Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

race (type, sort, class) (n) e.g., NUK SEG SOH - What race are you? SEG
race (type, sort, class) (n) e.g., XIFAN SEG - Klingon race. SEG
racht (n) a Klingon food item shunned when half dead RAHTA'
radan (crude dilithium crystal) (n) DOM
radiation (n) WOJ
radiation; emit (energy, radiation etc.) (v) XUD
radio frequency, Hertz (n) CADVAY'
raid (v) WEH
rain (v) SIS
raise (v) PEP
range, distance (n) CUK
rank (military, governmental) (n) PAX
rank/status (to be higher in), be higher (in rank, status), be next (in a series, sequence) (v) (v) VEB
ransom (n) VOHDAJBO'
rare, be rare (v) KUB
rationale, reason, grounds, motivation, motive (n) (slang) MO'
raw, be raw, unprocessed (v) XOL
ray (n) TIH
re- [SEE -do again (v-3)] (-KA')
reach (v) SIC
reactor (n) WOJ COHWI'
read (v) LAD
Ready! (excl) 'EH
Ready!, Standing by! (excl) SUH
Ready!, Standing by! (excl) SU'
ready, be ready, prepared (to launch) (v) if object is not specified it is always assumed to be a torpedo otherwise for ready refer to -RUP or (excl)'s 'EH, SUH, SU' GUS
-ready, -prepared (referring to beings) (v-2) e.g., KAQAHRUP - I am ready to help you. -RUP
-ready, -set up (referring to devices) (v-2) e.g., LABBEH - (the device) is ready to transmit data. -BEH
realise (v) XOJ
realm, world (n) KO'
re-approval, re-commendation (n) NADKA'GAC
re-approve, approve again, re-commendation (v) NADKA'
reason (v) MEK
reason, motive (n) MEK
reason, rationale, grounds, motivation, motive (n) (slang) MO'
rebel (n) LOXWI'
rebel (v) LOX
receive (v) HEV
recently, short time ago (adv) [NEWS group online 2/3/99] KEN
recess, break (n) LEN
recipient, celebrant (n) SIQWI'
recline, lie (v) QOT
recognise (v) GOV
re-commend, commend again, re-approve, re-praise (v) NADKA'
recommend, suggest (v) CUP
re-commendation (n) NADKA'GAC
record (n) TA
record, compose (v) see also GIX – write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise and GER - formulate, compile. NB: Apparently Klingon songs are not composed by anybody - they're just out there, waiting to be hunted down, trapped and taught to others. KON
record of battle (n) presented to a new first officer when he takes his place. This is ritulised and as such the first officer addressing his assembled ‘new' crew says, DAH YAS WA'DIC VIGES - "I now take my place as first officer", he the requests the MAY' TA so that he can review it. when the Captain enters the first Officer says BEK MAY' TA VILAJPU'- "I have accepted the crew's record of battle" then, pledging the crew's lives he says, JUDEV 'EJ DUJVAM RA'WI' DAGES 'E' VIXOB - "I ask you to lead us as commander of this ship." The Captain says, GOPDU'WIJDAK YINMEYRAJ VILAJ - "I accept your lives into my hands". He finishes the ritual saying, DELAK DO'- "Take your stations" (this latter phrase being NO' HOL and not heard in any other context) MAY' TA
recruit (n) GUV
recruit (v) MUVMOH
recruiter (n) MUVMOHWI'
recruitment (n) MUVMOHGAC
red, be red, orange (v) DOK
refuge (n) LULIG
-regarding, -as for [SEE -topic (n-5)] page 68 TKD e.g WA' NUH YIWIV'EG CA' XIH'E' - as for the two of you, choose a weapon <> puqpu' chaH qama'pu''e' - As for the prisoners they are children. -'E'
region (n) SEP
regret (v) PAY
Regulan (n) REGULUSFAN
Regulan bloodworm (n) REGULUS 'IWGARG
regularly, customarily, habitually (adv) ROD
Regulus (n) REGULUS
reign, run, rule, preside (v) CE'
reject (v) LAJQO'
relax, rest (v) LES
relieve (v) SON
religion (n) LALDAN
rely on, depend (v) WUV
remain (v) RAX
remember (v) KAW
remind (v) KAWMOH
remote, be remote, far (v) HOP
remove, take off (v) TEK
Remus (n) RIYMUS
render, boil fat (v) 'IM
rendezvous, meet, encounter, assemble (v) GOM
repair, fix (v) TI'
re-place (something) (v) i.e., if something had fallen over and you wanted to put it back in place * LANKA'
replacement (n) not a temporary substitute or stand-in (see LIW') KA'MEH
replacement proverbs (n) Used when a mistake has been made and your honour is at stake. e.g., <> DOPDAK KUL YICENMOH QOBDI' GU' - Set fire on the side when there is danger. <> REH SUVRUP SUVWI''A' - A great warrior is always prepared. <> HAG KOHPU' NEH HEGTAHVIS SUVWI'PU' - Only fools laugh while warriors die. <> HIVKA' VEKLARG - The Fek'lhr strikes again. KA'MEH VITXEGMEY
reply, answer (v) JAF
