Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

-'s [SEE -plural (n-2)] (-PU')
-'s [SEE -plural (n-2)] (-dU')
-'s [SEE -plural (n-2)] (-MEY)
S'tarahk (hairless Klingon horse) (n) * Se'taraq ?
sabotage (v) SORG
sabre bear, type of animal (n) MIL'OD
saccharin (n) HAQCOR
sad, be sad (v) 'IQ
safe, be safe, be protected (v) (slang) QAD
Sakrej Region (n) several thousand kilometers east of 1st City. One its districts is HUD BEQ YOS - Flat Mountain District. SA'QEJ SEP
saloon, cocktail lounge, bar, pub (n) e.g., HIK DASAMMEH TAC YI'EL - To find ale, go into a bar. TAC
salty, be salty, be brakish (v) NA'
salute, tribute (v) VAN
same, be the same (v) RAP
sap of a plant, juice (n) some regions use VIYCORG to also generally refer to a sauce and might even say KAG VIYCORG instead of GEVI' . VIYCORG
sark (n) SARG
sash (Klingon), baldric (n) HA'KUJ
satellite (n) SIBDOH
satisfied, be satisfied (v) YON
satisfy (v) YONMOH
sauce (general term) (n) (regional) some regions use, VIYCORG - juice/sap (of a plant), to refer to a sauce and might even say KAG VIYCORG instead of GEVI' . VIYCORG
sauce for gagh (n) GEVI'
sauce for gladst (n) 'USU'
sauce; type of sauce (n) KUD
sauce; type of (thick) sauce (n) prepared by thickening CANDOK - marinade. In some regions it is just called CANDOK JED - thick marinade. KETXUP
Sauria (n) SORYA'
save, keep (v) POL
save, preserve (v) COK
save, rescue (v) TOD
say, speak (v) with verbs of saying, such as JAX, the phrase that is being said or cited may come before or after the verb, e.g., XIFAN JIH JIJAX - 'I say, "I am a Klingon". [when the object being spoken to is specified See also VAD -for] JAX
scales (animal covering) (n) GISDEN
scalpel (n) HAKTAJ
scan (v) HOX
scanner (n) HOXWI'
scare (v) GIJ
scatter, disperse (v) GOMHA'
scavenge (v) KOR
school (n) DUSAQ
school (specialised), academy (n) 'AMPAS
science (n) QED
science officer (n) QEDPIN
scientist (n) TEJ
scold (v) KUN
scoop, scooping implement (to serve food) (n) (fu) BO'DAG
scrape (v) TEY
scrawny one, weakling, runt, skinny one (n) (slang) HOM
scream, cry out, shout, yell (v) e.g., JAC SUVWI' 'E' YIQOY! - Hear the warrior cry out! JAC
scroll, roll, list (n) TEX
sculptor (n) HEW CENMOHWI'
sealed, be sealed, be locked, be secured, be fastened (v) FAQ
search for, look for, seek NEJ
season, era (n) BOV
second (of time) (n) LUP
Second Officer (n) [KGT p53] YAS CA'DIC
second tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) (music) BIM
second, 2nd (num) CA'DIC
Second, aide (n) CA'DIC
secrecy proverb (n) Secrecy Proverbs to use: <> HOV GAJBE'BOG RAM RUR PEG GAJBE'BOG JAJ - A day without secrets is like a night without stars. <> DE' LI' SOVLU'DI' CAK DO'HA' - Knowledge of useful information may be unfortunate. <> NOT MEV PEGMEY - Secrets never cease. <> JIJAXPA' JAX HOVMEY - The stars will talk before I will. PEGMEY VITXEG
secret (n) PEG
secret, be secret, keep something secret (v) PEG
sect, faction (n) XAC
section, part, component, piece (n) 'AY'
sector, zone (n) MIC
secured, be secured, be sealed, be locked, be fastened (v) FAQ
security (n) HUF
see (v) LEG
seek and find, locate (v) SAM
seek, search for, look for NEJ
-seems, apparently, think [so], suspect [so] (v-6) e.g., CIMLAW' - It appears to be empty. Can also mean think/suspect when the verb has a subject (including -indefinite). -LAW'
seldom, infrequently (adv) PIJHA'
select, choose (v) WIV
self-confident, be self-confident (v) JEQ
self-doubt; one full of self-doubt, insecure one (n) (regional) (slang) GAW'
selfish, be selfish (v) MUT
sell (v) FEV
send (v) FEH
sense flavours, taste (v) MUM
sense odour, smell (v) LARG
sensor (n) NOC
sensors; long range sensors (n) [BoP Poster] CUK'A' NOCMEY
sentence MU'XEG
separate (v) CEV
sequence; next, be next (in a series, sequence), be higher (in rank, status) (v) VEB
sergeant (n) BU'
series; next, be next (in a series, sequence), be higher (in rank, status) (v) VEB
serious, be serious (v) SAG
serpent worm (as food), gagh (n) KAG
serpent, worm (n) GARG
servant (n) TOY'WI'
serve (a master) (v) TOY'
serve (food) (v) JAB
serve fermented food at its peak (v) WEC
server of food, waiter, waitress (n) JABWI'
serving platter (n) 'ELPI'
