Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

T'Ong (pr n) name of a ship. TI'AF
T'oohomIrah, something useless (n) TU'HOMI'RAH
table (n) RAS
tactical display (n) WIY
tactical officer (n) YA
tactics (n) TO'
tail (n) XUQ
take (v) XAP
take apart, disassemble (v) LAG
take away (v) FE'
take care of, care for (v) QORG
take down (v) JOX
take form, build up (v) CEN
take into account, consider (v) KEL
take off, remove (v) TEK
take-off/landing thrusters (n) (plural form) [BoP Poster] 'EdSEHCA
take over responsibilities of, assume duties of (v) GES
taken away, be taken away (v) YAH
Talarian (person) (n) TALARFAN
targ (n) TARG
target (n) DOS
target, aim (v) * DOS
targets (n) RAY'
tart, be tart, be bitter (v) WIB
tart, dumpling, pie (n) CAB
task, chore, duty, quest, mission (n) QU'
task, duty, assignment (n) (slang) GIG
taste, sense flavours (v) MUM
taste, try out (food) (v) WAH
tasty, be tasty, delicious, harmonious with (v) 'EY
tax, fine (v) RUP
tea (n) DARG
tea brewing dried-up mixture, ground-up, dried-up mixture for brewing tea (n) QENVOB
teach, instruct (v) GOJMOH
teachings (n) PAQDI'NORG
teacup (n) DARG HIVJE'
teacup (n) (older or upper-class word) TU'LUM
teapot (n) RUNPI'
tear down, break up, ruin completely, destroy (v) QAW'
technician (n) CAMWI'
technology (n) CAM
teeth (n) HO'DU'
teg'bat, type of animal (n) a popular black fizzy drink 'EYHA' is made from the MELCOQ - marrow from the bones of a teg'bat. The word for this drink is often mis-translated to refer to Federation root beer/ginger beer. {KGT page95} TEGBAT
telephone (n) GOG HABLI'
tell the truth (v) VIT
tell, report (v) JA'
Tellun Star System (n) TELUN HOVTAY'
temperature (n) HAT
temple (structure) (n) CIRG
temporary surrogate, substitute, stand-in (n) LIW
temporary, be temporary (v) RU'
tempt (v) XU'MOH
tempted, be tempted (v) XU'
-ten thousand's, -10,000's (num el) -NEX
ten, 10 (num) WA'MAH
-ten's, -10's (num el) -MAH
tendon, ligament (n) TO'WAQ
tenth, 10th (num) WA'MAHDIC
terminate, discontinue (v) BAK
Terran, Earther (n) TERA'FAN
territorial wall (e.g. Berlin Wall) (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] CEVWI' XOY'
territory, domain, holdings (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] YER
test conclusively, prove (v) TOB
test inconclusively (v) DAJ
test of one's abilities, challenge (n) KAD
test, the truth test (n) VITHAY'
test, try out, use experimentally (v) WAH
thank (v) XO'
-that (n-4) e.g., NUHMEYVEX - those weapons. -VEX
that (previous topic) (pro) primarily used with verbs of thinking/observation (such as know, see) they are always treated as the object of the verb, and the verb always takes a prefix indicating a 3rd person singular object. Where one is used only the first verb takes an aspect suffix 'E'
that (previous topic) (pro) Used when verb of second sentence has a ‘third person' prefix (0) but the intended meaning is one or someone, rather than - he, she, it, or they - net is used instead of 'e'. NET
-that (relative clause marker) [SEE -which (v-9)]

e.g. KIPU'BOG YAS - The officer that hit him/her.

