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Federation Std




XIFAN HOL (tlhIngan Hol)


Official language (CANNON)

language obtained from other sources (non cannon)

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Official Translations (cannon words)

Cannon Klingon objects officially transliterated

additional similar dictionary meanings (non-cannon)

words which have been surmised or are verbally known but the spelling transliterated are followed by an *.












Type # noun suffix



(num el)

Number forming element



(pr n)

Proper noun






Type # verb suffix




 B (b)

BAC shoot (v)
BAC shot (n)
BACHA' err, make a mistake (v) (slang) see also QAG for non-slang
BAG tie (v)
BAGNEQ spoon (n) [From Marc Okrand on startrek.klingon (Usenet newsgroup) 5/5/98]
BAH fire (torpedo, rocket, missile) (v)
BAHJAN launcher (n) [BoP Poster]
BAHWI' gunner (n)
BAJ earn, (actively) work for (v)
BAL jug, jar, bottle (n) (fu)
BAF love, one who is loved (n)
BAF BOM love song (n)
BAF POF pet name, endearment (n)
BAQ terminate, discontinue (v)
BAQGOL type of liquor, bahgol (n)
BAQ toss bat’leth from one hand to the other (v) (w)
BAQA' !"%^&@ curse word (general invective)(excl)
BARG flat-bottomed pot for food preparation (n) (fu)
BAS metal (n)
BAX honour (n)
BAX honoured, with honour (adv)
BAXHA' dishonourably (adv)
BAV orbit (v)
BA' sit (v)
-BA' -obviously (v-6) e.g., NEPWI' DABA' - he/she is obviously lying.
BEB roof (n) [NEWS 12/7/98]
BEC suffer (v)
BEG deflectors (n)
BEH rifle (n)
-BEH -ready, set up (referring to devices) (v-2) e.g., LABBEH - (the device) is ready to transmit data.
BEJ watch (v)
BEJ be sure, be definite, be positive, be certain (v) (slang)
-BEJ -certainly, undoubtedly (v-6) e.g., CIMBEJ - It is undoubtedly empty.
BEL be pleased (v)
BEL pleasure (n)
BELHA' be displeased (v)
BEM sole of foot (body part) (n)
BEN years ago, years old (n)
BEP agony (n)
BEP complain, object, gripe (v)
BEQ crew, crewman (n)
BEQPUJ type of mineral, bekpuj (orange in colour) (n)
BEQ be flat (v)
BERG be irritable (v)
BETLEH bat’leth, type of hand weapon (n)
BETLEH BEY' bat’leth display (n)
BETLEH 'OBE' Order of the Bat’leth (n) The highest honour that the High Council can bestow on a Klingon (p182 KGT)
BEY howl, wail, cry (n) used alone and in sentences e.g., HEG BEY - death cry <> BEY SEQ - ceremonial howl
BEY SEQ ceremonial howl (n)
BEY' display (n) e.g., BETLEH BEY' - bat’leth display <> NUH BEY' - weapon display <> QUV BEY' - honour display
BE' female, woman (n)
-BE' -not (v-R) (general suffix of negation) e.g., COHOHVIPBE' - You are not afraid to kill me <> COHOHBE'VIP - You are afraid not to kill me.
BE'ETOR B’Etor (pr n)
BE'HOM girl (n)
BE'JOY' ritualised torture by women (n)
BE'NAL wife (n)
BE'NI' sister (n)
BI- you - (no object) (pre)
BID half (n)
BIGHA' prison, jail (n)
BIH they, them (incapable of language) (pro)
BIJ punish (v)
BIJ punishment (n)
BIM second tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) (music)
BIF area below, area under (n)
-BIP -hundred thousand’s, -100,000’s (num el)
BIQ water (n)
BIQ BAL water jug (n)
BIQ'A' ocean (n)
BIQDEP fish (n)
BIQSIP Hydrogen (n) [BoP Poster]
BIQSIP 'UG Deuterium Isotope (n) [BoP Poster]
BIQTIQ river (n)
BIR be cold (v)
BIRAQLUL brak’lul (redundancy in body parts) (n)
BIREQTAL Brek’tal ritual (n)
BIREQTAG bregit lung (n)
BIT be nervous, uneasy (v)
BIV break (rules) (v)
BI' sweep (away) (v)
BO- you (plural) - him/her/it/them (pre)
BOBCO' module (n)
BOC shine, be shiny (v)
BOCMOHWI' sycophant, flatterer (n) (slang)
BOD forehead (n) (regional)
BOG be born (v)
-BOG -which (relative clause marker) (v-9) e.g. QIPU'BOG YAS - The officer who hit him/her. Federation Std phrases commonly use who, which, where, and that. E.g., the horse which is neighing, the plane that landed. To make sense of a clause implying ‘where’ the head noun should take the locative suffix (-DAQ) . e.g., QE'DAQ WISOPTA'BOG <> at the restaurant where we ate
BOH be impatient (v)
BOJ nag (v)
BOL drool (v)
BOLWI' traitor (n) (slang)
BOM sing, chant (v)
BOM song, chant (n)
BOM MU' lyric, lyrics (n)
BOF accidentally, by accident (adv)
BOQ alliance, bloc, coalition, fusion¹ (n) [¹BoP Poster]
BOQ RU' coalition (n)
BOQ aide (n)
BOQ aid, assistance (n)
BOQ assist (v)
BOQDU' aide-de-camp (n)
BORTAS revenge, vengeance (n) e.g., BORTAS BIR JABLU'DI' REH QAQQU' NAY' - Revenge is a dish which is best served cold.
BORTAS DIB Right of vengeance
BOS collect (v)
BOT prevent, block, prohibit (v)
BOT prevention, block, barrier (n) *
BOTJAN shields (protective force fields on a ship) (n)
BOX center, middle (n)
BOV era, season (n)
BOV BIR winter; cold season (n)
BOV TUJ summer; hot season (n)
BO'DAG scoop, scooping implement (to serve food) (n) (fu)
BO'DIJ court (n)
BUD be lazy (v)
BUP quit (v)
BUQ threaten (v)
BURG stomach (n)
BURG QUD naturally produced Kud (n)
BUS concentrate on, focus on, think only about (v) e.g., VEQLARGLI' YIBUS 'EJ VEQLARGWI' VIBUS - You pay attention to your Fek’lhr and I’ll pay attention to mine.
BUSHA' ignore (v)
BUX dirt under fingernails (n)
BUV classification (n)
BUV classify (v)
BUY' be full, be filled up (v)
BUY' FOP good news!, it’s good to hear that! (excl) (slang)
BU' sergeant (n)

C (ch)

CA torpedoes (n)
CAB pie, tart,, dumpling (n)
CAB invention, innovation (n) (slang)
CAB CU' new invention, latest innovation (n) (slang) see KGT page21.
CAC emergency (n)
CADVAY' Hertz (radio frequency) (n)
CAG drop (v)
CAH they, them (capable of using language) (pro)
CAJ close female friend of a female (n)
-CAJ -their (n-4)
CAL sky (n)
CAM technology (n)
CAMWI' technician (n)
CANDOQ marinade (n)  when thickened it forms a sauce known in most regions as QETXUP although in some regions it is just called CANDOQ JED - thick marinade.
CANDOQ JED type of (thick) sauce (n) (regional) prepared by thickening CANDOQ - marinade. Normally known as QETXUP (page 26 KGT).
CAF'EF pair (n) [BoP Poster]
CAP back (of hand) (n)
CAQ perhaps (adv)
CAQ thrust upward with end of bat’leth (v) (w)
CAR be slimy (v)
CARG conquer (v)
CARGWI' conqueror, victor (n)
CAX soup (thick) (n)
CAX nonsense, balderdash (n) (slang)
CAV achieve (v)
CAV achievement (n)
CAW' allow, permit (v)
CAW' permit (n)
CAY' how? (ques)
CA' show, display (picture) (v)
CA' two, 2 (num)
CA'DIC second, 2nd (num)
CA'DIC a Second, aide (n)
CA'HU' day before yesterday (n)
CA'LES day after tomorrow (n)
CA'LOG twice (adv)
CA'NOB ritual gifts (n)
CA'PUJ dilithium (n)
CA'PUJQUT dilithium crystal (n)
CE- you (plural) - us (pre)
CEB unit weight approx. 5 pounds (2.25kg) (n) [MSN 10/22/97]
CEC be drunk, intoxicated (v)
CECXUX type of liquor, baceh’tluth (n)
CEG return (v)
CEH defect (v)
CEJ liver (n)
CEL add (v)
CEL addition (n) *
CELWI' accountant, financier (n) (slang)
CEMVAH type of animal (n)
CEN build up, take form (v)
CENMOH form, make, create (v)
CENMOHWI' creator, maker (n)
CEP prosper, be prosperous (v)
CER establish, set up (v)
CERG tolerate (v)
CESVEL type of coat (n)
CESVEL coat, jacket (n) (regional)
CETVI' torpedo tube (n)
CETVI' spear-throwing device (n)
CEV separate (v)
CEVWI' XOY' territorial wall (e.g. Berlin Wall) (n) [NEWS 12/7/98]
CE' rule, reign, run, preside (v)
CE'RON battlefield (n)
CIC purposely, on purpose, intentionally (adv)
CID admit (v)
CIJ navigate (v)
CIJWI' navigator (n)
CIL lose, misplace (v)
CIM be empty, deserted, uninhabited (v)
CIP cut, trim (hair) (v)
CIRG temple (structure) (n)
CIS be white (v)
CO ceramic flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional)
CO- you - me (pre)
COB corridor (n) [BoP Poster]
COB'A' main corridor (n) [BoP Poster]
COGVAT stairway leading to door of a ship, gangplank (n)
COH alter, change (v)
COH change (n)
-COH -change in state/direction (become, begin to) (v-3) e.g., MADO'COH - We are becoming lucky (a change of luck).
COL close in, get closer, come nearer (v)
COLJAH ponytail holder (n)
COM bartender (n)
CON hunt (v)
CON BOM hunting song (n)
CONNAQ spear (n)
CONTAY ritual hunt (n)
COF be vertical (v)
COF be good, be excellent (v) (slang)
COF be profound, be thorough, be careful (v) (slang)
COP bite (v)
COP bite (n) *
COPTAH gnaw (v)
COQ preserve, save (v)
COQ deck (on a ship) (n) [BoP Poster]
COR belly (n)
COR BARG ceramic flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional)
COR BARG pot made of ceramic with a flat bottom (n) (regional)
CORG eight, 8 (num)
CORG eighth tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) (music)
CORGDIC eighth, 8th (num)
COS desert (v)
COS twilight (n)
COT murder (v)
COV assess, evaluate (v)
COVNAX specimen (n)
CO' succession (n)
CO' succeed (to authority) (v)
CUC ice (n)
-CUG -if (v-9) e.g., DAQAHCUG - If you help them.
CUH explain clearly to, clarify for, specify for (v) (slang)
CUN be innocent (v)
CUNDAB meteor (n)
CUF accelerate (v)
CUP recommend, suggest (v)
CUQ range, distance (n)
-CUQ -one another (v-1) e.g., MAQIPCUQ - We hit each other (no object prefix must be used as well as plural subjects).
CUQ'A' long range (n) [BoP Poster]
CUQ'A' NOCMEY long range sensors (n) [BoP Poster]
CUQUN nobility (n)
CUS be noisy (v)
CUS'UG type of musical instrument (n)
CUT law (n)
CUV be left over (v)
CUVMEY leftovers (grammatical term) (n)
CUYDAH thrusters (n)
CU' be new (v)
CU' engage, activate (a device) (v)
CU' play (a musical instrument) (v)  when referring to performing with an instrument rather than just playing see  MUC
-CU' -clearly, perfectly (v-6) e.g., JIJAJCU' - I understand perfectly.
CU'WI' trigger (n)
CU'WI' player (of an instrument) (n)  when referring to someone who plays an instrument but does not perform see  MUCWI

D (D)