-set up (referring to devices) (v-2) e.g., LABBEH - (the device) is ready to transmit data. -BEH
set up, establish (v) CER
seven, 7 (num) SOC
seventh tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) SOC
seventh, 7th (num) SOCDIC
sex, perform sex (v) N.B., all involved parties collectively make the subject. FA'CUK
shadow (n) QIB
shaft (of spear) (n) TIH
shallow, be shallow, be superficial, be uncritical (v) SAS
shame (v) TUHMOH
shark-like carnivore (n) NORG
sharp, be sharp (v) JEJ
sharpshooting, markmanship (n) VI'
she, him, her, he (pro) GAH
she/he/it - him/her/it them (pre) 0-
she/he/it - us (pre) NU-
she/he/it - you (pre) DU-
she/he/it/them - (no object) (pre) 0-
she/he/it/they - me (pre) MU-
she/he/it/they - you(pl) (pre) LI-
sheath, knife case (n) VAH
sheet, page (n) * PAKNAV
shell (of an animal) (n) NAG DIR
shell (of an egg) (n) PEL'AQ
Sherman's Planet (n) SERMANYUQ
shield (n) YOD
shield (v) YOD
shields (protective force fields on a ship) (n) BOTJAN
shine, be shiny (v) BOC
ship, vessel (n) DUJ
shirt with sleeves (n) (regional) WEP
shirt; sleeveless shirt (n) (regional) YIVBEH
shocked, be shocked, dumbfounded (v) YAY'
shoe (n) WAK
shoot (v) BAC
shooy, type of animal (n) SUY'
shore leave (n) LESPOH
short, be short (in duration) (v) FAJ
short, be short (in stature) (v) RUN
shortcut (n) KIG
short time ago, recently (adv) [NEWS group online 2/3/99] KEN
shot (n) BAC
shoulder (n) VOLCAH
shout, yell, scream, cry out (v) JAC
show, demonstrate, display (v) 'AG
show, display (picture) (v) CA'
show, reveal (v) 'AF
shrine (n) LAT
shrub (n) LAV
shut, be shut, closed (v) SOQ
shut, close (v) e.g., LOJMITVEX YISOQMOH - "Shut that door!" (an infamous Terran English saying). SOQMOH
shuttlecraft (n) LUPDUJHOM
sick, be sick, ill (v) ROP
side (n) DOP
sight (with gunsight) (v) PUS
sign (a treaty) (v) KI'
sign of evil coming, dark omen (n) MAQMIG
silence (v) TAMMOH
silencer; baffle (n) [BoP Poster] VID'IR
silly, be silly, foolish (v) DOG
simple, be simple (v) NAP
simultaneously happen (v) KUK
sin (v) YEM
sin (v) YEM
sincere, be sincere (v) 'IL
sing (v) BOM
sing, chant (v) BOM
singing; accompany (singing) with instrumental music (v) KAT
sir (n) KAH
sister (n) BE'NI'
sit (v) BA'
site, location (n) DAK
situation (n) GU'
six, 6 (num) JAV
sixth tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) JAV
sixth, 6th (num) JAVDIC
skilled, be skilled, expert (v) PO'
skin (n) DIR
skin (v) SURG
skinny one, weakling, runt, scrawny one (n) (slang) HOM
sky (n) CAL
slang (n) MU'MEYGOQ
slave (n) TOY'WI''A'
sleep (v) QOF
sleeve (n) XAY
sleeveless shirt (n) (regional) YIVBEH
slide sword blade along opponent's blade (v) (w) DIJ
slightly, a little bit (adv) LOQ
slime, bile, gall (n) HUH
slimy, be slimy (v) CAR
slingshot (n) MOY'BI'
slit (v) e.g., HUGDAJ VISIJ JIH - I slit his/her throat. SIJ
sloppy, be sloppy, messy (v) GIH
slowly (adv) QIT
small arms (n) NUHHOM
small bowl (n) (fu) DUK
small knife; vegetable knife, fruit knife (n) NAH TAJ
small, be small (v) MAC
smaller [SEE -diminutive (n-1)] (-HOM)
smart, be smart, clever, intelligent (v) VAL
smear (v) FOH
smell (type of); be bland (referring to food) (v) XORGHA'
smell (type of); be pungent (referring to food) (v) XORG
smell, emit odour (v) HE'
smell, sense odours (v) LARG
smile, grin, sneer (v) MON
smoke (n) XIC
smooth, be smooth (v) HAB
snack-at midnight (n) GEM
sneer, smile, grin (v) MON
snow (v) PED
-so called (n-3) (indicates nouns being used in a false or ironic fashion) e.g., SUVWI'KOK - so called warrior (be prepared when using this statement). -KOK
So!, Well! (excl) TOH
so, then, thus, in that case (adv) VAJ
soak, drench (v) HAH
society, group of people with shared culture (n) NUG
socks (n) PASLOG
soft, be soft (v) TUN
soldier (n) MAF
soldiers (n) NEG
sole of foot (body part) (n) BEM
solid, be solid (v) SUB
solution (liquid) (n) TAS
some, an unknown or unspecified quantity (n) 'OP
somebody, something, anybody, anything, someone (n) VAY'
someone, somebody, something, anybody, anything (n) VAY'
-someone/thing who is or does (v-9) (equiv: -er) (turns verb into a noun) e.g., SO'WI' - Cloaking device. -WI'
something important, consequential thing (n) POX
