Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

jacket, coat (n) WEP
jacket, coat (n) (regional) CESVEL
jail, prison (n) BIGHA'
jar, bottle, jug (n) BAL
jargon, argot (faction words) (n) jargon in the sense of specialized vocabulary used in an activity or trade e.g., warfare, music, arts, food. [KGT p45] XAC MU'MEY
jealous (of), be jealous (of), envy (v) e.g., choghal - you envy me. [See also SUD VEKLARG MINDU'] [KEP'A' JAVDIC] GAL
jealousy; Fek'lhr's eyes are yellow/green (idiom) e.g., a] LOSMAH ROMULSFAN SUVWI'PU' HOHTA' KEF. b] SUD VEKLARG MINDU'... a] Kang killed 40 Romulan warriors. b] Somebody is jealous. [See also GAL - jealous, envy (n)] [KEP'A' JAVDIC] SUD VEKLARG MINDU'
jinxed, be jinxed, be cursed (v) 'IG
jitney, bus (n) LUPWI'
join (v) MUV
join (becoming one); alliance, bloc, coalition, fusion╣ (n) [BoP Poster] BOK
joke (n) KID
joke (v) KID
journal, log (n) QONOS
jowl, cheek (n) KEVPOB
judge, estimate (v) NOH
judgement (n) YOJ
jug, jar, bottle (n) (fu) BAL
juice, sap of a plant (n) some regions use VIYCORG to also generally refer to a sauce and might even say KAG VIYCORG instead of GEVI' . VIYCORG
jump (v) SUP
jurisdiction (n) TEBLAW'
just killed, be just killed, be fresh (meat) (v) GOQ
just, only, merely, alone (adv) If after a noun it trivialises it taking on a meaning of only/merely/ just. If after a verb it means only/alone. NEH
justice (n) RUV

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