DA behave as, act in a manner of (v)
DA- you - him/her/it/them (pre)
DAB dwell in/at, reside in/at, live in/at (v)
DAC be absent (v)
DAC be not attentive, be distracted, lack focus (v) (slang)
DAGTUJ mixture of animal parts (n)
DAH array, bank (n) [BoP Poster]
DAH now (adv)
DAHJAJ today (n)
DAHJAJ GED dish in a restaurant, "catch of the day" (n)
DAJ be interesting (v)
DAJ test inconclusively (v)
-DAJ -his/her (n-4)
DAJWI' Interest (n) *
DAL be boring (v) e.g., DAL PAG JAG - No enemy is boring.
DAN occupy (military term) (v)
DAP BOM nonsense song (n)
DAQ eavesdrop (v)
DAQ site, location (n)
-DAQ -locative (in, to, on, at, with-in) (n-5) e.g., PA'DAQ JIHTAH - I’m in the room. (Need never be used on nouns connected to a locative verb)
DAQTAG d’k tahg, a warriors knife (n)
DAQ ponytail (n)
DARG tea (n)
DARG HIVJE' teacup (n)
DARSEQ darsek, unit of currency (n)
DAS boot (n)
DASPU' boot spike (n)
DAT everywhere (n)
DAW' revolt (v)
DAW' revolt, revolution (n)
DAYQUS type of plant, dikus plant (n)
DA' corporal (rank) (n)
DEB desert (n)
DEC surround (v)
DEG helm (n)
DEG medal, emblem, symbol, insignia (n)
DEG act without a plan, improvise (v) (slang)
DEGWI' helmsman (n)
DEH be ripe, be overripe (fruit, vegetable) (v)
DEJ collapse (v)
DEL describe (v)
DENIB Denebia (n)
DENIB QAX Denebian slime devil (n)
DENIBFAN Denebian (n)
DENIBYA' Denebia (n)
DENIBYA'FAN Denebian (n)
DENIBYA'FAN QAX Denebian slime devil (n)
DEP being (nonhumanoid) (n)
DEQ credit (monetary unit) (n)
DES arm (body part) (n)
DES axe handle (n)
DESQIV elbow (body part) (n)
DEV lead, guide (v)
DEVWI' leader (n)
DE' data, information (n)
DE' CU' update, news (n).
DE' NAW'WI' data access (n)
DE'WI' computer (n)
DI litter, rubble, debris (n)
DI- we - them (pre)
DIB privilege, right (i.e. a legal and/or moral entitlement) (n)
DIC certainty (n)
-DIC -ordinal suffix (ordinal forming element) e.g., WA'DIC - first
DIGNA' type of plant (n)
DIJ slide sword blade along opponent’s blade (v) (w)
DIL pay for (v)
DILYUM trillium (n)
DIF spin (v)
DIP noun (n)
DIR skin (n)
DIRON bagpipes (n) (music)
DIS cave (n)
DIS confess (v)
DIS year (Klingon) (n)
DISVAM this year (n)
DIV be guilty (v)
DIVI' federation, organisation, association, league, union (n)
DIVI'MAY'DUJ Federation battle cruiser (n)
-DI' -as soon as, when (v-9) e.g., QARA'DI' - when I command you.
DO velocity (n)
DOC be rude (v)
DOC thing (n)
DOD mark (in co-ordinates) (n)
DOG be foolish, silly (v)
DOGJEY unconditional surrender (n)
DOH back away from, back off, get away from (v) See also HED - retreat.
DOHMOH drive back (v) e.g., to force a retreat. See page 48 KGT
DOJ be impressive (v)
DOJ impress (v) ****
DOL entity, whole (n)
DOM radan (crude dilithium crystal) (n)
DON be parallel, go parallel to (v)
DOP side (n)
DOQ be orange, red (v)
DOQ claim (territory) (v)
DOR escort (v)
DOS target (n)
DOS aim, target (v) *
DOX status (n)
DOV'AG flute, fife (n) (music)
DOY' be tired (v)
DOY'YUS Troyius (n)
DO' be fortunate, lucky (v)
DO' luckily, with luck (adv)
DO'HA' be unfortunate (v)
DO'HA' unfortunately (adv)
DU- he/she/it - you (pre)
DUB back of body (n)
DUB improve (v)
DUD mix (v)
DUDWI' stirring stick (n) (fu)
DUG be vigilant (v)
DUH be possible (v)
DUH possibility, option (n)
DUJ instincts (n)
DUJ ship, vessel (n)
DUJ FADHA' irresponsible person, undisciplined person (n) (slang)
DUM nap (v)
DUN be wonderful, great (v)
DUF area above, area overhead (n)
DUFLUQ noon (n)
DUP strategy (n)
DUQ bowl (small) (n) (fu)
DUQ stab (v)
DUQ touch (emotionally) (v)
DUQ SOJ The food stabs him/her (phrase) used in simiar to referring to music when it affects one in an especially positive way {KGT page 84}
DUQWI' spike (n)
DURAN LUF DIR Durani lizard skins (a food item which never uses plural suffixes) (n)
DURAS Duras (pr n)
DUS torpedo tube (n)
DUSAQ school (n)
DUV advance (v)
DUY agent, emissary (n)
DUY' be defective (v)
DUY' defect (n)
DUY'A' ambassador (n)
DU' farm (n)
-DU' -plural (n-2) e.g., NIXDU' - fingers.
DU' NAH produce (n)

G (gh)

GAB meat from midsection of animal (n)
GAB TUN meat from midsection of animal (no bones) (n) (regional)
-GAC -nominalizer (v-9) (changes verbs with suffixes into nouns equiv: -tion, -ness etc.) e.g., LO'LAHGAC - value (from ‘be valuable’)
GAG gargle (v)
GAH he, she, him, her (pro)
GAJ have, posses (v)
GAM limb (of an animal) (n)
GANJAQ mace (stick, club) (n)
GAP or, either/or (joining nouns) (conj)
GAQ contribute (v)
GAR conduct diplomacy (v)
GAR diplomacy (n)
GARG serpent, worm (n)
GARWI' diplomat (n)
GAX dominate (v)
GAW' igvah liver soup (n)
GAW' insecure one, one full of self doubt (n) (regional) (slang)
GAWRAN Gowron (pr n)
GAYTAN likely (adv)
GAYTANHA' unlikely (adv)
GAY'CA' ~@’#$£" (invective) (excl)
GA'XIQ GaTH’K, Ode of Respect (n)
GED prey (n)
GEG be rough (v)
GEL ask (a question) (v)
GEM midnight snack (n)
(GEP) age (n) (normally found as part of a phrase)
GER formulate, compile, pull together (thoughts) (v) doesn't have a straightforward equivalent in English. The idea seems to be that of bringing thoughts together into some kind of reasonably coherent form so that they can be conveyed to someone else. see also GIX – write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise and QON – record, compose.
GES assume duties of, take over responsibilities of (v)
GEVCOQ SEP Gevchock Region (n) a city in this region is RUQ'E'VETRukevet see entry for more details or pge17 KGT.
GEVI' sauce for gagh (n)
GEW bug, cootie (n)
GE'NAQ opera (n)
GE'TOR Grethor, netherworld (where dishonoured go) (n)
GE''OR netherworld, Grethor (where dishonoured go) (n) ****
GIB consent (v)
GIC nose (n)
GIG necklace (n)
GIG assignment, task, duty (n) (slang)
GIH be messy, sloppy (v)
GIJ scare (v)
GILAB GEW glob fly (n) a tiny F insect that makes a loud buzzing sound but has no stinger. Proverb e.g.: GILAB GEWMEY TIBUSQO' - PAY NO hEEd TO gLOB fLiEs (WhiC MEANs, 'DON'T PAY ATTENTiON TO iNsigNificANT ThiFs').
GILASNOS Glasnost (ancient political movement) (n)
GIM exile (v)
GINTAQ Battle Spear (a specific kind of spear), Gin’tak (n)
GIPDIJ court-martial (v)
GIQTAL to the death (excl) (archaic) means "to the death" in an archaic form of Klingon. It survives as an exclamation, something that you'd probably just shout out (or snarl) at the start of or in the throes of battle or a duel.
GIQ vacation, take a vacation (v)
GIR descend (v)
GISDEN scales (animal covering) (n)
GIT axe blade (n)
GIT open/flat hand (n)
GIX manuscript (n)
GIX write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise (v) see also QON – record, compose and GER - formulate, compile.
stylus (n) [KGT p79]
GO circle (n)
GO hoop (n)
GO- imp: you/you (plural) - us (pre)
GOB ethics, virtue (n)
GOB fight, battle, do battle, wage war (v)
GOBCUQ LODNI'PU' The Brothers Fight One Another (pr n) A famous statue.
GOBE' No! (answer to a question) (excl)
GOC destination (n)
GOC track, track down (v)
GOCWI' the constellation "Tracker" (pr n)
GOD stuff (v)
GOG voice (n)
GOG HABLI' telephone (n)
GOH argue, dispute (v)
GOJ learn (v)
GOJMEH TAJ boy’s knife
GOJMOH teach, instruct (v)
GOJMOQ nurse, nanny, governess (n)
GOJWI' student (n) e.g., GOJWI'PU'LI' TISAH - Care about your students.
GOL opponent, adversary (n)
GOM group, party, band (in the non musical sense) (n)
GOM'A' crowd (n)
GOMHA' scatter, disperse (v)
GONDOQ type of knife (slender blade) (n)
GOF abuse (v)
GOF abuse (n)
GOP hand (n)
GOPDAP asteroid (n)
GOQ spy on (v)
GOQWI' spy (n)
GOQ be fresh, be just killed (meat) (v)
GOR break (v)
GOR surface (of a planet) (n)
GORG when? (ques)
GOS approach, go away from, proceed, come, follow (a course) (v)
GOS thrust (v)
GOT person (humanoid) (n)
GOTPU' TA personnel record (n)
GOV recognise (v)
GO' step on (v)
GO'DO sublight speed (n)
GU baby (n)
GUH alert (n)
GUH prepare for, be alerted to (v)
GUHMOH alert, warn (v)
GUM alarm (n)
GUM alarm, sound an alarm (v)
GUN program (a computer) (v)
GUF be hungry (v)
GUP swallow (v)
GUR increase (v)
GUS be prepared, ready (to launch) (v) if the object of the sentence is not specified it is always assumed to be a torpedo otherwise for ready refer to -RUP or (excl)’s 'EH, SUH, SU'
GUS lower (spear) to horizontal to attack (v) (w)
GUV recruit (n) for verb see  MUVMOH
GUY'CA' curse words, @*$%# (invective) (excl) This is the curse one would use after receiving an unsettling communiqué. It is far worse than "Darn it!"
GU' situation (n)

H (H)

HAB be smooth (v)
HABLI' data transceiving device (n)
HAC be developed (e.g., civilisation) (v)
HAD study (v)
HAG laugh (v)
HAH soak, drench (v)
HAH marinate (v)
HAJ dread (v)
HAJDOB leg (served as food) (n)
HAL source (n)
HANDOG nacelle (n)
HAP matter (n)
HAQ surgery (n)
HAQ intervene in (a situation) (v) (slang)
HAQ perform surgery (on) (v)
HAQTAJ scalpel (n)
HAQWI' surgeon (n)
HAQCOR saccharin (n)
HAR believe (v)
HARG battle, fight (of major ferocity) (v)
HASTA visual display (n)
HAT be illegal (v)
HAT temperature (n)
HAX country, countryside (n)
HAW' flee, get out (v)
HAY' duel (v)
HA' Let’s go!, Come on! (excl)
-HA' -undo (v-R) similar to Fed. Std. mis-, de-, dis-, also used when something is done wrong. Always appears after the verb so it is not known why this is a rover. e.g., YIC'HA' - Dis-engage it <> BIJAXHA'CUG - If you say the wrong thing (if -BE' had been used it would translate - If you don’t speak).
HA'DIBAH meat, animal (n)
HA'QUJ Klingon Sash, baldric (n)
HE course, route (n)
HEC intend, mean to (v)
HED retreat (v)
HEDON parallel course (n)
HEG death (n)
HEG die (v)
HEG BEY death cry (howl) (n)
HEGBAT suicide, ritual suicide (n) (see also HEGBA')
HEGBA' suicide, ritual suicide (n)
HEGMOH be fatal (v)
HEGTAY death ritual (n)
HEH edge (n)
HEJ rob (v)
HEM be proud (v)
HEF finger (holes, strings of instrument) to vary sound (v)
HEQ comply (v)
HERG medicine (n)
HERG QAYWI' hypo, pneumatic hypo (n) (see also HERGWI')
HERGWI' hypo, pneumatic hypo (n) (see also HERG QAYWI')
HES commit a crime (v)
HES crime (n)
HESWI' criminal (n)
HEV receive (v)
HEW statue (n)
HEW CENMOHWI' sculptor (n)
-HEY -apparent (n-3) (indicates some doubt on accuracy) e.g., DUJHEY - an apparent vessel (might be a decoy).
HE' smell, emit odour (v)
HE'SO' stink (v)
HI- imp: you/you (plural) - me (pre)
HIC handgun (n)
HICDAL airlock (n)
HIDJOLEV menu (n)
HIG fight dirty (v)
HIJ deliver, transport goods (v)
HIJA' Yes!, True! (answer to yes/no question) (excl)
HIP uniform (n)
HIQ liquor, alcohol, ale, beer, wine (n)
HISLAH Yes!, True! (answer to yes/no question) (excl)
HIV attack (v) e.g., PUJWI' HIVLU'CUG QUVBE'LU' - There is no honour in attacking the weak.
HIVDUJ attack fighter (n)
HIVJE' glass (tumbler) (n)
HIVJE' BOM drinking song (n)
HI' dictator (n)
HI'TUY dictatorship (n)
HOB yawn (v)
HOC everyone, all, everything, (each) (n) If the noun following HOC is explicitly plural, it means ’all’. If it is singular, it means ‘each’. also used as a superlative in a sentence with LAW' and PUS. Superlative rule: The rule for comparatives is demonstrated by using A & B to describe two nouns being compared with A Q-er than B but when A is Q-est of all then both LAW' and PUS are used with  HOC in the position of B. The layout can now be represented by: A Q LAW' HOC Q PUS e.g., LA' JAQ LAW' HOC JAQ PUS - The commander is boldest of all.
HOCHOM most, greater part (n)
HOD captain (rank) (n)
HOG week (Klingon) (n)
HOH kill (v)
HOH killing (n)
HOH'EG commit suicide (v)
HOJ be cautious (v)
HOL language (n)
HOLQED KLI journal (pr n) ‘language science.’
HOLQED linguistics (n) literally ‘language science’.
HOM bone (n)
HOM weakling, runt, scrawny one, skinny one (n) (slang)
-HOM -diminutive (n-1) (infers noun is less/smaller etc.) e.g., SUS'A' -wisp of air.
HON doubt (v)
HOF impulse power (n)
HOF BOQ CUYDAH Impulse Fusion Thrusters (n) [BoP Poster]
HOFGOR Impulse Drive (n) [BoP Poster]
HOP be remote, far (v)
HOQ expedition (n)
HOQRA' tricorder (n)
HOS be strong (v)
HOS strength, energy, power (n)
HOS COHWI' transtator (n)
HOSCEM energy field (n)
HOSDO' energy beings (n)
HOSGAJ be powerful (v)
HOT touch, feel (v)
HOX project, put on (screen) (v)
HOX scan (v)
HOXWI' scanner (n)
HOV star (n)
HOV LEF Star Trek (n).
HOVMEY JOJ HOL DUSAQ Interstellar Language School
HOVPOH stardate (n)
HOVTAY' star system (n)
HOY' congratulate (v)
HO' admire (v)
HO' tooth (n)
HO' idol (n) (slang)
HO''OY' toothache (n)
HO'DU' teeth (n)
HO'DU' PU'HAQ phaser dental surgery (n) *
HO'WI' Admirer (n)  (slang) *
HU zoo (n)
HUB defend (v)
HUB defence (n)
HUC money (n)
economics (n) [KGT p148]
HUD mountain, hill (n)
HUD BEQ YOS Flat Mountain District (n) in the SA'QEJ Region
HUG throat (n) e.g., QASTAHVIS WA' RAM LOS SAD HUG SIJLAH QETBOG ILOD - Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man.
HUH bile, gall, slime n)
HUJ be strange (v)
HUJ charge (up) (v)
HUM be sticky (v)
HUMAN human (n)
HUF security (n)
HUP punish (v)
HUQ transact (v)
HUR outside (n)
HUR'IQ outsider, foreigner (n) (slang)
HUR'IQFAN Hur’q (person) (n)
HURDAG stringed instrument (general term) (n)
HURG be dark (v)
HURG pickle (cucumber) (n)
HUS hang (v)
HUT nine, 9 (num)
HUTDIC ninth, 9th (num)
HUX lack, be without (v)
HUV be clear, not obstructed (v)
HUY' eyebrow (n)
HUY'DUF forehead (n) (regional)
HU' days ago (n)
HU' get up (v)
HU'TEG %$"@# (invective) (excl)

