Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

nacelle (n) HANDOG
nag (v) BOJ
name (n) POF
name, call (v) POF
name; code name (n) PER YUD
nanny, governess, nurse (n) GOJMOK
nap (v) DUM
native (n) SUF
naturally produced Kud (n) BURG KUD
navigate (v) CIJ
navigator (n) CIJWI'
near, be near, nearby, be close (v) SUM
nearly, almost, virtually, not quite (adv) XOS
necessary, be necessary, essential (v) UT
neck (n) MOF
necklace (n) GIG
-need (v-2) e.g., MASOPNIS - we need to eat. -NIS
need, require, demand (v) * POQ
negative angle, be at a negative angle (v) TAH
negotiate (v) SUX
neighbour (n) JIL
nervous, be nervous, uneasy (v) BIT
-ness [SEE –nominalizer (v-9)] (-GAC)
netherworld , Gre'thor (where dishonoured go) (n) GE''OR
netherworld, Gre'thor (where dishonoured go) (n) GE'TOR
Neural (n) NURAL
neuralese (n) NURALFAN
neutral zone (n) NEHMAH
never (adv) NOT
nevertheless, even so, however, but (conj) 'A , 'AC
new, be new (v) CU'
new invention, latest innovation (n) (slang) see KGT page21 CAB CU'
news, update (n) DE' CU'
next to-area, area beside (n) REX
next year (n) WA' NEM
next, be next (in a series, sequence), be higher (in rank, status) (v) VEB
nibble, eat small mouthfuls (v) NOS
night (n) RAM
nine, 9 (num) HUT
ninth, 9th (num) HUTDIC
nitrogen (n) VOQSIP
no one, none, nothing (n) PAG
No! (answer to a question) (excl) GOBE'
No!, I won't!, I refuse!, I disagree! (excl) QO'
nobility (n) CUQUN
noise, sound (n) [2/3/99 NEWS group online] WAB
noisy, be noisy (v) CUS
-nominalizer (v-9) (changes verbs with suffixes into nouns equiv: -tion, -ness etc.) e.g., LO'LAHGAC - value (from ‘be valuable') -GAC
none, nothing no one (n) PAG
nonsense song (n) DAP BOM
nonsense, balderdash (n) (slang) CAX
non-specific, be non-specific, be unexceptional (v) LE'BE'
noogie, give (someone) a noogie (v) a noogie involves sharp rapping or powerful grinding by the knuckles of the noogie-er on the head (usually above the forehead, but near the front of the head) of the (unfortunate) noogie-ee. When done properly, it's exhilaratingly painful. NUGI'
noon (n) DUFLUQ
norg, type of animal (shark like sea creature) (n) NORG
normal, be normal/standard╣, be usual (v) [BoP Poster / S14] MOX
nose (n) GIC
nose (n) (regional) LEY'
nostril (n) XON
-not (v-R) (general suffix of negation) e.g., COHOHVIPBE' - You are not afraid to kill me <> COHOHBE'VIP - You are afraid not to kill me. -BE'
not attentive, be not attentive, be distracted, lack focus (v) (slang) DAC
not have, lack, be lacking, be without (v) HUX
not quite, almost, nearly, virtually (adv) XOS
not win (lose) (v) LUJ
not yet (adv) WEJ
nothing, none, no one (n) PAG
notice, discover, find, observe (v) TU'
noun (n) DIP
nova (n) PUYJAK
now (adv) DAH
number (n) MI'
number suffixes: [SEE separate listings for usage]  
-once, twice, etc. (in Klingon it is equivalent to ‘times' e.g., two times, three times) -LOG
-ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, etc.) -DIC
numerous, be numerous╣, be many (v) (when used in a sentence with: PUS it forms a comparative statement) e.g., LA' JAK LAW' YAS JAK PUS - The commander is bolder than the officer. (This further forms a superlative sentence when both are used with HOC e.g., LA' JAK LAW' HOC JAK PUS - The commander is boldest of all. If the noun following HOC is explicitly plural, it means 'all'. If it is singular, it means ‘each'. [╣TKD in E-K] LAW'
nurse, nanny, governess (n) GOJMOK
nurse (medical) (v) [MSN news group 10/20/98] RACWI'
nut (n) NAHLET
nut, nuts (n) NAHLET
nut; husk, rind, peel (of fruit, nut) (n) YUB

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