The Brothers Fight One Another (pr n) A famous statue. GOBCUK LODNI'PU'
-their (n-4) -CAJ
them, they (capable of using language) (pro) CAH
them, they (incapable of language) (pro) BIH
then, thus, in that case, so (adv) VAJ
then (adv) in the sense of 'and then'..., after that..., by then..., subsequently and the like. e.g., wam chaH. ghIq Soj luvut - They hunt and then they prepare food. [KEP'A' JAVDIC] GIK
theory (n) FER
theragen (n) Klingon nerve gas. QAB
there ‘be' (v) used when referring to a noun in general i.e., when used with a third person singular subject pronoun (0) e.g., NADEV SUVWI'PU' TU'LU' - There are warriors around here. TU'LU'
there, over there, thereabouts (n) PA'
thereabouts, there, over there (n) PA'
thermo-suture (n) TUJ MUVWI'
these [SEE -this (n-4)] (-VAM)
they - him/her/it (pre) LU-
they - them (pre) 0-
they - you (pre) NI-
they, them (capable of using language) (pro) CAH
they, them (incapable of language) (pro) BIH
they/he/she/it - (no object) (pre) 0-
they/he/she/it - me (pre) MU-
they/he/she/it - you(pl) (pre) LI-
thick, be thick (referring to a substance), be viscous, be dense, (v) JED
thick sauce; type of (thick) sauce (n) prepared by thickening CANDOK - marinade. In some regions it is just called CANDOK JED - thick marinade. KETXUP
thief (n) NIHWI'
thin, be thin (v) LAF
thing (n) DOC
think (v) QUB
think (to convey); pull together (thoughts), formulate, compile (v) which doesn't have a straightforward equivalent in English. The idea seems to be that of bringing thoughts together into some kind of reasonably coherent form so that they can be conveyed to someone else. see also GIX – write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise and KON – record, compose. GER
think only about, concentrate on, focus on (v) e.g., VEKLARGLI' YIBUS 'EJ VEKLARGWI' VIBUS - You pay attention to your Fek'lhr and I'll pay attention to mine. BUS
- think [so], suspect [so], apparently, seems (v-6) e.g., CIMLAW' - It appears to be empty. Can also mean think/suspect when the verb has a subject (including -indefinite). -LAW'
third tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) 'EG
third, 3rd (num) WEJDIC
thirsty, be thirsty (v) 'OJ
-this (n-4) (referring to an object close by) e.g., NUHMEYVAM - these weapons. -VAM
this afternoon (n) POVVAM
this morning (n) POVAM
this year (n) DISVAM
thistle (n) [KGT p88] NEHJEJ
thorough, be thorough, be careful, be profound (v) (slang) COF
those [SEE -that (n-4)] (-VEX)
-thousand's, -1000's (num el) (see also SaD) -SANID
-thousand's, -1000's (num el) (see also SanID) -SAD
thought (to convey); pull together (thoughts), formulate, compile (v) GER doesn't have a straightforward equivalent in English. The idea seems to be that of bringing thoughts together into some kind of reasonably coherent form so that they can be conveyed to someone else. see also GIX – write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise and KON – record, compose. GER
thread, string, filament (n) SIRG
threaten (v) BUQ
three, 3 (num) WEJ
throat (n) e.g., KASTAHVIS WA' RAM LOS SAD HUG SIJLAH KETBOG ILOD - Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man. HUG
through, go through (an open door, a tunnel etc) (v) VEG
throw around, hurl about (v) JAD
throw away (v) WOD
thrust (v) GOS
thrust upward with end of bat'leth (v) CAQ
thrust, lunge (v) JOP
thruster (n) VIJ
thrusters (n) CUYDAH
thrusters; Take-Off/Landing Thrusters (n) (plural form) [BoP Poster] 'EDSEHCA
thus, in that case, so, then (adv) VAJ
tickle (v) KOX
tie (v) BAG
tight, be tight (v) QEY
tighten (v) QEYMOH
tika cat, type of animal (n) TI'KA' VIGRO'
time (v) period of time (n) POH
time period ago, ago (n) e.g., CA' TUP RET two minutes ago. Normally just used for periods not otherwise described eg seconds, minutes, hours weeks. [See also HU' - days ago <> BEN - years ago <> WEN - months ago] [KEP'A' JAVDIC] RET