J (j)

JAB serve (food) (v)
JABBI'ID data transmission, issue, edition (n)
JABWI' waiter, waitress, food server (n)
JAC scream, cry out, shout, yell (v) e.g., JAC SUVWI' 'E' YIQOY! - Hear the warrior cry out!
JAD throw around, hurl about (v)
JAG enemy (n)
JAGLA' enemy commander (n) [TKD p64-65]
JAH go (v)
JAJ day (from dawn to dawn) (n)
-JAJ -may (v-9) (never used with v-7’s) (expresses a desire or wish that something happens in the future) e.g., JAGPU'LI' DAGIJJAJ - may you scare your enemies.
JAJLO' dawn (n)
JAN device (n)
JAN musical instrument (n) a shortened form of QOQ JAN but can be used especially when context makes it clear.
JAF answer, reply (v)
JANLUQ PIQARD HOD Captain Jean-Luc Picard
JAQ be bold (v)
JAR month (Klingon) (n)
JARG forehead (n) (regional)
JAS differently (adv)
JAT tongue (n)
JAT speak incoherently, mumble (v) (slang)
JATYIN spiritual possession (n)
JAX speak, say (v) with verbs of saying, such as JAX, the phrase that is being said or cited may come before or after the verb, e.g., XIFAN JIH JIJAX - 'I say, "I am a Klingon". [when the object being spoken to is specified See also VAD -for]
JAV six, 6 (num)
JAV sixth tone of nonatonic musical scale (n)
JAV prisoner (n) (slang)
JAVDIC sixth, 6th (num)
JAW chat (v)
JAW lord (n)
JAY' intensely (invective) (adv)
JA' tell, report (v)
JA'CUQ succession ritual (ancient) (n) A lengthy ceremony that requires each of the candidates to recite their achievements.
JA'CUQ discuss, confer (v)
JE also, and (joining nouns [after]) (conj)
JE also (adv) It follows the verb it modifies.
JEC disguise, costume (n)
JEC disguise (v)
JED be thick (referring to a substance), be viscous, be dense, (v)
JEG surrender, give up (v)
JEH be absentminded (v)
JEJ be sharp (v)
JEJHA' be dull, be blunt (of blades) (v)
JEN be high (v)
JEFVA' plate (for eating) (n)
JEQ protrude from (v)
JEQQIJ club, bludgeon (n)
JEQ be self-confident (v)
JES participate (v)
JEV storm (v)
JEY itinerary (n)
JEY defeat (v)
JEY'NAS double-headed axe (n)
JE' buy, purchase (v) e.g., BIJE'BE'CUG VAJ BIHEG - Buy or die.
JE' feed (someone else), enrich (spirit) (v) e.g. QA' WIJE'MEH MASUV - we fight to enrich the spirit. In this example the sentence focuses more on the giver than that of the recipient (the sole).
JI- I - (no object) (pre)
JIB hair (on head) (n)
JIH I, me (pro)
JIH viewing screen (n)
JIH monitor (v)
JIJ cooperate (v)
JIJ be cooperative (v)
JIL neighbour (n)
JINAQ amulet (awarded at the female coming of age) (n)
JINMOL project (task) (n)
JIP penalty (n)
JIR rotate, twirl (v)
JIRMOH twirl bat’leth, cause bat’leth to rotate (v) (w)
JIV be ignorant (v)
JO resources (n)
JOC be harmful (v)
JOD stoop (v)
JOG quadrant (n)
JOH lord/lady, head of house (n)
JOH'A' God/Godess (n)
JOJ area between (n)
JOJLU' consul (n)
JOL beam (aboard) (v)
JOL transport beam (n)
JOLPAT transporter system (n) [BoP Poster]
JOLPA' transport room (n)
JOLVOY' transport ioniser unit (n)
JOM install (a device) (v)
JON capture (v)
JONPIN engineering officer (n)
JONTA' engine (n)
JONWI' engineer (n)
JOP lunge, thrust (v)
JOQ flap, flutter, wave (v)
JOQ or, and/or (joining nouns [after]) (conj)
JOQWI' flag (n)
JOQ strip of material in a susdek instrument (n)
JOQ rib (n)
JOR explode (v)
JORNEB warhead (of a torpedo) (n)
JORNUB warhead (of a torpedo) (n)
JORWI' explosive (n)
JOS gossip (v)
JOS rumour, gossip (n)
JOT be calm (v)
JOTHA' be uneasy (v)
JOX take down (v)
JOY' torture (v)
JO' machinery (n)
JU- you - us (pre)
JUB be immortal (v)
JUBBE' be mortal (v)
JUC have a width of (v) [MSN 10/22/97]
JUH home (n)
JUHQO' home world (n)
JUM be odd (v)
JUN evade, take evasive action (v)
JUP friend (n)
JUS overtake, pass (v)
JUV measure (v)

L (l)

LAB transmit data (away from a place) (v)
LAC exaggerate (v)
LAD read (v)
LAG ensign (n)
LAG take apart, disassemble (v)
LAH ability (n)
-LAH -can, able (v-5) e.g., JIQAWLAH - I can remember.
LAJ accept (v)
LAJ acceptance (n)
LAJQO' reject (v)
LALDAN religion (n)`
LAM be dirty (v)
LAM dirt (n)
LAN place (something) (v)
LANQA' re-place (something) (v) i.e., if something had fallen over and you wanted to put it back in place *
LAF be thin (v)
LAQ fire, energise (e.g., thrusters) (v)
LARG smell, sense odours (v)
LASVARG factory (n)
LAT shrine (n)
LAX additional one, another one (n)
LAXMEY extras, others (n) *
LAV shrub (n)
LAW' be many, be numerous¹ (v) (when used in a sentence with:  PUS  it forms a comparative statement) Comparative rule: when A & B are the nouns being compared and A is Q-er than B the sentence can be represented by: A Q  LAW'  B Q  PUS e.g., LA' JAQ LAW' YAS JAQ PUS - The commander is bolder than the officer. Superlative rule: When A is Q-est of all then the noun HOC - all is used in the B position. The layout can then be represented by: A Q LAW' HOC Q PUS e.g., LA' JAQ LAW' HOC JAQ PUS - The commander is boldest of all. [¹TKD in E-K]
-LAW' -seems, apparently, think [so], suspect [so] (v-6) e.g., CIMLAW' - It appears to be empty. Can also mean think/suspect when the verb has a subject (including -indefinite).
LAY' promise (v)
LAY'HA' break one’s word (v)
LA' commander (n)
LA'QUV Supreme Commander (n)
LA''A' commandant (n)
LEG see (v)
LEH maintain (v)
LEH maintenance (n)
LEL get out, take out (v)
LEM hoof (n)
LEN recess, break (n)
LEF roam, travel, rove (v)
LEF trip, voyage (n)
LEFWI' rover (grammatical term), Trekker (n)
LEQ switch (n)
LES days from now (n)
LES rest, relax (v)
LESPAL type of stringed instrument (n)
LESPOH shore leave (n)
LESSOV foresight (n)
LET be hard (like a rock) (v)
LEX stairs, stairway (n)
LEX stairway leading to the door of a ship, gang plank (n) (regional)
LEV move bat’leth from the vertical to horizontal orientation (v)
LEY' nose (n) (regional)
LE' be special, exceptional (v)
LE'BE' be unexceptional, be non-specific (v)
LI- he/she/it/they - me (pre)
LIC pour (into/onto anything) (v)
LIG ride (v)
LIGON Ligon (n)
LIGON DUQWI' POG glavin, Ligonian Spike Glove (n)
LIGONFAN Ligonian (person) (n) often pronounced LIGOFAN missing off the last N in LIGON when adding FAN - ‘-person of’ suffix
LIH introduce (v)
LIJ forget (v)
-LIJ -your (n-4) (see also -LI')
LIM panic (v)
LINDAB espionage (n)
LIF produce (v)
LIFTA' lingta, type of animal (n)
LIFWI' generator (n)
LIQ round up (v)
LIS adjust (v)
LIS adjustment (n) *
LIT get on(to) (v)
LITHA' get off (of) (v)
LIW substitute, stand-in, temporary surrogate (n)
LIY comet (n)
LI' be useful (v)
LI' transmit data (to a place) (v)
-LI' -your (noun capable of language) (n-4) (otherwise use -LIJ).
-LI' -in progress (v-7) (indicates a continuing action towards a goal) (use words like: am, are, is etc) e.g., COLLI' - It is getting closer
LOB obey (v)
LOBHA' disobey (v)
LOC mustachio (n)
LOD male, man (n)
LODHOM boy (n)
LODNAL husband (n)
LODNI' brother (n)
LOG space (n)
-LOG -number repetition (num el) e.g., WA'LOG - once.
LOGQAM unit of measure, 1.25 light years (n) [BoP Poster]
LOH administer (v)
LOH administration (n)
LOJ be all gone (v)
LOJMIT door, gate (n) e.g., YIVOQ 'AC LOJMITMEY YISAM - Trust, but locate the doors.
LOLSEHCA attitude-control thrusters (n)
LOM corpse (n)
LON abandon (v)
LOP observe, celebrate (a ritual) (v) e.g., YILOP . WA'LES CAQ MAHEG - Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!
LOP celebration (n)
LOPNO' party, celebration (n) probably an event or persons celebrating the event - picture of smiling Klingons.
LOQ slightly, a little bit (adv)
LOS four, 4 (num)
LOS wait (for) (v)
LOS 4th tone of nonatonic musical scale (n)
LOSDIC fourth, 4th (num)
LOSPEV quadrotriticale (n)
LOT catastrophe (n)
LOX rebel (v)
LOXWI' rebel (n)
LOY guess (v)
LO' use (n)
LO' use (v)
LO'LAH be valuable (v)
LO'LAHBE' be worthless (v)
LO'LAHBE'GAC worthlessness (n)
LO'LAHGAC value (n)
LO' LAW' utility (n) (preceeds noun it modifies) [BoP Poster]
LO'LU'BOG used (v) but like this cannot have a subject noun e.g., REH BOC QUTLUC LO'LU'BOG - The used kut’luch is always shiny.
LU fall (suffer loss of status) (v)
LU- they - him/her/it (pre)
LUC equipment, gear (n)
LUG be right, correct, ü (v)
LUH yank (v)
LUH cause (someone) to confess or reveal a secret (v)
LUH intestine (n)
LUJ fail (v)
LUJ lose (not win) (v)
LUL battle, fight (of relatively major ferocity) (v)
LULIG refuge (n)
LUM postpone, procrastinate (v)
LUF loong, lizard-like, salamander-like creature (n)
LUP second (of time) (n)
LUP transport (v)
LUPDUJHOM shuttlecraft (n)
LUPWI' jitney, bus (n)
LUQ Yes!, Okay!, I will! (excl) (see also LU', HIJA', HISLAH)
LUR pupil (of eye) (n)
LURDEC tradition (n)
LURG direction (spatial) (n)
LURSA' Lursa (pr n)
luSor ngeng ? Lake Lusor (n) * the lake in which Kahless plunged his lock of hair to make the first  BETLEH
LUSPET black hole (astronomical phenomenon) (n)
LUT story (n)
LUX be primitive (v)
LU' Yes!, Okay!, I will! (excl) (see also LUQ, HIJA', HISLAH)
-LU' -indefinite subject (v-5) e.g., WIQAWLU' - We are remembered (verbs with -LU' are often translated in the passive voice).

M (m)