something, anybody, anything, somebody, someone (n) VAY'
sometimes (adv) RUT
somewhere (n) VOG
son (n) PUKLOD
song of love (n) BAF BOM
song, chant (n) BOM
song; battle song (n) MAY' BOM
song; burst into song (v) WUP
song; drinking song (n) HIVJE' BOM
song; hunting song (n) CON BOM
soon (adv) TUG
sore, pain, ache (n) 'OY'
sorry, be sorry (v) QOS
soul; [see spirit (n)] (KA')
soup (thick) (n) CAX
soup; consume soup (v) 'EP
soup; igvah liver soup (n) GAW'
sour, be sour (v) WIB
source (n) HAL
sound, noise (n) [2/3/99 NEWS group online] WAB
space (n) LOG
space station (n) TEFCAH
speak incoherently, mumble (v) (slang) JAT
speak, say (v) with verbs of saying, such as JAX, the phrase that is being said or cited may come before or after the verb, e.g., XIFAN JIH JIJAX - 'I say, "I am a Klingon". [when the object being spoken to is specified See also VAD -for] JAX
spear (n) CONNAQ
spear; type of spear (thrown with aid of a special tool) (n) XEVJAQ
spear shaft (n) TIH
spearhead (n) QIN
spearhead that is barbed (n) SEDVEK
spearhead with multiple points (n) [KGT p64] QIN VAG
spearhead; plain spearhead with single sharp point (n) [KGT p64] QIN PUP
spear-throwing device (n) (w) CETVI'
special, be special, exceptional (v) LE'
species (n) MUT
specify for, explain clearly to, clarify for (v) (slang) CUH
specify, label / ascertain (v) [TKD / NEWS group online 2/3/99] PER
specimen (n) COVNAX
speech (vocal sounds) (n) QIC
speech, lecture, address (n) SOQ
sphere (n) MOQ
spike (n) DUQWI'
spin (v) DIF
spine (n) PIP
spirit (n) e.g., SOHDAK KEYLIS KA' YINJAJ - May the spirit of Kahless be with you. KA'
spiritual possession (n) JATYIN
spit out (v) XIS
splendid, be splendid, be great, be wonderful, be excellent, (v) (slang) KU'
spoon (n) [From Marc Okrand on startrek.klingon (Usenet newsgroup) 5/5/98] BAGNEQ
spy (n) GOKWI'
spy on (v) GOK
squadron (n) NAWLOG
squeeze (windbag instrument) (n) (w) KEB
squeeze and stretch out (windbag instrument) (v) (m) REY
stab (v) DUQ
stabilise (v) FADMOH
stabiliser (component of a ship) (v) FADMOHWI'
stable, be stable, be balanced (v) FAD
staff, cane (n) NAQ
stage, step (in a process) (n) MIW
stain, dye, tint (v) FUVMOH
stained, be stained, be dyed, be tinted (v) FUV
stairs, stairway (except at ship door) (n) (regional) FEP'OS
stairs, stairway (n) LEX
stairway leading to door of a ship, gangplank (n) COGVAT
stairway leading to the door of a ship, gang plank (n) (regional) LEX
stairway, stairs (n) LEX
stand (v) QAM
standard, be standard/normal, be usual (v) [BoP Poster / S14] MOX
standard dialect (n) shortened form of TA' XIFAN HOL TA' HOL
stand-in, substitute, temporary surrogate (n) LIW
Standing by! Ready! (excl) SUH
Standing by! Ready! (excl) SU'
standing, level, layer (n) see also rank. PAX
star (n) HOV
star system (n) HOVTAY'
Star Trek (n). HOV LEF
starbase (n) 'EJYO'WAW'
stardate (n) HOVPOH
stardate (n) HOVPOH
Starfleet (n) 'EJYO'
starship, starship class (n) 'EJDO'
station, duty station (n) YAH
statue (n) HEW
stature (be short of) (v) RUN
status (n) DOX
status/rank (to be higher in), be higher (in rank, status), be next (in a series, sequence) (v) VEB
status; (suffer loss of status), fall (v) LU
steal (v) NIH
steam (n) SES
step on (v) GO'
step, stage (in a process) (n) MIW
sterilise (v) WOJ
sterilise (v) SAY'KU'HOM
stew (n) XIK
stew (v) QEV
stick (used to strike a percussion instrument) (n) (m) NAQHOM
stick for stirring (n) (fu) DUDWI'
stick, club [SEE mace (n)] (GANJAK)
stick; mixing stick with flattened, paddlelike end (n) FAWDEK
stick; pigment stick (n) RIX NAQ
sticky, be sticky (v) HUM
stimulate, motivate, inspire (v) PILMOH
stimulate, motivate, inspire (v) PILMOH
stimulated, be stimulated, be exhilarated, be invigorated (v) (slang) XUH
stimulated, be stimulated, be motivated, be inspired (v) PIL
stimulated, be stimulated, motivated, inspired (v) PIL
sting (v) 'AW'
stink (v) HE'SO'
stirring stick (n) (fu) DUDWI'
stirring stick, mixing stick (n) 'UN NAQ
stomach (n) BURG
stone panel (artwork, similar to a painting) (n) NAG BEQ
stone, rock (n) NAG
stoop (v) JOD
stop, cease (v) MEV
storm (v) JEV
story (n) LUT
Sto-Vo-Kor, Klingon version of Heaven (n) * SITO'VO'KOR ?


