
easy, be easy (v) FED
eat (v) SOP
eat small mouthfuls, nibble (v) NOS
eat; consume soup (v) 'EP
eating utensil; fork (n) [From Marc Okrand on startrek.klingon (Usenet newsgroup) 5/5/98] PUK CONNAQ
eating utensil; spoon (n) [From Marc Okrand on startrek.klingon (Usenet newsgroup) 5/5/98] BAGNEQ
eavesdrop (v) DAK
economics (n) [KGT p148] HUCQED
-ed (Terran suffix) [SEE -perfective (v-7)] (PU')/(-TA')
edge (n) HEH
edition, data transmission, issue (n) JABBI'ID
effective, be effective, be vigorous (v) See also be aggressive VAQ
egg (n) QIM
egg shell (n) PEL'AQ
eight, 8 (num) CORG
eighth tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) (music) CORG
eighth, 8th (num) CORGDIC
either/or, or (joining nouns[after]) (conj) GAP
either/or, or (joining sentences) (conj) PAG
Elas (n) 'ELAS
elbow (body part) (n) DESKIV
elder (n) KUP
electricity (n) 'UL
electric shock: unit measure of electric shock (n) 'UL
embark (v) TEN
embassy (n) RIVSO'
emblem, symbol, insignia, medal (n) DEG
emergency (n) CAC
emissary (n) 'OSWI'
emissary, agent (n) TUM
emit (energy, radiation etc.) (v) XUD
emit odour, smell (v) HE'
emotionally touch (v) DUQ
emperor (n) TA'
emperor (n) VODLEH
-EMPHATIC, very* (v-R) Generally this suffix emphasises whatever it immediately follows. e.g., PIHOHVIPBE'KU' - We are NOT afraid to kill you . <> PIHOHVIPKU'BE' - We are not AFRAID to kill you <> PIHOHKU'VIPBE' - We are not afraid to KILL you. *When attached to a verb acting adjectivally it normally takes on the meaning ‘very'. -KU'
Empire Union Day (a possible translation) (n) * which comes in the 3rd month and celebrates Kahless the unforgettable who united the Klingon home world. Some proverbs to use on this holiday are: <> HOC DASOPBE'CUG BAX BIHEGBE' - Eat everything or you will die without honour. <> REH 'UQVAM VIKAWTAH - I will remember this dinner forever. <> BINAJTAHVIS KEYLIS DAGOMJAJ - May you encounter Kahless in your dreams. <> BITUHPA' BIHEGJAJ - Death before shame. wo' ruS jaj ?
empire (n) WO'
empty, be empty, deserted, uninhabited (v) CIM
-en (Terran suffix) [SEE -perfective] (-PU')/(TA')
encase, wrap (v) KAT
enclosed area (n) PA'
encounter, assemble, rendezvous, meet (v) GOM
encourage (v) TUFHA'
-endearment (n-1) e.g., VAVOY - daddy (from father) -OY
endearment, pet name (n) BAF POF
endure, bear (v) e.g., YIN DAYAJMEH 'OY' - To understand life, endure pain. SIQ
endure, continue, go on, survive (v) TAH
enemy (n) JAG
enemy commander (n) [TKD p64-65] JAGLA'
energise, fire (e.g., thrusters) (v) LAQ
energiser (n) RIHWI'
energize (v) RIH
energy beings (n) HOSDO'
energy field (n) HOSCEM
energy, power, strength (n) HOS
energy; emit (energy, radiation etc.) (v) XUD
engage, activate (a device) (v) CU'
engine (n) JONTA'
engine (n) QUQ
engineer (n) JONWI'
engineering officer (n) JONPIN
engrave, incise, mark (upon), write (v) see also KON – record, compose and GER - formulate, compile. GIX
enjoy (v) TIV
enough, be enough, sufficient (v) YAP
enrich (spirit), feed (someone else) (v) e.g. KA' WIJE'MEH MASUV - we fight to enrich the spirit. In this example the sentence focuses more on the giver than that of the recipient (the sole). JE'
ensign (n) LAG
enter, go in (v) 'EL
Enterprise (name of ship) (pr n) 'ENTEPRAY'
entire, be entire, whole, full (v) NAQ
entity, whole (n) DOL
entrap, trap (v) VON
envy, jealous (of) (v) e.g., choghal - you envy me. [See also SUD VEKLARG MINDU'] [KEP'A' JAVDIC] GAL
equipment, gear (n) LUC
-er (equiv:) [SEE - someone/thing who is or does (v-9)] (-WI')
era, season (n) BOV
err, be mistaken, make a mistake (v) QAG
err, make a mistake (v) (slang) see also QAG for non-slang BACHA'
error, mistake (n) e.g., QAGMEYLIJ TICID, YIYOH - Have the courage to admit your mistakes. QAG
escape (v) NARG
escort (v) DOR
espionage (n) LINDAB
essential, be essential, necessary (v) 'UT
establish, set up (v) CER
ethics, virtue (n) GOB
evade, take evasive action (v) JUN
evaluate, assess (v) COV
evasive action (take), evade (v) JUN
even so, however, but, nevertheless (conj) 'A , 'AC
event, occurrence, phenomenon (n) WANI'
everyone, all, everything, (each) (n) If the noun following HOC is explicitly plural, it means 'all'. If it is singular, it means ‘each'. Also used in a superlative sentence with LAW' and PUS. Superlative rule: The rule for comparatives is demonstrated by using A & B to describe two nouns being compared with A Q-er than B but when A is Q-est of all then both LAW' and PUS are used with HOC in the position of B. The layout can now be represented by: A Q LAW' HOC Q PUS e.g., LA' JAK LAW' HOC JAK PUS - The commander is boldest of all. HOC
everything, everyone, all, (each) (n) [SEE everyone (n)] HOC
everywhere (n) DAT
evil (sign of it coming), dark omen (n) MAQMIG
evil, be evil (v) MIG
exact, be exact, perfect (v) PUP
exaggerate (v) LAC
examination (n) * NUD
examine (v) NUD
examiner (n) NUDWI'
excellent, be excellent (v) POV
excellent, be excellent, be great, be wonderful, be splendid (v) (slang) KU'
excellent, be excellent, be good, (v) (slang) COF
exceptional, be exceptional, special (v) LE'
excessive; to an excessive degree, overly, too much (adv) e.g., XOY JISOP - I eat too much. See also 'IK - be too many [KEP'A' JAVDIC] XOY
exchange, substitute (v) TAM
excite (v) SEYMOH
excited, be excited (v) SEY
execute, put to death (v) MUH
exert undue influence on (v) (slang) MOH
exhaust (n) TAQBAF
exhaust (v) XUC
exhilarated, be exhilarated, be stimulated, be invigorated (v) (slang) XUH
exile (v) GIM
expand (v) SAC
expect (v) PIH
expected; as expected, typically, usually (adv) MOX
expedition (n) HOK
expend, use up, consume (v) NAX
expensive, be expensive (v) WAG
experience an earthquake or tremor (v) QOM
experiment (n) FOF
experiment (v) FOF
experiment; use experimentally, try out, test (v) WAH
expert, authority (n) (slang) PIN
expert, be expert, skilled (v) PO'
explain (v) QIJ
explain clearly to, clarify for, specify for (v) (slang) CUH
explode (v) JOR
explosive (n) JORWI'
exterior wall (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] RED
extras, others (n) * LAXMEY
eye (n) MIN
eyebrow (n) HUY'
Eyes of Kahless (a guessing game with dice where the winner receives a punch) (n) KEYLIS MINDU'

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