MA- we - (no object) (pre)
MAB treaty (n)
MAC be small (v)
MAG betray, commit treason also to indicate reveal, act against. (v) (see also 'UR)
MAGWI' traitor (n) (see also 'URWI')
MAH we, us (pro)
-MAH -ten’s, -10’s (num el)
MAHPIN bowl (large) (n) (fu)
MAJ Good! (expressing satisfaction) (excl)
-MAJ -our (n-4) (see also -MA' )
MAJQA' Well done!, Very good! (excl)
MALJA' business (n)
MAF soldier (n)
MAFGOM army (n)
MANGOM cadet (n) not an official title; refers to someone who is training to become a soldier.
MAQ proclaim (v)
MAQOC buddy, pal, close male friend of male (n)
MAQMIG dark omen, sign of evil coming (n)
MARA Mara (pr n) Kang’s wife and science officer.
MAS moon (n)
MAS prefer (v)
MASWOV moonlight (n)
MATHA' gunner (n)
MAX Maltz (pr n) [TKD p58]
MAX be loyal (v)
MAXHA' be disloyal (v)
MAVJE' liver (n) (regional)
MAVJOP paper clip (n)
MAW offend (v)
MAW' be crazy (v)
MAY be fair (v)
MAY' battle (n)
MAY' BOM battle song (n)
MAY'DUJ battle cruiser (n)
MAY'LUC battle gear, panoply, complete set of armour and weapons (n)
MAY'MORG battle array (n)
MAY'RON accordian, concertina (n)
MAY' TA record of battle (n)presented to a new first officer when he takes his place. This is ritulised and as such the first officer addressing his assembled ‘new’ crew says, DAH YAS WA'DIC VIGES - "I now take my place as first officer", he the requests the MAY' TA so that he can review it. when the Captain enters the first Officer says BEQ MAY' TA VILAJPU'- "I have accepted the crew’s record of battle" then, pledging the crew’s lives he says, JUDEV 'EJ DUJVAM RA'WI' DAGES 'E' VIXOB - "I ask you to lead us as commander of this ship." The Captain says, GOPDU'WIJDAQ YINMEYRAJ VILAJ - "I accept your lives into my hands". He finishes the ritual saying, DELAQ DO'- "Take your stations" (this latter phrase being NO' HOL and not heard in any other context)
MA' accommodate (v)
-MA' -our (noun capable of using language) (n-4) (otherwise use -MAJ).
MA'VEQ mavek dagger (n) a twin bladed dagger used in the Mak Tovar Ritual.
MEB guest (n)
MEBPA'MEY hotel (n)
MEC trade (v)
MEG lunch (n)
MEH bridge (of ship) (n)
-MEH -for, for the purpose of, in order to (purpose clause marker) (v-9) e.g., JA'CUQMEH ROJHOM NEH JAGLA' - The enemy commander wishes a truce (in order) to confer.
MEJ leave, depart (v)
MELCOQ marrow, bone marrow (n)
MELLOTA' Melota (pr n) from a Klingon Opera
MEM catalogue (n)
MEP plastic (n)
MEQ reason, motive (n)
MEQ reason (v)
MEQBA' legal proceeding, type of (n)
MEQLEH mek’leth, type of weapon (n) a short Klingon sword with a sharp edge leading to a deadly point. Some also have serrated edges.
MEQ burn (v)
MEQ burn (n) *
MER surprise (v)
MESCUS large wind instrument (n)
MEV stop, cease (v)
mevaq ? mevak (n) a dagger used for the mauk-to’vor ritual - a way to restore one’s honour by dying at the hands of a family member or friend.
-MEY -plural (general) (n-2) e.g., YIHMEY - tribbles (some nouns are inherently plural, RAY'-targets. When the singular form is used with -MEY it means ‘all over the place’) (this also applies when -mey is used instead of -PU'/-DU')
MIC sector, zone (n)
MID colony (n)
MIG be evil (v)
MIL'OD sabre bear, type of animal (n)
MIM delay (v)
MIN eye (n)
MIP wealth, richness (n)
MIP be rich (v)
MIQTA' machinery (n)
MIQ deep-fry (v)
MIQ forehead (n) (regional)
MIR chain (n)
MIS be confused, mixed up (v)
MIS confusion (n)
MISMOH confuse (v)
MISTAQ Mishtarc (pr n) sculptor who made ‘Blood Oath Circles.’
MISTAQ suffix (n)
MIV helmet (n)
MIV metal flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional) (fu)
MIV BARG metal flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional) (fu)
MIV'A' crown (n)
MIW procedure, process (n)
MIW step, stage (in a process) (n)
MIY brag (v)
MI' number (n)
MI' dance, run in a place, do callisthenics (v)
MOB be alone (v)
MOC superior (n)
MOD hurry (v)
MOG be frustrated (v)
MOH be ugly (v)
MOH exert undue influence on (v) (slang)
-MOH -cause (imp: let, will, allow) (v-4) (equiv: -en). With commands use words like: let, will, allow) e.g., TIJWI'GOM VICENMOH - I form a boarding party (indicates the subject is causing a change of condition or causing a new condition to come into existence)
MOHAQ prefix (n)
MOJ become (v)
MOJAQ suffix (n)
MOL bury (v)
MOL grave (n)
MON capital (of a place) (n)
MON smile, grin, sneer (v)
MOF neck (n)
MOFDEC collar (n)
MOP robe (n)
MOQ beat (something with an implement) (v)
MOQ sphere (n)
MOQBARA' Mok’bara, Klingon martial art (n)
MORG protest (v)
MOS compromise (v)
MOX be usual, be normal¹, be standard² (v) [¹BoP Poster / ²S14]
MOX usually, typically, as expected (adv)
MOXBE' be unusual (v)
MOV top of foot (body part) (n)
MOY'BI' slingshot (n)
MO' cage (n)
MO' motive, motivation, grounds, reason, rationale (n) (slang)
-MO' -due to, because (n-5) e.g., SUSMO' JOQTAH - It was fluttering in the breeze.
-MO' -due to, because (v-9) e.g., SUYOHMO' - because you (plural) are brave (or because all of you are brave).
MU- he/she/it/they - me (pre)
MUB be legal (v)
MUC present (v)
MUC presentation (n)
MUC perform (music) (v) when referring to playing an instrument but not performing see  CU'
MUCWI' musician (performer) (n) when referring to someone who plays an instrument but does not perform see  CU'WI'
MUD atmosphere (n)
MUD weather (state of the weather in general) (n) When inquiring about specific weather conditions at a specific time and/or place, the expression MUD DOX - ‘atmosphere status’ is used.
MUD DOX weather (see  MUD) (n)
MUG translate (v)
MUGATO' magato (n)
MUGWI' translator, Interpreter (n)
MUH execute, put to death (v)
MUJ be wrong (v)
MUL be stubborn (v)
MUM taste, sense flavours (v) See also WAH - taste, try out (food) (v)
MUN intervene (v)
MUF origin (n)
MUP impact, strike (v)
MUPWI' hammer (symbol of power)  (n)
MUPWI'HOM mallet (for striking a musical instrument) (n) (m)
MUQ have a volume of (v)
MUS hate, detest (v)
MUT be selfish (v)
MUT species (n)
MUV join (v)
MUVMOH recruit (v) for the noun see GUV -recruit
MUVMOHGAC recruitment (n) *
MUVMOHWI' recruiter (n) *
MUVTAY initiation (n)
MU' word (n)
MU'GOM dictionary (n)
MU'MEY QAV last words (n)
MU'MEYGOQ slang (n)
MU'QAD curse (n)
MU'QAD VES curse warfare (n). e.g., <>DEJPU'BORG HOV RUR QABLIJ -Your face looks like a collapsed star! <> HOS LI' DALO'HA'CU' - You are a total waste of good energy! <> GE' 'ORDAQ LUSPET 'OH DAQLIJ'E' - You belong in a black hole in the netherworld! <> HAB SOSLI' QUC - Your mother has a smooth fore-head!
MU'TAY' vocabulary (n)
MU'XEG sentence

N (n)

NAB plan, procedure (n)
NAB plan (v)
NAC head (n)
NAD praise, commend, approve (v)
NAD commendation (n)
NAD TEX commendation list (n)
NADEV here, hereabouts (n)
NADHA' discommend, disapprove (v)
NADHA'GAC discommendation (n)
NADQA' commend again, re-commend , re-praise, re-approve (v)
NADQA'GAC re-commendation (n)
NAG rock, stone (n)
NAG ceramic material (n)
NAG BEQ stone panel (artwork, similar to a painting) (n)
NAG DIR shell (of an animal) (n)
NAGBOC gemstone (n)
NAH fruit, vegetable (n)
NAHJEJ thistle (n)  [KGT p88]
NAHNAG pit (of fruit) (n) {KGT p89}
NAH TAJ vegetable knife, fruit knife (small knife) (n)
NAHLET nut (n)
NAHLET nut, nuts (n)
NAJ dream (v)
NAJMOHWI' lullaby
NALQAD mate challenge (n)
NALQAD mate challenge (n)
NAMWEC paw (n)
NAN gouge (v)
NANWI' chisel (v)
NAP be simple (v)
NAQ be full, whole, entire, complete (v)
NAQ cane, staff (n)
NAQ pony tail (n) (slang)
NAQHOM stick (used to strike a percussion instrument) (n) (m)
NAQJEJ hunting spear (n)
NARG appear (v)
NARG escape (v)
NAS be vicious (v)
NAX drain (v)
NAX use up, consume, expend (v)
NAX be reprehensible, be disgusting, be contemptible (v) (slang)
NAV paper (n)
NAV HABLI' FAX machine (n)
NAW' access (v)
NAW' access (n)
NAWLOG squadron (n)
NAY marry (wife does this) (v)
NAY' course, dish (at a meal) (n)
NA' be salty, be brakish (v)
NA' be sure, be definite, be positive, be certain (v) (slang)
-NA' -definite (n-3) (used when there is no doubt in the speakers mind) e.g., SUVWI'NA' - a definite warrior.
NA'RAN type of fruit (n)
NEC be lateral, move laterally (v)
NEG soldiers (n)
NEH only, merely, just, alone (adv) If after a noun it trivialises it taking on a meaning of only/merely/ just. If after a verb it means only/alone.
NEH want (v)
NEHJEJ thistle (n)
NEHMAH neutral zone (n)
NEJ look for, seek, search for (v)
NEJWI' probe (n)
NEM years from now (n)
NEN adult, be adult (v)
NEN be mature, be grown-up, be adult (v)
NEN growth, maturation (n)
NENCOH mature, grow-up (v)
NENGEP Age of Ascension (n)
NENTAY Rite of Ascension (n) If present a Klingon who’s been through the Rite of Ascension, stands at attention, touches their left shoulder with their right hand, and then quickly makes it into a fist in front of their chest. They will then say something to the new warrior like: <> DAHJAJ SUVWI' SOH - Today you are a warrior. <> 'IW BIQTIQDAQ BILEFJAJ - May you travel the river of blood. <> TIQLIJ DA'AFNIS - You must show your heart.
NEP lie, fib (v)
-NES -honorific (v-8) e.g., QALEGNES - I am honoured to see you. (used but never required)
NET that (previous topic) (pro) Used when verb of second sentence has a ‘third person’ prefix (0) but the intended meaning is one or someone, rather than - he, she, it, or they - NET is used instead of 'E'.
NEX ten thousand, 10,000 (num)
NEVDAG type of pot with handles (used for food preparation) (n)
NE' yeoman, petty officer (n)
NI- they - you (pre)
NIB be identical (v)
NIBPOH déjà vu (n)
NIC ammunition (n)
NID attempt, try (v)
NIH right (side) (n)
NIH steal (v)
NIHWI' thief (n)
NIJ leak (v)
NIM milk (n)
NIN fuel (n)
NIQ breakfast (n)
NIS hinder, interfere, disrupt, interfere with (v)
-NIS -need (v-2) e.g., MASOPNIS - we need to eat.
NISWI' disruptor (n).
NISWI' BEH disruptor rifle (n)
NISWI' HIC disruptor pistol, hand held disruptor (n)
NIT be plain, be pure, be uncorrupted, be unsullied (v)
NITEB alone, acting alone (adv)
NITEBHA' together (adv) [BoP Poster]
NIX finger (n)
NIX NAQ pigment stick (n) (slang)
NIXPAC fingernail (n)
NIXPAC flat end of a pigment stick (n) (slang)
NIV be superior (v)
NIVNAV pyjamas (n)
NI' be long, lengthy (duration) (v)
NOB gift (n)
NOB give (v)
NOBHA' give back, return (v)
NOC sensor (n)
NOD retaliate (v)
NOG writhe (v)
NOH judge, estimate (v)
NOH war (an individual war) (n)
NOJ lend (v)
NOL funeral (n)
NOM fast, quickly (adv)
NOM Move fast! Move quickly! (excl)
NON be rotten (v)
NOF be passionate (v)
NOP omit (v)
NORG norg, type of animal (shark like sea creature) (n)
NOS eat small mouthfuls, nibble (v)
NOSVAG deodorant (n)
NOT never (adv)
NOX be obsolete (v)
NOV alien, foreigner (n)
NOV alien, outsider, foreigner (n)
NOY be famous (v)
NO' ancestors (n)
NO' DIR ancestor hanging (wall ornament) (n)
NO' HOL ancient language (n)
NO''OC forehead (n) (regional)
NU- he/she/it - us (pre)
NUB be suspect (v)
NUBWI' predecessor (n)
NUC coward (n)
NUD examine (v)
NUD examination (n) *
NUDWI' examiner (n) *
NUG society, group of people with shared culture (n)
NUGI' noogie, give (someone) a noogie (v) a noogie involves sharp rapping or powerful grinding by the knuckles of the noogie-er on the head (usually above the forehead, but near the front of the head) of the (unfortunate) noogie-ee. When done properly, it’s exhilaratingly painful.
NUH weapon (n)
NUH possibility (n)
NUH BEY' weapon display, Pride of Weapons (n)  [KCD]
NUHHOM small arms (n)
NUHMEY arsenal (n)
NUHPIN weapons officer (n)
NUJ mouth (n)
NUM promote (v)
NUF precede (v)
NUP decrease (v)
NUQ what? (ques)
NUQDAQ where? (ques)
NUQJAX what did you say? huh? what? (excl)
NUQNEH What do you want? (greeting) (excl)
NUQ annoy, bother (v)
NUR dignity (n)
NURAL Neural (n)
NURALFAN neuralese (n)
NUS ridicule (v)
NUV person (humanoid) (n)

F (ng)

FAB disappear, vanish (v)
FAC debate (v)
FAD be stable, be balanced (v)
FADMOH stabilise (v)
FADMOHWI' stabiliser (component of a ship) (v)
FAG mate with (v) e.g., TARGLIJ YIFAG YIRUC - go mate with your targ
FAJ be short (in duration) (v)
FAL be chewy (v)
FAN inhabitant (n)
FAQ support (military term) (n)
FAQ be locked, be sealed, be secured, be fastened (v)
FAS contain (have inside) (v)
FAT gunpowder (n)
FAT herbed granulated cartilage (for food preparation) (n)
FAV writer’s cramp (n)
FAWDEQ mixing stick with flattened, paddle like end (n)
FA'CUQ sex, perform sex (v) N.B., all involved parties collectively make the subject.
FEB be counterfeit, false, fake (v)
FEC valley, woman's cleavage (n)
FED be easy (v)
FEH send (v)
FEHBEJ cosmos (n)
FEJ infect (v)
FEM forest, woods (n)
FEF lake (n) e.g., LUSOR FEF - Lake Lusor (NB. luSor is not canon)
FEP override (v)
FEP'OS stairs, stairway (except at ship door) (n) (regional)
FEQ bump into, run into, collide with (v)
FER theory (n)
FEV sell (v)
FE' take away (v)
FIB ankle (n)
FIB depreciation (n) (regional)
FIJ be rowdy, unruly (n)  [KGT p150]
FIL dare (v)
FIM be putrid (v)
FIP borrow (v)
FIV patrol (v)
FI' have a weight of, weigh (v)
FOC policy (n)
FOD fact (n)
FOH smear (v)
FOH paint using fingers (v)
FOJ be restless (v)
FOL move bat’leth from horizontal to vertical orientation (v) (w)
FOF experiment (n)
FOF experiment (v)
FOP plates (for eating) (v) ???
FOQ code (n)
FOQ goal, purpose (n)
FOR cheat (v)
FORWI' cheat (n)
FOS dissolve (v)
FOX be fanatical (v)
FOXWI' fanatic, fan (n)
FOY' be responsible (v)
FO' be old (not new) (v)
FUJLEP mouthpiece (of a wind instrument) (n) (m)
FUP cape (clothing) (n)
FUP authority, power, one in authority or in charge (n) (slang)
FUSDI' motor (n) [BoP Poster]
FUV be dyed, be stained, be tinted (v)
FUVMOH dye, stain, tint (v)
FU' identify (v)

(-O) (-o)

-OY -endearment (type 1 noun suffix) e.g., VAVOY - daddy (from father)

P (p)