responsibilities; take over responsibilities of, assume duties of (v) GES
re-praise, praise again, re-commend, re-approve (v) NADKA'
reprehensible, be reprehensible, be disgusting, be contemptible (v) (slang) NAX
represent (v) 'OS
repugnant, be repugnant, be unsavoury, be disgusting, be loathsome, be icky (v) 'UP
request, ask, plead (v) XOB
require, demand, need (v) POQ
rescue (n) TOD
rescue (v) TOD
research (v) QUL
research lab (n) [BoP Poster] QULPA'
resemble (v) the verb RUR - resemble is often translated as ‘as a' when used in the following way e.g., BOC; GIC RUR – shiny as a nose. RUR
resent (v) KEH
reside in/at, dwell in/at, live in/at (v) DAB
resign (v) PAJ
resist, fend off (v) 'OM
resist, oppose, confront, face, challenge (v) KAD
resource (n) SUP
resources (n) JO
respect (v) VUV
responsible, be responsible (v) FOY'
rest, relax (v) LES
restaurant (n) QE'
restless, be restless (v) FOJ
-resume, -do again, resume (v-3) (equiv: re-) VINEJKA' - I am resuming the search for hi,/her/them. -KA'
retaliate (v) NOD
retreat (v) HED
return (v) CEG
return, give back (v) NOBHA'
reveal, act against, commit treason, betray (v) MAG
reveal, show (v) 'AF
revenge, vengeance (n) e.g., BORTAS BIR JABLU'DI' REH QAQKU' NAY' - Revenge is a dish which is best served cold. BORTAS
revolt (v) DAW'
revolt, revolution (n) DAW'
revolution, revolt (n) DAW'
reward (n) e.g., POP 'OH GOB'E' - Virtue is the reward. POP
rib (n) JOQ
rich, be rich (v) MIP
richness, wealth (n) MIP
ride (v) LIG
ridicule (v) NUS
rifle (n) BEH
rifle; disruptor rifle (n) NISWI' BEH
right (as in, legal & moral entitlement) privilege (n) DIB
right (side) (n) NIH
Right of vengeance BORTAS DIB
right, be right, correct, (v) LUG
right?, isn't that so? (ques) (added after a statement; Turning it into a question) KAR'A'
rind, husk, peel (of fruit, nut) (n) YUB
ring (for finger) (n) QEB
ripe, be ripe, be overripe (fruit, vegetable) (v) DEH
risk (take a), gamble, take a chance (v) SUD
Rite of Ascension (n) If present a Klingon who's been through the Rite of Ascension, stands at attention, touches their left shoulder with their right hand, and then quickly makes it into a fist in front of their chest. They will then say something to the new warrior like: <> DAHJAJ SUVWI' SOH - Today you are a warrior. <> 'IW BIQTIKDAK BILEFJAJ - May you travel the river of blood. <> TIKLIJ DA'AFNIS - You must show your heart. NENTAY
rite, ritual, ceremony (n) TAY
ritual gifts (n) CA'NOB
ritual hunt (n) CONTAY
ritual, rite, ceremony (n) TAY
ritualised torture by women (n) BE'JOY
ritualistic, be ritualistic, be formal, be ceremonial (v) SEQ
river (n) BIQTIK
rivet (n) VERAG
roam, travel, rove, trek (v) LEF
rob (v) HEJ
robe (n) MOP
robot (n) KOK
rock, stone (n) NAG
rokeg blood pie (n) RO'KEG'IWCAB
roll, scroll, list (n) TEX
roll, scroll, list (n) TEX
romance, love (only with more aggressive overtones) (n) PARMAK
romantic companion/partner (n) PARMAKKAY
Romulan (n) ROMULUSFAN
Romulus (n) ROMULUS
roof (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] BEB
room (n) PA'
room; top of a room, ceiling of a lower room (n) RAV'EK
root beer/ginger beer, any non-potent beverage (n) 'AWJE'
root, tuber (n) 'OQKAR
rope, line (n) XEG
rotate, twirl (v) JIR
rotten, be rotten (v) NON
rough, be rough (v) GEG
round up (v) LIK
route, course (n) HE
rove, trek, roam, travel (v) LEF
rover (grammatical term), Trekker (n) LEFWI'
rowdy, be rowdy, unruly (n) [KGT p150] FIJ
rubble, debris, litter (n) DI
rude, be rude (v) DOC
rug; consider pelt (skin with fur still attached) (n) VEDDIR
ruin completely, destroy, tear down, break up (v) QAW'
ruins (n) PIG
Rukevet (n) a city in the GEVCOK SEP Gevchock Region. Legend tells that the region was named after a warrior who had successfully defended against and defeated invading army, single-handedly. RUK'E'VET
rule, reign, run, preside (v) CE'
rumour, gossip (n) JOS
run in a place, do callisthenics, dance (v) MI'
run into, bump into, collide with (v) FEQ
run, jog (v) KET
run, rule, reign, preside (v) CE'
runt, weakling, scrawny one, skinny one (n) (slang) HOM
Rura Penthe (n) {from the Addendum of TKD} {TKW page 190 "a frozen asteroid used by Klingons as a penal colony"}. RURA' PENTE'
rust, corrode, decay (v) RAG
ruthless, be ruthless (v) WIH

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