Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

abandon (v) LON
abilities; test of one's abilities, challenge (n) KAD
ability (n) LAH
-able, can (v-5) e.g., JIKAWLAH - I can remember. -LAH
above-area, area overhead (n) DUF
absent, be absent (v) DAC
absentminded, be absentminded (v) JEH
abuse (n) GOF
abuse (v) GOF
academy, specialised school (n) 'AMPAS
accelerate (v) CUF
accept (v) LAJ
acceptance (n) LAJ
access (n) NAW'
access (v) NAW'
accidentally, by accident (adv) BOF
accommodate (v) MA'
accompany (singing) with instrumental music (v) KAT
accompany (v) XEJ
accomplish (v) TA'
accomplished, be accomplished, finished (v) RIN
-accomplished, done (v-7) e.g., VISUKTA' - I have acquired it. (past tense- action deliberately undertaken) -TA'
accomplishment (n) TA'
accord (n) ROM
accordian, concertina (n) MAY'RON
accountant, financier (n) (slang) CELWI'
accumulate (v) VI'
accurate, be accurate (v) KAR
accusation (n) PUM
accuse (v) PUM
ache, hurt, be sore (v) 'OY'
ache, pain, sore (n) 'OY'
achieve (v) CAV
achievement (n) CAV
acid (n) PEY
acquire, obtain, get (v) SUP
act against, reveal, commit treason, betray (v) MAG
act without a plan, improvise (v) (slang) DEG
act, take action (v) VAF
acting alone, alone (adv) NITEB
activate, engage (a device) (v) CU'
add (v) CEL
addition (n) * CEL
additional one, another one (n) LAX
address, speech, lecture (n) SOQ
adjust (v) LIS
adjustment (n) * LIS
administer (v) LOH
administration (n) LOH
admiral (n) 'AJ
admire (v) also used as slang for idol (n) HO'
admirer (n) * HO'WI'
admit (v) CID
adult, be adult (v) NEN
adult, be adult be mature, be grown-up (v) NEN
advance (v) DUV
advanced, be advanced, highly developed (v) 'IX
adventure story (n) TUH LUT
adventure, manoeuvre (military term) (n) TUH
ADVERBS: normally come at the beginning of the object-verb-subject construction whos activity it describes.  Although NEH and JAY' appear at the end  
  • accident; by accident, acvcidentally, not intentionally (adv)
  • acting alone, alone, on one's own (adv)
  • alone, acting alone, on one's own (adv)
  • always (adv)
  • differently (adv)
  • fast, quickly (adv)
  • honour; with honour, in an honoured fashion (adv)
  • in that case, thus, so accordingly (adv)
  • intensely (adv)
  • likely (adv)
  • little; a little bit, slightly (adv)
  • luck; with luck, luckily (adv)
  • never (adv)
  • not yet (adv)
  • now (adv)
  • often (adv)
  • on one's own, acting alone, alone (adv)
  • perhaps (adv)
  • purpose; on purpose, purposely (adv)
  • quickly, fast (adv)
  • slightly, a little bit (adv)
  • slowly (adv)
  • so accordingly, then, in that case, thus (adv)
  • sometimes (adv)
  • soon (adv)
  • suddenly (adv)
  • then, thus, in that case, so accordingly (adv)
  • thus, in that case, so accordingly, then (adv)
adversary, opponent (n) GOL
advice (n) KES
advise (v) KES
-afraid (v-2) e.g., NUQAHVIP - They are afraid to help us. -VIP
aft (n) 'O'
afternoon (n) POV
afternoon, this afternoon (n) POVVAM
after that; then, (adv) in the sense of 'and then'..., after that..., by then..., subsequently and the like. e.g., wam chaH. ghIq Soj luvut - They hunt and then they prepare food. [KEP'A' JAVDIC] GIK 
age (n) * not known if used in its own right; normally found as part of another phrase or word GEP
Age of Ascension (n) NENGEP
Age of Inclusion (n) PEHGEP
agency (n) TUM
agent, emissary (n) DUY
aggressive love (or at least love with more aggressive overtones) (n) PARMAK
aggressive, be aggressive (v) An aggressive statement is <> GICWIJ DABOCMOHCUG GICLIJ KANOB - If you shine my nose, I will give you your nose. VAQ
ago, time period ago (n) e.g., CA' TUP RET  two minutes ago. Normally just used for periods not otherwise described eg seconds, minutes, hours weeks. [See also HU' - days ago <> BEN - years ago <> BEN - years ago <> WEN - months ago] [KEP'A' JAVDIC] RET
agony (n) BEP
agree (v) QOCBE'
agreement (n) QOCBE'GAC
agriculture (n) SAX
aid, assistance (n) BOQ
aid, help (v) QAH
aide (n) BOQ
aide, a Second (n) CA'DIC
aide-de-camp (n) BOQDU'