PAB follow (rules) (v)
PAB grammar (n)
PAC claw (n)
PAG nothing, none, no one (n)
PAG or, either/or (joining sentences) (conj)
PAG zero, 0 (num)
PAH gown (n)
PAJ resign (v)
PAF pluck (a stringed instrument) (v) (m)
PAQ book (n)
PAQNAV page, sheet (n) *
PAQDI'NORG teachings (n)
PAR dislike (v)
PARHA' like (v)
PARMAQ love, romance (only with more aggressive overtones) (n)
PARMAQQAY romantic companion/partner (n)
PAS be late (v).
PASLOG socks (n)
PAT system (n)
PAX rank (military, governmental) (n)
PAX level, layer, standing (n) see also rank. 
PAV be urgent (v)
PAW arrive (v)
PAW' collide (v)
PAW' butt heads (v) (slang)
PAY regret (v)
PAY' suddenly (adv)
PA' room, enclosed area (n)
PA' there, over there, thereabouts (n)
-PA' -before (v-9) e.g., COQAHPA' - Before you help me.
PA' BEB ceiling (n) [NEWS 12/7/98]
PA' RED interior face of exterior wall (n) [NEWS 12/7/98]
PE- imp: you (plural) - (no object) (pre)
PEB'OT type of fruit (n)
PED snow (v)
PEG keep something secret, be secret (v) Secrecy Proverbs to use: <> HOV GAJBE'BOG RAM RUR PEG GAJBE'BOG JAJ - A day without secrets is like a night without stars. <> DE' LI' SOVLU'DI' CAQ DO'HA' - Knowledge of useful information may be unfortunate. <> NOT MEV PEGMEY - Secrets never cease. <> JIJAXPA' JAX HOVMEY - The stars will talk before I will.
PEG secret (n)
PEGMEY VITXEG secrecy proverb (n) Secrecy Proverbs to use: <> HOV GAJBE'BOG RAM RUR PEG GAJBE'BOG JAJ - A day without secrets is like a night without stars. <> DE' LI' SOVLU'DI' CAQ DO'HA' - Knowledge of useful information may be unfortunate. <> NOT MEV PEGMEY - Secrets never cease. <> JIJAXPA' JAX HOVMEY - The stars will talk before I will.
PEHGEP Age of Inclusion (n)
PEJ demolish (v)
PEL'AQ shell (of an egg) (n)
PEM daytime (n)
PEMJEP midday (n)
PEF torpedo (n)
PEP raise (v)
PEQ magnetism (n)
PEQ CEM magnetic field (n)
PER label (n)
PER label / ascertain¹, specify¹ (v) [¹KGT p64]
PER YUD code name (n)
PETAQ &*%@~# (p’tahk) (excl)
PEY acid (n)
PE' cut (v)
PE'MEH TAJ cutting knife (n)
PE'VIL forcefully, by force (adv)
PE''EG keep score (v)
PI- we - you (pre)
PIC blame (v)
PIC fault, blame (n)
PID coat (food) with a herb mixture (v) (fu)
PIG ruins (n)
PIH expect (v)
PIH be suspicious (v)
PIJ often, frequently (adv)
PIJHA' seldom, infrequently (adv)
PIL be inspired, be stimulated, be motivated (v)
PILMOH inspire, stimulate, motivate (v)
PIM be different (v)
PIN boss (n)
PIN expert, authority (n) (slang)
PIN'A' master (n)
PIP spine (n)
PIPYUS pipius (n)
PIQAD Klingon writing system (n)
PIX Done! Completed! Finished! (excl)
PIV be healthy (v)
PIVCEM Warp Field (n) [BoP Poster]
PIVGOR warp drive (n)
PIVLOB warp factor (n)
PIW odour (n)
PI' be fat (v)
PO morning (n)
POB hair (on body) (n)
POC plant (v)
POD be clipped (v)
PODMOH clip (v)
POG glove (n)
POH period of time (n)
POH time (v)
POJ analysis (n)
POJ analyse (v)
POJMEY analyses (n)
POJWI' analyst (n)
POL keep, save (v)
POLHA' discard (v)
POM dysentery (n)
PON persuade, convince (v)
POF name (n)
POF name, call (v)
POP reward (n) e.g., POP 'OH GOB'E' - Virtue is the reward.
POQ indigestion (n)
POQ demand, require, need (v)
POR leaf (of a plant) (n)
PORG body (n)
POS be open, opened (v)
POS left (side) (n)
POSMOH open (v)
POX consequential thing, something important (n)
POX be important (v)
POV afternoon (n)
POV be excellent (v)
POVAM this morning (n)
POVVAM this afternoon (n)
PO' be expert, skilled (v)
PUB boil (v)
PUC toilet (n)
PUCPA' washroom (n)
PUG dregs (n)
PUH land (n)
PUJ be weak (v)
PUJMOH weaken (v)
PUJWI' weakling (n)
PUM accusation (n)
PUM accuse (v)
PUM fall (v)
PUF mercy (n)
PUP be perfect, exact (v)
PUP kick (v)
PUP high resolution (v) [BoP Poster]
PUQ child, offspring (n)
PUQBE' daughter (n)
PUQ CONNAQ fork (n) [From Marc Okrand on startrek.klingon (Usenet newsgroup) 5/5/98]
PUQLOD son (n)
PUQ POH generation (n)
PUQ be fed up (v)
PUS be few, be several, be a handful (v) (when used in a sentence with: LAW' it forms a comparative statement) Comparative rule: when A & B are the nouns being compared and A is Q-er than B the sentence can be represented by: A Q  LAW'  B Q  PUS e.g., LA' JAQ LAW' YAS JAQ PUS - The commander is bolder than the officer. Superlative rule: When A is Q-est of all then the noun HOC - all is used in the B position. The layout can then be represented by: A Q LAW' HOC Q PUS e.g., LA' JAQ LAW' HOC JAQ PUS - The commander is boldest of all.
PUS sight (with gunsight) (v)
PUV fly (v)
PUY wreck (v)
PUYJAQ nova (n)
PU' phaser (n)
-PU' -plural (beings capable of using language) (n-2) e.g., PUQPU' - children.
-PU' -perfective (v-7) e.g., DALEGPU' -You have seen it. (present perfect- action is completed)
PU'BEH phaser rifle (n)
PU'BEQ phaser crew (n)
PU'DAH phaser banks (n)
PU'HIC phaser pistol (n)

Q (q)

QA- I - you (pre)
QAB be bad (v)
QAB face (n) (also used as a symbol of identity)
QAC building, structure, house (n)
QAD challenge, test of one’s abilities (n)
QAD challenge, resist, oppose, confront, face, (v)
QAG gagh, serpent worms (as food) (n)
QAG interrupt (v)
QAH sir (n)
QAJUNPAQ courage, audacity, kajunpakt (n) of an unexpected or even reckless nature rather than that described when using TODUJ. Originally only spoken in Krios literally meanining ‘glowing lava’ (page10 KGT).
QAL be corrupt (v)
QALMOH corrupt (v)
QAM foot (n)
QAMA' prisoner (n)
QAMDU' feet (n)
QAN insist (v)
QAF pour (from one container into another), decant (v)
-QAF -willing (v-2) e.g., HEGQAF -he/she is willing to die.
QAQ be preferable (v)
QAR be accurate (v)
QARGAN Kargan (pr n) {HolQeD 4.3}
QAR'A' right?, isn’t that so? (ques) (added after a statement; Turning it into a question)
QARDAS Cardassia (n)
QARDASFAN Cardassian (person) (n)
QARgAN Kargan (pr n)
QARHA' be fraudulent (v)
QAS occur, happen (v)
QAT wrap, encase (v)
QAT accompany (singing) with instrumental music (v)
QAT encase, wrap (v)
QAX why? (ques)
QAW remember (v)
QAWHAQ memory/data banks (singular) (n)
QAWMOH remind (v)
QAY' be a problem, be a hassle (v)
QA' spirit (n) e.g., SOHDAQ QEYLIS QA' YINJAJ - May the spirit of Kahless be with you.
-QA' -do again, resume (v-3) (equiv: re-) VINEJQA' - I am resuming the search for him/her/them
QA'MEH replacement (permanent) (n) not a temporary substitute or stand-in (see LIW)
QA'MEH VITXEGMEY replacement proverbs (n) Used when a mistake has been made and your honour is at stake. e.g., <> DOPDAQ QUL YICENMOH QOBDI' GU' - Set fire on the side when there is danger. <> REH SUVRUP SUVWI''A' - A great warrior is always prepared. <> HAG QOHPU' NEH HEGTAHVIS SUVWI'PU' - Only fools laugh while warriors die. <> HIVQA' VEQLARG - The Fek’lhr strikes again.
QA'VAM Genesis (n)
QA'VAQ qa’vak, hoop & stick manoeuvre/game (traditional game) (n)
QA'VIN coffee (n)
QEB squeeze (windbag instrument) (n) (w)
QEC idea (n)
QED vacate (v)
QEG vat, barrel (for storage of liquor (n)
QEH resent (v)
QEJ be grouchy, mean (v)
QEL consider, take into account (v)
QELI'QAM kellicam (n) (roughly equal to two kilometres)
QEM bring (v)
QEMPA' ancestor (n)
QEN recently, a short time ago (adv)  [NEWS group online 2/3/99]
QEF carry, convey (v)
QEF Kang (pr n)
QEP meeting (n)
QEQ drill (military) (n)
QEQ practice, train, prepare (v)
QES advice (n)
QES advise (v)
QET run, jog (v)
QETXUP type of (thick) sauce (n) prepared by thickening CANDOQ - marinade. In some regions it is just called CANDOQ JED - thick marinade.
QEX be dull, uninteresting (v)
QEV crowd (v)
QEVAS kevas (n) (an unspecified commodity)
QEVPOB jowl, cheek (n)
QEYLIS Kahless (pr n)
QEYLIS BETLEH Sword of Kahless (pr n) (the most revered item in Klingon tradition).
QEYLIS MINDU' Eyes of Kahless (a guessing game with dice where the winner receives a punch) (n)
QIB galaxy (n)
QIBHES galactic rim (n)
QIC condemn (v)
QID joke (n)
QID joke (v)
QIG shortcut (n)
QIH meet (for the first time) (v)
QIJ be black (v)
QIL cancel (v)
QIM pay attention, concentrate (v) 
QIMHA' disregard (v)
QIP hit (with hand, fist, implement) (v)
QIQ mutiny (v)
qIrom taj ? Knife of Kirom (n) * an ancient & sacred knife stained with the blood of Kahless the Unforgettable.
QIT be possible (v)
QITI'FA' K’Tinga class (of battle cruiser) (n)
QIV knee (n)
QIVO'RIT K’Vort (class of Klingon Bird-of-Prey Starship) (n)
QIVON unidentified part of body (n)
QI' sign (a treaty) (v)
QOC partner (n)
QOD inside, interior (n)
QOG belt (n)
QOG outer (v)
QOG ear (external) (n) (referring to the flap of skin or cartilage or whatever it is that sticks out on either side of the head) It is also homophonous with QOG - belt e.g., QOG TUQMOHHA' - take one’s belt off; to not hear <or> QOG VITUQMOHHA'PU' - I’ve taken off my belt; your secret is safe with me.
QOH fool (n)
QOJ cliff (n)
QOJ or, and/or (joining sentences) (conj)
QOMPOG type of food (n)
QON record, compose (v) see also GIX – write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise and GER - formulate, compile. NB: Apparently Klingon songs are not composed by anybody - they’re just out there, waiting to be hunted down, trapped and taught to others.
QOP arrest (v)
QOQ robot (n)
-QOQ -so called (n-3) (indicates nouns being used in a false or ironic fashion) e.g., SuvWI'QOQ - so called warrior (be prepared when using this statement).
QOR scavenge (v)
QORDU' family (n)
QOS birthday (n)
QOX tickle (v)
QOX deserve, warrant (v)
QOY' plead, beg (v)
QO' world, realm (n)
QUB be rare (v)
QUC kidnap (v)
QUD type of sauce (n)
QUG cruise (v)
QUGDO cruising speed (n) [BoP Poster]
QUGDUJ cruiser (n)
QUH heritage (n)
QUHVAJ dandruff (n)
QUL fire (n)
QUL MI'WI' fire dancer (n)
QUL TUQ House of Fire (pr n) (name of a Klingon opera)
QUM govern (v)
QUM government (n)
QUMWI' governor (n)
QUN history (n)
QUN scold (v)
QUP elder (n)
QUPRIP Council of Elders (n)
QUQ happen simultaneously (v)
QUR be greedy (v)
QURG bean, beans (n)
QUS chair (n)
QUT crystal (geologic formation) (n)
QUTLUC kut’luch - ceremonial weapon (knife) of an assassin (n) e.g., REH BOC QUTLUC LO'LU'BOG - The used kut’luch is always shiny.
QUX be cheap (v)
QUV honour (n)
QUV be honoured, be honourable (v)
QUV BEY' honour display (n)
QUVHA' be dishonoured, be dishonourable (v)
QUVHA' be dishonoured (v)
QUVHA'GAC dishonour (n)
QUVMOH honour (v)
QU' be fierce (v)
QU' be great, be wonderful, be excellent, be splendid (v) (slang)
QU' Great!, Wonderful! (excl) (slang) The (v) (slang) may also be used as an exclamation and in this sense is interchangeable with COF.
-QU' -EMPHATIC, very* (v-R) Generally this suffix emphasises whatever it immediately follows. e.g., PIHOHVIPBE'QU' - We are NOT afraid to kill you . <> PIHOHVIPQU'BE' - We are not AFRAID to kill you <> PIHOHQU'VIPBE' - We are not afraid to KILL you. *When attached to a verb acting adjectivally it normally takes on the meaning very.