time period from now (n) e.g.WEJ TUP PIK - three minutes from now. [See also LES - days from now <> NEM - years from now <> WAQ - months from now] [KEP'A' JAVDIC] PIK
time; recently, a short time ago (adv) [NEWS group online 2/3/99] KEN
time; What's/tell the time [SEE ‘how many times' (ques)] 'ARLOG
-times, x, repetitions (num el) once, twice, etc. (when used in Klingon it is equivalent to ‘times' e.g., two times, three times) [SEE also ‘how many times?' (ques)] -LOG
tint, dye, stain (v) FUVMOH
tinted, be tinted, be dyed, be stained (v) FUV
-tion [SEE –nominalizer (v-9)] (-GAC)
tired, be tired (v) DOY'
Tknag hooves (a food item) (n) always referred to in plural. TIKNAG LEMDU'
tknag, type of animal (n) TIKNAG
to, on, at, in, with-in [SEE -locative (n-5)] (-DAK)
to; as in ‘I said to the guard' [SEE -for (n-5)] (-VAD)
to the death (excl) (archaic) means "to the death" in an archaic form of Klingon. It survives as an exclamation, something that you'd probably just shout out (or snarl) at the start of or in the throes of battle or a duel. GIKTAL
tobbaj, type of animal (n) TO'BAJ
today (n) DAHJAJ
toe (n) YAD
together, be together (v) TAY'
together (adv) [BoP Poster] NITEBHA'
toilet (n) PUC
Tokvarian skink, type of animal (n) TOKVIR LUF
tolerate (v) CERG
tomorrow (n) WA'LES
tongue (n) JAT
tonight (n) RAMVAM
too much, overly, to an excessive degree, (adv) e.g., XOY JISOP - I eat too much. See also 'IK - be too many [KEP'A' JAVDIC] XOY
tooth (n) HO'
toothache (n) HO''OY'
top of foot (n) MOV
top, lid, cover (of an object) (n) for top of an object see YOR for inside of lid... see 'AKROS [KEP'A' JAVDIC] YUVXE'
top, top side, top face (of an object) (n) e.g., top of table (never used for lid or cover - see YUVXE') [KEP'A' JAVDIC] YOR
top; inside of the top (of an object) (n) see also YOR and YUVXE' [KEP'A' JAVDIC] 'AKROS
top; top of a room, ceiling of a lower room (n) RAV'EK
topah, type of animal (n) TOPPA'
topaline (n) TOPLIN
-topic, -as for, - regarding (n-5) (indicates the noun is the topic of the sentence) e.g., PA'DAJDAK GAHTAH LA''E' - The COMMANDER, he is in his quarters. Sentences using this suffiix can also be translated using ‘as for' or ‘regarding'. The above would be:- As for the Commander, he is in his quarters. -'E'
torch (n) SEC
Torg (pr n) [TKD p58] TORG
torpedo (n) PEF
torpedo tube (n) CETVI'
torpedo tube (n) DUS
torpedo's warhead (n) JORNUB
torpedoes (n) CA
torture (v) JOY'
torture by women (ritualised) (n) BE'JOY
toss bat'leth from one hand to the other (v) (w) BAQ
touch (emotionally) (v) DUQ
touch, feel (v) HOT
tough, be tough (v) ROX
toxic, be toxic (v) SUQ
track, track down (v) GOC
Tracker - the constellation (pr n) GOCWI'
trade (v) MEC
tradition (n) LURDEC
train, prepare, practice (v) KEK
traitor (n) (see also 'URWI' ) MAGWI'
traitor (n) (see also MAGWI' ) . 'URWI'
traitor (n) (slang) BOLWI'
transact (v) HUK
transfer (v) QAY
translate (v) MUG
translator, Interpreter (n) MUGWI'
transmit data (away from a place) (v) LAB
transmit data (to a place) (v) LI'
transport (v) LUP
transport beam (n) JOL
transport goods, deliver (v) HIJ
transport ioniser unit (n) JOLVOY'
transport room (n) JOLPA'
transporter system (n) [BoP Poster] JOLPAT
transtator (n) HOS COHWI'
trap, entrap (v) VON
travel, rove, trek, roam (v) LEF
treacherous, be treacherous, be hazardous, be perilous (v) QOM
treason (n) 'URMAF
treason, commit treason (v) (see also MAG) 'UR
treason, commit treason, betray, act against (v) also to indicate reveal (see also 'UR) MAG
treat unjustly, wrong (v) QIH
treaty (n) MAB
tree (n) SOR
trek, roam, travel, rove (v) LEF
Trekker, rover (grammatical term) (n) LEFWI'
tremor; experience an earthquake or tremor (v) QOM
Tribble (n) YIH
tribe, house (family), ancestral unit (n) TUK
tribute, salute (v) VAN
trick, deceive, bluff (v) TOJ
tricorder (n) HOKRA'
trifling, be trifling, trivial, unimportant (v) RAM
trigger (n) CU'WI'
Trill (person) (n) * TIRILFAN
trillium (n) DILYUM
trim, cut (hair) (v) CIP
trip, voyage (n) LEF
triumph, victory (n) YAY