strange, be strange (v) HUJ
strategy (n) DUP
strength, energy, power (n) HOS
strengthen, invigorate, fortify (v) [MSN news group 10/20/98] RAC
strike, impact (v) MUP
string (n) XEGHOM
string, thread, filament (n) SIRG
stringed instrument (general term) (n) HURDAG
stringed instrument (type of) (n) LESPAL
strip of material in a susdek instrument (n) JOQ
stroke, pet (v) YAC
strong, be strong (v) HOS
structure, building, house (n) KAC
structure, order (societal) (n) (slang) XAM
strum (a stringed instrument) (v) (m) YAC
stubborn, be stubborn (v) MUL
student (n) e.g., GOJWI'PU'LI' TISAH - Care about your students. GOJWI'
study (v) HAD
stuff (v) GOD
Stuffed tobbaj legs. (n) TO'BAJUS
stupid, be stupid (v) QIP
stylus (n) [KGT p79] GIXWI'
sublight speed (n) GO'DO
subsequently; then, (adv) in the sense of 'and then'..., after that..., by then..., subsequently and the like. e.g., wam chaH. ghIq Soj luvut - They hunt and then they prepare food. [KEP'A' JAVDIC] GIK
subspace (n) 'EVNAG
substitute, exchange (v) TAM
substitute, temporary surrogate, stand-in (n) LIW
succeed (to authority) (v) CO'
succeed, work, function, win (a competition) (v) to a Klingon, to win is to function perfectly. {from Okrand's notes, HOLQED Vol. 2, No. 4} ["'To win' a competition is QAP. (If it's a decisive or particularly gratifying victory, they'd say QAPCU', even though that's a bit redundant.) In TKD, QAP is translated as 'succeed, work, function. To a Klingon, to win is to function perfectly.] {TKW page 211} QAP
success (n) QAPLA'
succession (n) CO'
suddenly (adv) PAY'
suffer (v) BEC
sufficient, be sufficient, enough (v) YAP
suffix (n) MOJAK
Suffixes (noun): [SEE separate listings for usage]

