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What is tlhIngan Qummem*

The Name?
(Please see Update below)

To start with *Qummem is not strictly CANON. I realise that for an organisation that was started to help locate others interested in the Klingon Culture, in particular the language, the name was somewhat of a problem; IT'S NOT CANON hence the *. I choose the name, 'The Klingon Directory' for a telephone/address directory of Klingons/tlhIngan Hol fans. But the name abbreviates to TKD which is the abbreviation used to refer to The Klingon Dictionary. So I thought I'd use a translated version. However, I soon found that there isn't a word known in tlhIngan Hol for 'Directory' so I thought I'd be clever and using what I thought was a principle suggested, by Marc Okrand, that some Klingon verbs appear the same as the noun counterpart i.e., Qum - communicate (v) to possibly be the noun 'communication* and then made the complex noun construction of 'communication' and 'catalogue' to form Qummem and mean Directory. We must stress 'THIS IS NOT CANON'. Effectively it should therefore be considered as the same as a name and not really meaning Directory. Obviously Marc Okrand can always prove me wrong when or if he ever gives us a word for 'directory'. But I think that I'm just dreaming.

*UPDATE Marc Okrand has since the later part of 1998 canonised the use of Qum for the noun COMMUNICATION (as shown on the BoP poster).

**UPDATE 2010/11. I worked with Marc Okrand on the Talk Now! Learn Klingon langauge course from Eurotalk. I had actually started the translation process back in 2009 but it was 2010 that Marc became involved. During the final stages and on proof reading some PR releases Mark corrected the spelling of tlhIngan Qummem before I even noticed it. That doesn't mean he has canonised any kind of meaning but it is an acknowledgement of the name. Until advised otherwise we can all make our own conclusions out of that.. I must finish but saying what an honour and pleasure it was to work with Mark.

More Information and How to Join

Excerpt from the Directory: Why Learn tlhIngan Hol.

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Contact Information

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Woodside, Withycombe, Furzton, Milton Keynes, MK4 1ET, England.

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Current Projects

tlhIngan Qummem.

A Communication Directory of Klingons and persons interested in Klingon culture and language.

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The (Unauthorised) Klingon Lexicon.

A book bringing together all known Klingon words into a single list. This single list includes all suffixes and prefixes so that the reader, when looking up a word, will be provided with all options of that word. An good example here would apply to prefixes, the reader would able to look up the word without having to know whether or not it is the root word without a prefix or the prefix plus rot word, avoiding having to look in the various lists what could be several times. The author has also included a few sections of non-cannon observations and advise that he felt he could have done with when he started on the road to becoming a language warrior.

NB. The Klingon Lexicon is only available to those listed in the tlhIngan Qummem and who have declared that they have already purchased the appropriate Cannon media.

The (Unauthorised) Klingon pIqaD Lexicon.

Now finished and available on this site choose the appropriate option from the index column on the left.. You will however require the KLI pIqaD font installed on your machine to view these pages. Fonts can be obtained from the KLI

The Hol-pIqaD Font.

Not happy with no font for the romanised character mapping I created a font based on the same mapping as the uppercase of the KLI font but with the lowercase showing the equivelent romanised charaters enabling the ability with "change case" functions like in Word to swap back and forth between romanised Hol and PIqaD. The second variation was developed for use on and for the release of Eurotalk's language course below and available to download here.

TTalk Now! Learn Klingon from eurotalk (30th Sept 2011).

Translated by qe'San be'rawn and Marc Okrand - Now finished (30th Sept 2011)
and available on Amazon UK / USA or direct from Eurotalk


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