Q (Q)

QAB theragen (n) Klingon nerve gas.
QAC wield or swing (a weapon) (v) especially if the weapon is an axe.
QAD be dry, be dried out (v)
QAD be safe, be protected (v) (slang)
QAG error, mistake (n) e.g., QAGMEYLIJ TICID, YIYOH - Have the courage to admit your mistakes.
QAG err, be mistaken, make a mistake (v)
QAH help (n)
QAH help, aid (v)
QAJ kradge, type of animal (n)
QAJ XUQ kradge tail, type of food (n)
QAM stand (v)
QAN protect (v)
QAF chancellor (n)
QAP work, function, succeed, win (a competition) (v) to a Klingon, to win is to function perfectly. {from Okrand's notes, HOLQED Vol. 2, No. 4} ["'To win' a competition is QAP. (If it's a decisive or particularly gratifying victory, they'd say QAPCU', even though that's a bit redundant.) In TKD, QAP  is translated as 'succeed, work, function. To a Klingon, to win is to function perfectly.] {TKW page 211}
QAP operate, be in operation (v)
QAPCU' a victory cry (when the victory is particularly gratifying) (excl)
QAPLA' success (n)
QAQ be good (v)
QARG fissure (n)
QAS troops (n)
QAT be popular (v)
QAX be difficult, be complex (v)
QAX complex, be complex, be difficult (v)
QAV be final, last (v)
QAW' destroy (n)
QAW' destroy, tear down, break up, ruin completely (v)
QAY transfer (v)
QAY' blow one’s top (v)
QA' type of animal (n)
QA'HOM animal, little animal (n) e.g., a ligonian titmouse. Smaller than a QA' . It is considered insignificant.
QA'RAJ type of animal (n)
QEB ring (for finger) (n)
QEB ponytail holder (n) (slang)
QED science (n)
QEDPIN science officer (n)
QEH anger (n) e.g., SEYMOH QEH - Anger excites.
QEH be angry, mad (v)
QEL doctor, physician (n)
QENVOB ground-up, dried-up mixture for brewing tea (n)
QEQ aim (v) e.g., 'OX PEF QEQ - aim the photon torpedo.
QEV stew (v)
QEY be tight (v)
QEYHA' be loose (v)
QEYHA'MOH loosen (v)
QEYMOH tighten (v)
QE' restaurant (n)
QIB shadow (n)
QIC speech (vocal sounds) (n)
QID wound (v)
QIGPEJ Klingon agoniser (n)
QIH damage, cause damage (v)
QIH damage, destruction (n)
QIH wrong, treat unjustly (v)
QIJ explain (v)
QIM egg (n)
QIN message (n)
QIN spearhead (n)
QIN PUP plain spearhead with single sharp point (n) [KGT p64]
QIN VAG spearhead with multiple points (n)  [KGT p64]
QIP be stupid (v)
QIS wavy-bladed knife (n) (w)
QIT slowly (adv)
QIV be inferior (v)
QI' military (n)
QI'LOP a major Klingon holiday (n) * which comes every tenth Klingon month. Like most Klingon holidays it is marked by much eating and drinking . It is also marked by a peculiar custom; Each guest brings a large dish of TO'BAJ 'US - stuffed to’barg legs to the hosts house. In return the guest is allowed to take any non-sacred item in the house. The actual origin of this custom is obscure. (I thought it sounded like QEPLO' ) . 
QI’Steq ? Kri’stak  (n) * The volcano climbed by Kahless according to the myth of Kahless
QI'TOMER Khitomer (n)
QI'TU' Paradise (n) In Klingon mythology, QI'TU' is described as the source of all creation
QI'YAH *?!#@ (excl)
QOB be dangerous (v)
QOB danger (n)
QOC disagree (v)
QOC disagreement (n) *
QOCBE' agree (v)
QOCBE'GAC agreement (n)
QOD manoeuvre (engines) (v)
QOG type of animal (n)
QOGIJ brain (organ) (n)
QOJ make war (v)
QOL beam away (v)
QOM experience an earthquake or tremor (v)
QOM be hazardous, be perilous, be treacherous (v)
QOF sleep (v)
QOFDAQ bed (n)
QOFDAQDAQ bed, in bed (v)
QONOS journal, log (n)
QOP be worn out (v)
QOP be dead (referring to food) (v) (slang)
QOPMOH wear out (v)
QOQ music (sound) (n) whether or not a Klingon voice is participating to produce this sound.
QOQ JAN musical instrument (general term) (n) can also be QOQ JANMEY but the suffix -MEY is never required. Reference to an individual Instrument when used in context can be just JAN (see page 74 KGT).
QOR battle, fight (of minor ferocity) (v)
QORG take care of, care for (v)
QORWAG window (n)
QOS be sorry (v)
QOT lie, recline (v)
QOTMAG Krotmeg (n) see QOTMAG SEP - Krotmag Region.
QOTMAG SEP Krotmag Region (n) named after the leader of a powerful house who conquered neighboring areas centuries ago.
QOX disable (v)
QOVPAX %£!@~# (excl)
QOY hear, listen to (v)
QO' No!, I won’t!, I refuse!, I disagree! (excl)
-QO' -don’t!, won’t! (v-R) e.g., YIXOBQO' - Don’t ask him/her
QO'NOS Kronos (n)
QUB think (v)
QUC be happy (v)
QUC forehead (n)
QUCHA' be unhappy (v)
QUD insurrection (n)
QUG disaster (n)
QUJ game (n)
QUJ play a game (v)
QUL research (v)
QULPA' research lab (n) [BoP Poster]
QUM communicate (v)
QUM communications, communication related technology (n) [BoP Poster]
QUMMEM directory (catalogue of communication) (n) *
QUMWI' communicator, communications device (n)
QUP be young (v)
QUQ engine (n)
QUS conspiracy (n)
QUS conspire (v)
QUT be vulgar (v)
QUX support (v) [BoP Poster]
QUV co-ordinates (n)
QU' duty, quest, mission, task, chore (n)
QU' VU'WI YAH mission ops (n)
QU'VAX $~#!@ (excl) used in moments of extreme anger.

R (r)

RAC invigorate, fortify, strengthen (v) [MSN news group 10/20/98] 
RACWI' nurse (v) [MSN news group 10/20/98]
RAD force, compel (v)
RAG decay, rust, corrode (v)
RAHTA' racht  (n) a Klingon food item shunned when half dead
-RAJ -your (plural) (n-4) (see also -RA' )
RAL be violent (v)
RAM be trivial, trifling, unimportant, insignificant (v)
RAM night (n)
RAMJEP midnight (n)
RAMVAM tonight (n)
RAP be the same (v)
RAQ camp (military term) (n)
RAQ manipulate by hand, handle (v)
RAQPO' passenger (n)
RAR connect (v)
RAS table (n)
RAX remain (v)
RAV floor (n)
RAV'EQ ceiling (n) [NEWS 12/7/98]
RAY' targets (n)
RA' order, command (v)
RA' order, command (n) *
-RA' -your (plural) (noun capable of using language) (n-4) (otherwise use -RAJ).
RA'GOMQUV High Command (n) ultimate Klingon military authority
RA'TAJ coffee with liquor (n)
RA'WI' commander (n)
RE- we - you (plural) (pre)
RED wall (exterior) (n)  [NEWS 12/7/98] for an interior wall/partition see XOY'
REG bleed (v)
REGULUS Regulus (n)
REGULUS 'IWGARG Regulan bloodworm (n)
REGULUSFAN Regulan (n)
REH always (adv)
REH play (v)
REJMORG worrywart (n)
REP hour (n) e.g., TERA'REP WA' - Earth one o’clock <> REP LOS WEJMAH - 4:30hrs. There are several ways to ask ‘What time is it?’ When working within the 24 hour interplanetary communication as favoured by the Federation it is not a question but a command; REP YIPER - 'ascertain/specify the hour’. In non-military contexts and situations where interplanetary communication is not a concern the most common way of asking this question however is quite different. It is based on the way the question was asked in ancient times; 'ARLOG QOYLU'PU' - How many times has (someone) heard (it)? or How many times has somone heard it? The answer to this question for example would be CA'LOG QOYLU'PU' for two o’clock [e.g. from NEWS group online, 2/3/99]
RET'AQ handle, hilt (of knife, bat’leth) (n)
REX area beside, area next to (n)
REWBE' citizen (n)
REY squeeze and stretch out (windbag instrument) (v) (m)
RIG be lame (v)
RIH energize (v)
RIHWI' energizer (n)
RIN be accomplished, finished (v)
RIP council, assembly (n)
RIQ be injured (v)
RIQMOH injure (v)
RIX pigment, paint, dye (n)
RIX NAQ pigment stick (n)
RIVSO' embassy (n)
RIYMUS Remus (n)
RI' hail (v)
RI'SE' hailing frequency (n)
RO trunk (of body) (n)
ROD customarily, habitually, regularly (adv)
ROG ferment (v)
ROGMOH cause to ferment (v)
ROGVAH population (n)
ROJ make peace (v)
ROJ peace (n)
ROJHOM truce (n)
ROJMAB peace treaty (n)
ROL beard (n) e.g., TODUJ 'OS ROL - A beard is a symbol of courage.
ROM accord (n)
ROMULUS Romulus (n)
ROMULUSFAN Romulan (n)
ROP be sick, ill (v)
ROP disease (n)
ROPYAH infirmary (n)
ROQ put down (v)
ROR be fat (v)
ROS lick (v)
ROSHA'MOH paralyse (cause to be paralysed) (v)
ROX be tough (v)
RO' fist (n)
RO'QEG'IWCAB rokeg blood pie (n)
RUC proceed, go ahead, do it (v)
RUG antimatter (n)
RUN be short (in stature) (v)
RUNPI' teapot (n)
RUP fine, tax (v)
-RUP -ready, prepared (referring to beings) (v-2) e.g., QAQAHRUP - I am ready to help you.
RUQ'E'VET Rukevet (n) a city in the GEVCOQ SEP Gevchock Region. Legend tells that the region was named after a warrior who had successfully defended against and defeated invading army, single-handedly.
RUQ control manually, by hand (v)
RUR resemble (v) the verb RUR - resemble is often translated as ‘as a' when used in the following way e.g., BOC; GIC RUR – shiny as a nose.
RURA' PENTE' Rura Penthe (n) "a frozen asteroid used by Klingons as a penal colony.¹" {from the Addendum of TKD} {TKW page 190 "¹"}
(RUS-) bonding, union (n) *? (not known if used as a word in its own right)
RUSTAY bonding ritual (n)
RUT sometimes, occasionally (adv)
RUV justice (n)
RU' be temporary (v)
RU'HA' be permanent (v)

S (S)

SA- I - you (plural) (pre)
SAB decline, deteriorate (v)
SAC expand (v)
-SAD -thousands, 1000’s (num el) (see also SANID)
SAG be serious (v)
SAH be present (not absent) (v)
SAH care (about), be concerned (about) (v)
SAJ pet (n) Some e.g. pet commands <> BA' - Sit! <> QAM - Stand <> HIV - Attack <> DESVEX YIV - Chew that arm! <> MEV - Don’t eat that! <> HA'DIBAH QAB - Bad animal!
SAL ascend (v)
SAM locate, seek and find (v)
SAN fate (n)
-SANID -thousands, 1000’s (num el) (see also SAD)
SAF obliterate (v)
SAP volunteer (v)
SAQ land (v)
SAQGOM landing party (n)
SAQJAN landing gear (n) [BoP Poster]
SAQ cry (v)
SAR be varied, various, miscellaneous (v)
SAR variety (n)
SARG sark (n)
SAS be horizontal (v)
SAS be shallow, be superficial, be uncritical (v)
SAX agriculture (n)
SAW marry (husband does this) (v)
SAW' have a depth of (v)
SAY' be clean (v)
SAY'QU'MOH sterilise (v) (See also WOJ)
SA' general (rank) (n)
SA'QEJ Sakrej Region (n) several thousand kilometers east of 1st City. One its districts is HUD BEQ YOS - Flat Mountain District.
SEC torch (n)
SEDVEQ barbed spearhead (n) (w)
SEG race (type, sort, class) (n) 

e.g., NUQ SEG SOH - What race are you?

SEG race (type, sort, class) (n) e.g., XIFAN SEG - Klingon race.
SEH control (v)
SEH control panel (n)
SEF cause trouble (v)
SEF trouble (n)
SEP breed (v)
SEP region (n)
SEPAR type of gemstone (n) general term for gemstone is NAGBOC
SEQ fault (seismic) (n)
SEQ be ceremonial, be formal, be ritualistic (v)
SER progress (n)
SERMANYUQ Sherman’s Planet (n)
SES steam (n)
SEV bandage (n)
SEV contain (an enemy) (v)
SEY be excited (v)
SEYMOH excite (v)
SE' frequency (radio) (n) 

e.g., 'EVNAG SE' - subspace frequency

Se’taraq ? S’tarahk (hairless Klingon horse) (n) *
SIBDOH satellite (n)
SIBI' immediately (adv)
SIC reach (v)
SID patient (n)
SIG influence (v)
SIH bend (v)
SIJ slit (v) e.g., HUGDAJ VISIJ JIH - I slit his/her throat.
SIJ be insightful, be clever (v) (slang)
SIJWI' type of knife (used for food preparation) (n)
SIM calculate (v)
SIP gas (n)
SIQ endure, bear (v) e.g., YIN DAYAJMEH 'OY' - To understand life, endure pain.
SIQWI' celebrant, recipient (n)
SIRG string, thread, filament (n)
SIS rain (v)
SITO'VO'QOR ? Sto-vo-Kor, Klingon version of Heaven (n) *
SIV wonder (v)
SOC seven, 7 (num)
SOC seventh tone of nonatonic musical scale (n)
SOCDIC seventh, 7th (num)
SOD flood (n)
SOD flood (v)
SOG lieutenant (n)
SOH you (pro)
SOJ food (n)
SOJ QUB haute cuisine (n)
SOL quarrel (v)
SOM hull (n)
SOMRAW muscles (n)
SON relieve (v)
SONCIY death ritual (for a leader ) (n) The dead leader is repeatedly jabbed with painsticks and challenged to fight. a lack of response proves that he really is dead.
SOP eat (v)
SOPWI'PA' mess hall (n)
SOQ gain (v)
SOQ be closed, shut (v)
SOQ speech, lecture, address (n)
SOQMOH close, shut (v) e.g., LOJMITVEX YISOQMOH - "Shut that door!" (an infamous Terran English saying).
SOR tree (n)
SOR HAP wood (n)
SORG sabotage (v)
SORYA' Sauria (n)
SOS mother (n)
SOSBOR motherboard (n) [BoP Poster]
SOSBOR'A' main core (n) [BoP Poster]
SOSNI' grandmother (n)
SOT be distressed, be in distress (v)
SOTLAW' distress call (n)
SOV knowledge (n)
SOV know (v)
SOVBE' doubt (v) e.g., BISOVBEJBE'DI' TIMER - When in doubt, surprise them.
SOY' be clumsy (v)
SO' hide, cloak (v) e.g., HIVMEH DUJ SO'LU' - A ship cloaks in order to attack.
SO'WI' cloaking device (n)
SU- you (plural) - (no object) (pre)
SUB hero (n)
SUB be solid (v)
SUB be brave, be heroic, be bold, be valiant, be intrepid (v) (slang)
SUC visit (v)
SUD be green, blue, yellow (v)
SUD gamble, take a chance, take a risk (v)
SUG install (in office) (v)
SUH Ready!, Standing by! (excl)
SUJ disturb (v)
SUM be close, be near, be nearby (v)
SUM be near, be nearby (v)
SUN discipline (n)
SUF native (n)
SUP jump (v)
SUP resource (n)
SUPGEW type of stringed instrument (n)
SUQ acquire, obtain, get (v)
SUQQA' prepare Kud in a specific way (v) (fu)
SUQ be toxic (v)
SURCEM force field (n)
SURG skin (v)
SUS wind, breeze (n)
SUS blow (into a wind instrument) to produce a sound (v) (m)
SUSDEQ windbag, bellows (n)
SUT clothing (n)
SUX negotiate (v)
SUV fight (v)
SUVWI' warrior (n)
SUY merchant (n)
SUY' shooy, type of animal (n)
SUYDUJ merchant ship (n)
SU' Ready!, Standing by! (excl)
SU'LOP type of food (n)