-apparent (n-3)

-as for (n-5)

? -augmentative (n-1)

?-definite (n-3)

?-diminutive (n-1)

?-due to (n-5)

?-endearment (n-1)

?-for (n-5)

?-from (n-5)

?-his/her (n-4)

?-locative (n-5)

?-my (n-4)

-my (noun capable of using language) (n-4)

-our (n-4)

?-our (noun capable of using

language) (n-4)

-plural (noun capable of using language) (n-2)

?-plural (body part) (n-2)

?-plural (general) (n-2)

-regarding (n-5)

?-so-called (n-3)

-that (n-4)

-their (n-4)

-this (n-4)

-topic (n-5)

-your (n-4)

-your(noun capable of using language) (n-4)

-your (plural) (n-4)

-your (plural) (noun capable of using lang.) (n-4)





























Suffixes (verbs): [SEE separate listings for usage]

-able (v-5)

-accomplished (v-7)

-afraid (v-2)

-apparently (v-6)

-as soon as (v-9)

-because (v-9)

-become, begin to (v-3)

-before (v-9)

-begin to, become (v-3)

-can (v-5)

-cause (v-4)

-certainly (v-6)

-change in state/direction


-clearly (v-6)

-continuous (v-7)

-do again (v-3)

-don't! (v-R)

-done (v-7)

-emphatic (v-R)

-for, for the purpose of, in

order to (v-9)