trivial, be trivial, trifling, unimportant (v) RAM
troops (n) QAS
trouble (n) SEF
trousers, pants (n) YOPWAH
Troyius (n) DOY'YUS
truce (n) ROJHOM
true, be true (v) TEH
trunk (of body) (n) RO
trust, have faith in (v) e.g., DUJLIJ YIVOK - Trust your instincts. VOK
truth (n) VIT
truth (tell), tell the truth (v) VIT
truth, the truth test (n) VITHAY'
try out (food), taste (v) WAH
try out, test, use experimentally (v) WAH
try, attempt (v) NID
tub (n) 'IB
tuber, root (n) 'OQKAR
tunic (n) YIVBEH
tunnel, conduit (n) [BoP Poster] 'OC
turn (v) XE'
twice (adv) CA'LOG
twilight (n) COS
twirl bat'leth, cause bat'leth to rotate (v) (w) JIRMOH
twirl, rotate (v) JIR
two, 2 (num) CA'
  • animal:
    • animal (n)
    • animal (n)
    • animal (n)
    • animal (n)
    • animal (n)
    • animal, igvah (n)
    • animal, kradge (n)
    • animal, lingta (n)
    • animal, norg (shark like sea creature) (n)
    • animal, sabre bear (n)
    • animal, shooy (n)
    • animal, teg'bat (n)
    • animal, tika cat (n)
    • animal, tknag (n)
    • animal, tobbaj (n)
    • animal, Tokvarian skink (n)
    • animal, topah (n)
    • animal, v'gro (like a cat) (n)
  • coat (n)
  • drum (n)
  • food:
      • food (n)
      • food (n)
      • food (n)
      • food, gladst (n)
      • food, kradge tail (n)
      • food, racht (n)
      • food, zilm'kach (n)
  • food preparation:
boil (v) PUB
  • cook, prepare food (v) does not require any heat
render, boil fat (v) 'IM
stew (v) QEV
  • fruit:
      • fruit (n)
      • fruit (n)
  • fungus (n)
  • gemstone (n) general term for gemstone is NAGBOC
  • hand weapon, bat'leth (n)
  • Instrument:
    • musical instrument (general collective term) (n) can also be QOQ JANMEY but the suffix -MEY is never required. Reference to an individual Instrument when used in context can be just JAN (see page 74 KGT).
    • musical instrument (n) a shortened form of QOQ JAN but can be used especially when context makes it clear.
    • drum (n)
    • instrument, large wind instrument (n)
    • instrument, percussion - instrument (drum, bell) (n)
    • musical instrument (n)
    • stringed instrument (n)
    • stringed instrument (n)
    • stringed instrument (n)
  • knife:
    • knife (n)
    • knife (slender blade) (n)
    • knife (used for food preparation) (n)
    • knife (used for food preparation) (n)
    • knife (used for food preparation) (n)
    • knife, vegetable knife, fruit knife (small knife) (n)
  • liquor, baceh'tluth (n)
  • mineral, bekpuj (orange incolour) (n)
  • plant (n)
  • plant, dikus plant (n)
  • pot:
    • pot with handles (used for food preparation) (n)
    • pot; metal flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional)
    • pot; metal flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional)
  • sauce:
    • sauce (general term) (n) (regional) some regions use, VIYCORG - juice/sap (of a plant), to refer to a sauce and might even say KAG VIYCORG instead of GEVI' .
    • sauce for gagh (n)
    • sauce for gladst (n)
    • sauce (n)
    • type of (thick) sauce (n) prepared by thickening CANDOK - marinade
    • type of (thick) sauce (n) (regional) prepared by thickening CANDOK - marinade. Normally known as KETXUP.
  • spear (thrown with aidof a special tool) (n)
  • stringed instrument:
    • stringed instrument (n)
    • stringed instrument (n)
    • stringed instrument (n)
  • traditional game, qa'vak, hoop & stick manoeuvre (n)
  • weapon: remember any blade can be used as a weapon.
    • hand weapon, bat'leth (n)
    • knife (n)
    • knife (slender blade) (n)
    • knife (used for food preparation) (n)
    • knife (used for food preparation) (n)
    • knife (used for food preparation) (n)
    • knife, vegetable knife,

      fruit knife (small knife) (n)

    • weapon, akleth (half axe, half bat'leth) (n)
    • weapon, mek'leth (n)
typically, as expected, usually (adv) MOX

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