T (t)

TA record (n)
TAC bar, saloon, cocktail lounge (n) e.g., HIQ DASAMMEH TAC YI'EL - To find ale, go into a bar.
TAD be frozen (v)
TADMOH freeze (v)
TAG lung (n)
TAG begin a process, initiate (proceedings) (v)
TAH be at a negative angle (v)
TAH continue, go on, endure, survive (v)
TAH survive (v)
-TAH -continuous (v-7) (equiv: -ing) e.g., YIGOSTAH - Maintain this course
TAHQEQ !"$%£# (excl) this is a classic insult.
TAJ knife, dagger (n)
TAJTIQ type of knife (n)
TAL cannon (n) [BoP Poster]
TALARFAN Talarian (person) (n)
TAM be quiet (v)
TAM exchange, substitute (v)
TAMMOH silence (v)
TAP mash, squash (v)
TAQ be weird (v)
TAQBAF exhaust (n)
TARG targ (n)
TARG TIQ heart of targ (n) a food item.
TAS solution (liquid) (n)
TAT ion (n)
TAY ceremony, rite, ritual (n)
TAY be civilised (v)
TAY' be together (v)
TAYMOH civilise (v)
TAYQEQ civilisation (n)
TA' accomplish (v)
TA' accomplishment, deed (n)
TA' emperor (n)
-TA' -accomplished, done (v-7) e.g., VISUQTA' - I have acquired it. (past tense- action deliberately undertaken)
TA' HOL standard dialect (n)
TA' XIFAN HOL Klingon standard language (n) refers to the current dialect which changes depending on the leader at the time. See also shortened version TA' HOL
TEB fill (v)
TEBLAW' jurisdiction (n)
TEBWI' food server in a Dok’e (fast-food restaurant) (n)
TEGBAT teg’bat, type of animal (n) a popular black fizzy drink 'EYHA' is made from the MELCOQ - marrow from the bones of a teg'bat. The word for this drink is often mis-translated to refer to Federation root beer/ginger beer. {KGT page95}
TEH be true (v)
TEJ scientist (n)
TEL wing (n)
TELUN HOVTAY' Tellun Star System (n)
TEM deny (v)
TEN embark (v)
TEFCAH space station (n)
TEP cargo (n)
TEPQEFWI' cargo carrier/lift (n)  [BoP Poster]
TEQ remove, take off (v)
TERA' Earth (n)
TERA'FAN Terran, Earther (n)
TES inner (v)
TES ear (hearing organ, not flap of skin (n)
TET melt (v)
TEX list, roll, scroll (n)
TEX roll, scroll, list (n)
TEV prize (n)
TEY scrape (v)
TEY' confide (v)
TEYWI' file (work tool) (n)
TI vegetation (n)
TI- imp: you/you (plural) - them (pre)
TIC insult (v)
TIG custom (n)
TIH ray (n)
TIH shaft (of spear) (n)
TIJ board, go aboard (v)
TIJWI'GOM boarding party (n)
TIN be big (v)
TIFDAG type of stringed instrument (n)
TIQ be long, lengthy (of an object) (v)
TIQ heart (n)
TIQNAG tknag, type of animal (n)
TIQNAG LEMDU' Tknag hooves (a food item) (n) always referred to in plural.
TIQ be ancient (v)
TIR grain (n)
TIRILFAN Trill (person) (n) *
TIS be light (weight) (v)
TIV enjoy (v)
TI' fix, repair (v)
TI'AF T’Ong (pr n) name of a ship.
TI'QA' VIGRO' tika cat, type of animal (n)
TOB prove (v)
TOB test conclusively, prove (v)
TOC palm (of hand) (n)
TOD rescue (n)
TOD save, rescue (v)
TODSAH #^$%!’ (excl) you might call someone this if you weren’t on the best of terms
TODUJ courage, bravery (n)  for courage of an unexpected or even reckless nature use QAJUNPAQ
TOG count (v)
TOH So!, Well! (excl)
TOJ deceive, trick, bluff (v)
TOJBOG JO' hologram generator (n) *
TOJBOG PA' holodeck, holosuite (n)
TONSAW' Klingon fighting technique (n)
TOFDUJ freighter (n)
TOPLIN topaline (n)
TOPPA' topah, type of animal (n)
TOQ be inhabited (v)
TOQVIR LUF Tokvarian skink, type of animal (n)
TOQ animal similar to Terran bird of prey (n)
TOQDUJ Bird of Prey (vessel) (n)
TOR kneel (v)
TORG Torg (pr n) [TKD p58] 
TOS climb (v)
TOX commodore (n)
TOVA'DAQ mind sharing (n)
TOY' serve (a master) (v)
TOY'WI' servant (n)
TOY'WI''A' slave (n)
TO' tactics (n)
TO'BAJ tobbaj, type of animal (n)
TO'BAJ 'US Stuffed tobbaj legs. (n)
TO'WAQ ligament, tendon (n)
TU- you (plural) - me (pre)
TUC forbid (v)
TUG soon (adv)
TUG Hurry up! (excl)
TUH be ashamed (v)
TUH manoeuvre (military term), adventure (n)
TUH LUT adventure story (n)
TUHMOH shame (v)
TUJ be hot (v)
TUJ heat (n)
TUJ MUVWI' thermo-suture  (n)
TUL hope (v)
TUM agency (n)
TUN be soft (v)
TUF discourage (v)
TUNGA' encourage (v)
TUP minute (of time) (n)
TUQ tribe, house (family), ancestral unit (n)
TUQ DEG family crest (n)
TUQVOL forehead (n) (regional)
TUQ wear (clothes) (v)
TUQDOQ mind sifter (Klingon psychic probe) (n)
TUQHA'MOH undress (v)
TUQMOH put on (clothes) (v)
TUT column (n)
TUV be patient (v)
TU' discover, find, observe, notice (v)
TU'HOMI'RAH useless, something useless T’oohomIrah (n)
TU'LUM teacup (n) (older or upper-class word)
TU'LU' there ‘be’ (v) used when referring to a noun in general i.e., when used with a third person singular subject pronoun (0) e.g., NADEV SUVWI'PU' TU'LU' - There are warriors around here.

X (tlh)

XAB be free, independent (v)
XAB freedom, independence (n)
XAC faction, sect (n)
XAC MU'MEY argot, jargon (faction words) (n) jargon in the sense of specialized vocabulary used in an activity or trade e.g., warfare, music, arts, food.
XAG fat, animal fat (n)
XAM gravity (n)
XAM order, structure (societal) (n) (slang)
XAP take (v)
XAQ chronometer, watch (n)
XAQ be funny (v)
XAS battle, fight (of relatively minor ferocity) (v)
XAX gladst, type of food (n)
XAC MU'MEY jargon (n) [KGT p45]
XAW' hit (percussion instrument) with fist (v)
XAY sleeve (n)
XA' chase, follow (v)
XED depart (v)
XEG line, rope (n)
XEGHOM string (n) *
XEJ accompany (v)
XER be lumpy (v)
XES almost, nearly, virtually (adv)
XEX progress (v)
XEVJAQ type of spear (thrown with aid of a special tool) (n)
XE' turn (v)
XIB be incompetent (v)
XIC smoke (n)
XIH you (plural) (pro)
XIJ apologise (v)
XIL mine (v)
XIL mineral (n)
XILHAL mine (n)
XILWI' miner (n)
XIMQAH zilm’kach, type of food (n)
XIFAN Klingon (n)
XIFAN HIVGOM Klingon Assault Group (n)
XIFAN HOL YEJHAD Klingon Language Institute
XIFAN HUBBEQ Klingon Defence Force (n)
XIFAN HUFBEQ Klingon Security Force (n)
XIFAN MUPBEQ Klingon Strike Force (n)
XIFAN QUMMEM Klingon Directory (n) *
XIFAN WO' Klingon Empire (n)
XIF YOS Kling District (pr n) [BoP Poster]
XIQ stew (n)
XIS spit out (v)
XIV be insubordinate (v)
XOB request, ask, plead (v)
XOC contradict (v)
XOG marriage (n)
XOJ realise (v)
XOL be raw, unprocessed (v)
XOMBUS type of food (n)
XON nostril (n)
XOF barter, bargain (v)
XOP front, area in front of (n)
XOQ conglomeration (n)
XORG be pungent (referring to food) (v)
XORGHA' be bland (referring to food) (v)
XOS almost, nearly, virtually, not quite (adv)
XOV wheeze (v)
XOY' wall/partition (interior), interior face of exterior wall, territorial wall (n) for exterior wall see RED [NEWS 12/7/98]
XOY' SAS ceiling/floor between stories (n) [NEWS 12/7/98]
XO' appreciation, gratitude (n)
XO' thank (v)
XO'REN unit measure of volume, approx. one quart/litre (n) [MSN 10/22/97]
XUC exhaust (v)
XUD emit (energy, radiation etc.) (v)
XUH breath (n)
XUH breathe (v) e.g., SUVBE'CUG SUVWI' XUHBE' SUVWI' - If a warrior does not fight he does not breathe.
XUH be exhilarated, be stimulated, be invigorated (v) (slang)
XUP whisper (v)
XUQ tail (n)
XUX drink (v)
XU' be tempted (v)
XU'MOH tempt (v)

V (v)

VA %$"~*# (short for QU'VAX) (invective) (excl)
-VAD -for (n-5) e.g., QU'VAD LI' DEVAM - This information is useful for the mission. When the indirect object (in this case, the hearer) is first or second person, the pronominal prefix, which normally indicates first or second person object may be used. e.g., QAMA'PU'VAD SOQ DAJAX - you make a speech to the prisoners.
VAG five, 5 (num)
VAG fifth tone of nonatonic musical scale (n)
VAGDIC fifth, 5th (num)
VAH holster (n)
VAH sheath, knife case (n)
VAHBO' lava (n)
VAJ so, then, thus, in that case (adv)
VAJ warrior (n)
VAL be clever, smart, intelligent (v)
VALQIS Valkris (pr n) [TKD p58]
-VAM -this (n-4) (referring to an object close by) e.g., NUHMEYVAM - these weapons.
VAN salute, tribute (v)
VAN BOM anthem, hymn (n)
VAN'A' award (n)
VAF act, take action (v)
VAQ mock (v)
VAQ be aggressive (v) An aggressive statement is <> GICWIJ DABOCMOHCUG GICLIJ QANOB - If you shine my nose, I will give you your nose.
VAQ be effective, be vigorous (v) See also be aggressive.
VAS hall, assembly hall (n)
VAS'A' Great Hall (n)
-VAX -hundreds, 100’s (num el)
VAX DIS POH century (n)
VAXVI' percent (n)
VAV father (n)
VAVNI' grandfather (n)
VAY battle, fight (of mid-level ferocity) (v)
VAY' somebody, something, someone, anybody, anything (n)
VEB be higher (in rank, status), be next (in a series, sequence) (v)
VED fur (n)
VEDDIR pelt (skin with fur still attached) (n)
VEG go through (an open door, a tunnel etc) (v) {qep'a' loSDIch}
VEH boundary (n)
VEH TIN Great Barrier (n)
VEM wake up, cease sleeping (v)
VEMMOH wake (someone) up (v)
VEF city (n)
VENGOM village (n)
VEF WA'DIC First City (n) Capital of Kronos, the Klingon Homeworld. The region in this area is simply known as VEF WA'DIC SEPFirst City Region
VEF WA'DIC SEP First City Region (n) the name of the region surrounding VEF WA'DIC - First City
VEQLARG Fek’lhr, Klingon devil/demon (n) the beast who guards the dwelling place of the dishonoured dead.
VEQ garbage (n)
VEQDUJ garbage scow (n)
VERAG rivet (n)
VEREFAN Ferengi (n)
VEREFAN HA'DIBAH Ferengi dog (n) a classic insult (excl)
VERG dock (n)
VERG dock (v)
VES war, warfare (n)
VESDUJ warship (n)
VEX cockroach (n)
-VEX -that (n-4) e.g., NUHMEYVEX - those weapons.
VI- I - him/her/it/them (pre)
VID be belligerent (v)
VID'IR baffle (n) [BoP Poster]
VIGRO' v’gro, type of animal (like a cat) (n)
VIH move, be in motion (v)
VIJ thruster (n)
VINO'VA' QURG finova bean(s) (n)
VIF whine (v)
-VIP -afraid (v-2) e.g., NUQAHVIP - They are afraid to help us.
VIQ battle, combat (n) refers to the  concept of battle whereas, MAY' - battle (n) & SUV - fight (v), are used to refer to a specific instance. [KGT p47]
-VIS -while (v-9) (always used with type 7 -taH) e.g., SUQOFTAHVIS - While they are sleeping.
VIT truth (n)
VIT tell the truth (v)
VITHAY' the truth test (n)
VITThLEGMEY proverbs (n)
VITXEG proverb (n)
VIYCORG juice, sap of a plant (n) some regions use VIYCORG to also generally refer to a sauce and might even say QAG VIYCORG instead of GEVI' .
VI' sharpshooting, markmanship (n)
VI' accumulate (v)
VI' decimal point (n)
VODLEH emperor (n)
VOG somewhere (n)
VOHDAJBO' ransom (n)
VOLCAH shoulder (n)
VON trap, entrap (v)
VONLU' fail utterly (v) (slang)
VOF hypnotise (v)
VOQ trust, have faith in (v) e.g., DUJLIJ YIVOQ - Trust your instincts.
VOQHA' distrust (v)
VOQ choke (v)
VOQSIP nitrogen (n)
VOR cure (v)
VOSPEG Vospeg Region (n) SW of 1st City
VO' propel (v)
-VO' -from (n-5) e.g., PA'VO' YIJAH - leave the room!
VUB hostage (n)
VUD opinion (n)
VUL be unconscious (v)
VULQAN Vulcan (planet) (n)
VULQAFAN Vulcan (person) (n)
VUM work, toil (v)
VUP pity (v)
VUQ fascinate (v)
VUS limit (v)
VUT cook, prepare food (v) does not require any heat.
VUT'UN flat-bottomed pot for food preparation (n) (regional) shortened form of VUTMEH 'UN. See also BARG.
VUTMEH 'UN flat-bottomed pot for food preparation (n) (regional) can be shortened to just VUT'UN. See also BARG.
VUTPA' galley (n)
VUV respect (v)
VU' manage (v)
VU'WI' manager (n)