-honorific (v-8)

-if (v-9)

-in order to (v-9)

-in progress (v-7)

-indefinite subject (v-5)

-interrogative (v-9)

-may (v-9)

-need (v-2)

-nominalizer (v-9)

-not (v-R)

-obviously (v-6)

-one another (v-1)

-one who is or does (v-9)

-oneself (v-1)

-perfective (v-7)

-perfectly (v-6)

-prepared (referring to

beings) (v-2)

-in progress (v-7)

-ready (referring to beings) (v-2)

-ready (referring to devices) (v-2)

-resume (v-3)

-seems (v-6)

-set up (referring to devices) (v-2)

-thing which is or does (v-9)

-undo (v-R)

-undoubtedly (v-6)

-when (v-9)

-which (v-9)

(relative-clause marker)

-while (v-9)

-willing (v-2)

-won't (v-R)




















































Suffixes (numbers): [SEE separate listings for usage]

-tens, 10's (num el) e.g., CA'MAH - 20

-hundreds, 100's (num el) e.g., CA'VAX - 200

-thousands, 1,000's (num el) e.g., CA'SAD - 2,000

-thousands, 1,000's (num el) e.g., CA'SANID - 2,000

-ten thousands, 10,000's (num el)

-hundred thousands, 100,000's (num el)

-millions, 1,000,000's (num el)

-ordinal numbers (num el)

(1st, 2nd, etc)

e.g., CA'DIC - 2nd

-once, twice, etc. (num el)

(in Klingon it is equivalent to ‘times' or lots of e.g., two times, three lots of)










suggest, recommend (v) CUP
suicide, ritual suicide (n) see also HEGBA' HEGBAT
suicide, ritual suicide (n) see also HEGBAT HEGBA'
summer (n) BOV TUJ
superficial, be superficial, be shallow, be uncritical (v) SAS
superior (n) MOC
superior, be superior (v) NIV
superlative (gram) [SEE all (n)] The rule for comparatives is demonstrated by using A & B to describe two nouns being compared with A Q-er than B but when A is Q-est of all then both LAW' and PUS are used with HOC in the position of B. The layout can now be represented by: A Q LAW' HOC Q PUS e.g., LA' JAK LAW' HOC JAK PUS - The commander is boldest of all. comparatives: (gram) [SEE be many/be few]: represented by: A Q LAW' B Q PUS e.g., LA' JAK LAW' YAS JAK PUS - The commander is bolder than the officer. (LAW' HOC + PUS)
support (military term) (n) FAK
support (v) [BoP Poster] QUX
Supreme Commander (n) LA'KUV
sure, be sure, be definite, be positive, be certain (v) (slang) BEJ
sure, be sure, be definite, be positive, be certain (v) (slang) NA'
surface (of a planet) (n) GOR
surgeon (n) HAKWI'
surgery (n) HAK
surgery; perform surgery (on) (v) HAK
surprise (v) MER
surrender (unconditional) (n) DOGJEY
surrender, give up (v) JEG
surround (v) DEC
survive (v) TAH
survive, continue, go on, endure (v) TAH
suspect, be suspect (v) NUB
-suspect [so], apparently, seems, think [so] (v-6) e.g., CIMLAW' - It appears to be empty. Can also mean think/suspect when the verb has a subject (including -indefinite subject). -LAW'
suspicious, be suspicious (v) PIH
swallow (v) GUP
swear, vow (v) 'IP
sweep (away) (v) BI'
swing or wield (a weapon) (v) especially if the weapon is an axe. QAC
switch (n) LEQ
sword (n) 'EX
sword (n) YAN
sword (n) (slang) YAD
Sword of Kahless (pr n) (the most revered item in Klingon tradition). KEYLIS BETLEH
sword, slide blade along opponent's blade (v) DIJ
sycophant, flatterer (n) (slang) BOCMOHWI'
symbol, insignia, medal, emblem (n) DEG
system (n) PAT

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