W (w)

WAB sound, noise (n)  [2/3/99 NEWS group online]
WAG be expensive (v)
WAH taste, try out (food) (v) See also MUM - taste, sense flavours (v)
WAH try out, test, use experimentally (v)
WAM hunt (v)
WAMWI' hunter (n)
WANI' phenomenon, event, occurrence (n)
WAQ shoe (n)
WAQ obstruct (v)
WARJUN type of knife (used for food preparation) (n)
WAS lip (n)
WAX be pure (v)
WAV divide (v)
WAW' base (military term) (n)
WAY' parry, deflect a lunge (v)
WA' one, 1 (num)
WA' NEM next year (n)
WA'BEN last year (n)
WA'DIC first, 1st (num)
WA'HU' yesterday (n)
WA'LES tomorrow (n)
WA'LOG once (adv)
WA'MAH ten, 10 (num)
WA'MAHDIC tenth, 10th (num)
WEB be disgraced (v)
WEC serve fermented food at its peak (v)
WEG confine (v)
WEH raid (v)
WEJ not yet (adv)
WEJ Don’t do it yet! (excl)
WEJ three, 3 (num)
WEJDIC third, 3rd (num)
WEJPUH Charming! (used only ironically) (excl)
WEM violate (v)
WEM violation (n)
WEP jacket, coat (n)
WEP shirt with sleeves (n) (regional)
WEQ hit (percussion instrument) with palm (v)
WEQ candle (n)
WEW glow (v)
WEY company, group (military unit) (n)
WI- we - him/her/it (pre)
WIB be sour (v)
WIB be bitter, be tart (v)
WIC myth (n)
WIG genius (n)
WIH be ruthless (v)
WIJ farm(n)
-WIJ -my (n-4) (see -WI' if referring to nouns capable of language)
WIX break (something) off (v)
WIV choice (n)
WIV choose, select (v)
WIY tactical display (n)
-WI' -my (noun capable of using language) (n-4)(otherwise use -WIJ)
-WI' -someone/thing who is or does (v-9) (equiv: -er) (turns verb into a noun) e.g., SO'WI' - Cloaking device.
WOB hurl a spear by means of a chetvi (v)
WOD throw away (v)
WOH pick up (v)
WOJ radiation (n)
WOJ sterilise (v) (See also SAY'QU'MOH)
WOJ COHWI' reactor (n)
WOQ authority, political power (n)
WORNAG warnog (name of a drink), Klingon ale (n)
WOS chin (n)
WOT verb (n)
WOV be light, bright (v)
WOVMOHWI' light (n) [BoP Poster] as in a 'light' that you switch on.
WO' empire (n)
wo’ ruS jaj ? Empire Union Day (a possible translation) (n) * which comes in the 3rd month and celebrates Kahless the unforgettable who united the Klingon home world. Some proverbs to use on this holiday are: <> HOC DASOPBE'CUG BAX BIHEGBE' - Eat everything or you will die without honour. <> REH 'UQVAM VIQAWTAH - I will remember this dinner forever. <> BINAJTAHVIS QEYLIS DAGOMJAJ - May you encounter Kahless in your dreams. <> BITUHPA' BIHEGJAJ - Death before shame.
WO'RIV Worf (pr n)
WUP burst into song (v)
WUQ decide, decide upon (v)
WUQ have a headache (v)
WUX underground (n)
WUV depend on, rely on (v)

Y (y)

YA tactical officer (n)
YAB mind, brain (n)
YAC pet, stroke (v)
YAC strum (a stringed instrument) (v) (m)
YAD toe (n)
YAD sword (n) (slang)
YAG organism (n)
YAH duty station, station (n)
YAH be taken away (v)
YAJ understand (v)
YAJHA' misinterpret (v)
YAN sword (n)
YAN use or manipulate a sword (v)
YAP be enough, sufficient (v)
YAS officer (n)
YAS CA'DIC Second Officer (n) [KGT p53]
YAS WA'DIC First Officer (n) [KGT p53]
YAX be pregnant (v)
YAV ground (n)
YAY victory, triumph (n)
YAY' be shocked, dumbfounded (v)
YEB wrist (body part) (n)
YEB depreciation (n) (slang)
YEJ assembly, council (n)
YEJHAD institute, institution, organisation dedicated to scholastic pursuits (larger than YEJ'AN) (n)
YEJQUV High Council (n)
YEJ'AN institute, institution, organisation dedicated to scholastic pursuits (smaller than YEJHAD) (n)
YEM sin (v)
YEP be careful (v)
YEPHA' be careless (v)
YEQ cooperate (v) see also JIJ
YER domain, holdings, territory (n) [12/7/98 NEWS list]
YERGO wall of a city (from yer+gho) (n) [NEWS 12/7/98]
YEV pause (v)
YI- imp: you - (no object), imp: you/you (plural) - him/her/it (pre)
YIB vent (n)
YIH Tribble (n)
YIN life (n)
YIN live (v)
YINROH life signs (n)
YINSIP oxygen (n)
YINTAG life-support system (n)
YINTAG "!£$&##@ (excl)
YIQ be wet (v)
YIRIDFAN Yridian (n)
YIT walk (v)
YIV chew (v)
YIV annoy, bother, irk, irritate (v) (slang)
YIVBEH tunic (n)
YIVBEH sleeveless shirt (n) (regional)
YOB harvest (v)
YOD shield (n)
YOD shield (v)
YOH be brave (v)
YOHWI' the brave (n)
YOHWI' brave one (n)
YOJ judgement (n)
YOL conflict (n)
YON be satisfied (v)
YOF get in (v)
YONMOH satisfy (v)
YOPWAH pants, trousers (n)
YOQ humanoid (n)
YOS district, area (n)
YOT invade (v)
YOT invasion (n)
YOX field (of land) (n)
YOV charge (military term) (v)
YOY be upside down (v)
YO' fleet (of ships) (n)
YU first (and last) tone of nonatonic musical scale (n)
YUB husk, rind, peel (of fruit, nut) (n)
YUC chocolate (n)
YUD be dishonest (v)
YUDHA' be honest
YUPMA' festival (n)
YUQ planet (n)
YUQHOM planetoid (n)
YUQJIJDIVI' United Federation of Planets (n) (see also YUQJIJQA')
YUQJIJQA' United Federation of planets (n) (see also YUQJIJDIVI')
YUV push (v)
YU' question, interrogate (v)
YU'EG wave (n)

' (')

'A but, nevertheless, even so, however (conj)
'AB measure, have a length/height of (v) (v.t.) (object is length) {HolQeD v6n2p9 S32}  [MSN 10/22/97]
'AC but, nevertheless, even so, however (conj)
'AD vein (n)
'AD have a length of, measure (v)
'AG show, demonstrate, display (v)
'AH paraphernalia (n)
'AJ admiral (n)
'ALFEG axe with spike at end (n)
'AMPAS academy, specialised school (n)
'AF show, reveal (v)
'AQLEH type of weapon, akleth (half axe, half bat’leth) (n)
'AQROS maximum (n) [BoP Poster]
'AQTU' Aktuh (pr n) a name from a Klingon opera
'AQLO' forehead (n) (regional)
'AR how many? how much? (ques)
'ARG worsen (v)
'ARLOG how many times? (ques)  There are several ways to ask ‘What time is it?’ When working within the 24 hour interplanetary communication as favoured by the Federation it is not a question but a command; REP YIPER - 'ascertain/specify the hour’. In non-military contexts and situations where interplanetary communication is not a concern the most common way of asking this question however is quite different. It is based on the way the question was asked in ancient times; 'ARLOG QOYLU'PU' - How many times has (someone) heard (it)? or How many times has somone heard it? The answer to this question for example would be CA'LOG QOYLU'PU' for two o’clock  [NEWS group online, 2/3/99]
'AXQAM type of fungus (n)
'AV guard (v)
'AVWI' guard (n)
'AWJE' root beer/ginger beer, any non potent beverage (n) this word is often mis-translated to refer to Federation root beer/ginger beer. It is actually a popular black fizzy drink made not from a root but from the TEGBAT MELCOQ -marrow from the bones of a teg'bat. {KGT page95}
'AW' sting (v)
'AY' section, part, component, piece (n)
-'A' -augmentative (n-1) (infers noun is bigger/more important/more powerful) e.g., SUS'A' - strong wind
-'A' -interrogative: do, does, did etc. (v-9) e.g., COLEG'A' - do you see me. (see also TU'LU'). When used with –NES it is the nearest a Klingon gets to ‘asking nicely’ and together is often translated into federation Std as ‘may?’ in a question, not as used in proverbs e.g., MAGOSCOHMOHNES'A' – may we execute a course (to some place)?
'EB opportunity, chance, opening (n)
'EC brigadier (n)
'EDSEHCA Take-Off/Landing Thrusters (n) (plural form) [BoP Poster]
'EG third tone of nonatonic musical scale (n)
-'EG -oneself (v-1) e.g., BILIH'EG - You introduce yourself. (prefix for no object must be used).
'EH Ready! (excl)
'EJ and (joining sentences) (conj)
'EJDO' starship, starship class (n)
'EJYO' Starfleet (n)
'EJYO'WAW' star base (n)
'EL enter, go in (v)
'ELAS Elas (n)
'ELPI' serving platter (n)
'EM behind, area behind (v)
'ENTEPRAY' Enterprise (n) name of ship
'EF cloud (n)
'EP consume soup (v)
'EQ be early (v)
'ER type of animal (n)
'ES be low (v)
'ET fore (n)
'EX blade, sword (n)
'EVNAG subspace (n)
'EY be tasty, be delicious, be harmonious with (v)
'EYHA' be undelicious, be untasty (v) can be used to describe food that is edible but not particularly tasty. For a Klingon this could include food that is merely cooked {KGT page 84}
'E' that (previous topic) (pro) primarily used with verbs of thinking/observation (such as know, see) they are always treated as the object of the verb, and the verb always takes a prefix indicating a 3rd person singular object. Where one is used only the first verb takes an aspect suffix
-'E' -topic, -as for, -regarding (n-5) (indicates the noun is the topic of the sentence) e.g., PA'DAJDAQ GAHTAH LA''E' - The COMMANDER, he is in his quarters. Sentences using this suffiix can also be translated using ‘as for’ or ‘regarding’. The above would be:- As for the Commander, he is in his quarters. (page 68 TKD)
'IB tub (n)
'IG be cursed, be jinxed (v)
'IGVAH igvah, type of animal (n)
'IH be beautiful, handsome (v)
'IJ listen (v)
'IL be sincere (v)
'IM render, boil fat (v)
'IN percussion instrument (drum, bell) (n)
'IP oath (n)
'IP vow, swear (v)
'IQ be sad (v)
'ISJAH calendar (n)
'IT be depressed (v)
'IX be advanced, highly developed (v)
'IV altitude (n)
'IV who? (ques)
'IW blood (n)
'IWGARG bloodworm (n) e.g., REH HIVJE'LIJDAQ 'IWGARG DATU'JAJ - may you always find a bloodworm in your glass
'IW 'IP GOMMEY blood oath circles (n) the name of a well known sculpture by MISTAQ
'I' armpit (n)
'OBE' order, group officially recognised by government (n)
'OBMAQ axe (n)
'OC tunnel, conduit¹ (n) [¹BoP Poster]
'OD arbitrate, mediate (v)
'ODWI' arbitrator (n)
'OG invent, devise (v)
'OH it (pro)
'OJ be thirsty (v)
'OL verify (v)
'OM resist, fend off (v)
'OF be cunning (v)
'OP some, an unknown or unspecified quantity (n)
'OQQAR root, tuber (n)
'ORGEN Organia (n)
'ORGEN ROJMAB Organian Peace Treaty (n)
'ORGEFAN Organian (n)
'ORGENYA' Organia (n) (see also 'ORGEN)
'ORGENYA' ROJMAB Organian Peace Treaty (n) (see also 'ORGEN ROJMAB)
'OS represent (v)
'OSWI' emissary (n)
'OX photon (n)
'OV compete (v)
'OY' ache, hurt, be sore (v)
'OY' ache, pain, sore (n)
'OY'NAQ painstick (n)
'O' aft (n)
'O'LAV type of drum (n)
'UC hold, grasp (v)
'UD laser (n)
'UD HAQTAJ laser scalpel (n)
'UG be heavy (v)
'UH have a hangover, be hung over (v)
'UJ unit of linear measure (approx. 14"/35cm) (n)
'UL unit measure of electric shock (n)
'UL electricity (n)
'UM be qualified (v)
'UN pot (for food preparation) (general term) (n)
'UN NAQ stirring stick, mixing stick (n)
'UN QUD artificially produced qud (n)
'UP be unsavoury, be disgusting, be repugnant, be loathsome, be icky (v)
'UQ dinner (n)
'UQ'A' banquet, feast (n)
'UR treason, commit treason (n) (see also MAG)
'URMAF treason (n)
'URWI' traitor (n) (see also MAGWI')
'US leg (n)
'USU' sauce for gladst (n)
'UT be essential, necessary (v)
-'UY' -millions, 1,000,000’s (num el)
'U' universe (n)

CUVMEY (chuvmey)

0- he/she/it/they - (no object)

(no pre)

0- he/she/it - him/her/it/them

(no pre)

0- they - them (no pre)


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