aim (v) e.g., 'OX PEF QEK - aim the photon torpedo. QEK
aim, target (v) * DOS
airlock (n) HICDAL
akleth, type of weapon (half axe, half bat'leth) (n) 'AKLEH
Aktuh (pr n) a name from a Klingon opera 'AKTU'
alarm (n) GUM
alarm, sound an alarm (v) GUM
alcohol, liquor, ale, beer, wine (n) HIK
ale, liquor, alcohol, beer, wine (n) HIK
ale; warnog, Klingon ale (n) WORNAG
alert (n) GUH
alert, warn (v) GUHMOH
alien, foreigner (n) NOV
alien, outsider, foreigner (n) NOV
all gone, be all gone (v) LOJ
all, everything, everyone, (each) (n) If the noun following HOC is explicitly plural, it means 'all'. If it is singular, it means ‘each'. Also used in a superlative sentence with LAW' and PUS. Superlative rule: The rule for comparatives is demonstrated by using A & B to describe two nouns being compared with A Q-er than B but when A is Q-est of all then both LAW' and PUS are used with  HOC in the position of B. The layout can now be represented by: A Q LAW' HOC Q PUS e.g., LA' JAK LAW' HOC JAK PUS - The commander is boldest of all. HOC
alliance, bloc, coalition, fusion (n) [BoP Poster] BOK
allow, let, will (implied when with a command) [SEE -cause (v-4)] (-MOH)
allow, permit (v) CAW'
almost, nearly, virtually (adj) XES
almost, nearly, virtually (adj) XES
almost, nearly, virtually, not quite (adv) XOS
alone, acting alone (adv) NITEB
alone, be alone (v) MOB
also (adv) It follows the verb it modifies. JE
also, and (joining nouns [after]) (conj) JE
also, and (joining sentences [between]) (conj) 'EJ
alter, change (v) COH
altitude (n) 'IV
always (adv) REH
am, are, is [SEE -in progress (v-7)] (-LI')
ambassador (n) DUY'A'
ammunition (n) NIC
amulet (as given in a girls coming of age (n) JINAK
amulet (as given in a girls coming of age (n) JINAK
analyse (v) POJ
analyses (n) POJMEY
analysis (n) POJ
analyst (n) POJWI'
ancestor hanging (wall ornament) (n) NO' DIR
ancestor (n) KEMPA'
ancestor hanging (decoration not ritual) (n) NO' DIR
ancestors (n) NO'
ancient language (n) NO' HOL
ancient, be ancient (v) TIQ
and, also (joining nouns [after]) (conj) JE
and, also (joining sentences [between]) (conj) 'EJ
and/or, or (joining nouns [after]) (conj) JOK
and/or, or (joining sentences) (conj) KOJ
anger (n) e.g., SeymoH QeH - Anger excites. QEH
and then; then, (adv) in the sense of 'and then'..., after that..., by then..., subsequently and the like. e.g., wam chaH. ghIq Soj luvut - They hunt and then they prepare food. [KEP'A' JAVDIC] GIK 
angle (negative), be at a negative angle (v) TAH
angry, be angry, mad (v) QEH
animal fat, fat (n) XAG
animal limb (n) GAM
animal similar to Terran bird of prey (n) TOQ
animal, little animal (n) e.g., a ligonian titmouse. Smaller than a QA' . It is considered insignificant. QA'HOM
animal, meat (n) HA'DIBAH
ankle (body part) (n) FIB
annoy, bother (v) NUQ
annoy, bother, irk, irritate (v) (slang) YIV
another one, additional one (n) LAX
answer, reply (v) JAF
anthem, hymn (n) VAN BOM
antimatter (n) RUG
anybody, anything, somebody, something, someone (n) VAY'
anything, somebody, something, anybody, someone (n) VAY'
apologise (v) XIJ
-apparent (n-3) (indicates some doubt on accuracy) e.g., DujHey - an apparent vessel (might be a decoy). HEY
-apparently, seems, think [so], suspect [so] (v-6) e.g., CIMLAW' - It appears to be empty. Can also mean think/suspect when the verb has a subject (including -indefinite). -LAW'
appear (v) NARG
appreciation, gratitude (n) XO'
approach, go away from, proceed, come, follow (a course) (v) GOS
approve again, re-praise, re-commend (v) NADKA'
approve, praise, commend (v) NAD
arbitrate, mediate (v) 'OD
arbitrator (n) 'ODWI'
are, is, am [SEE -in progress (v-7)] (-LI')
area above, area overhead (n) DUF
area behind (n) 'EM
area below, area under (n) BIF
area beside, area next to (n) REX
area between (n) JOJ
area in front of, front (n) XOP
area, district (n) YOS
area; enclosed area (n) PA'
argot, jargon (faction words) (n) jargon in the sense of specialized vocabulary used in an activity or trade e.g., warfare, music, arts, food. XAC MU'MEY
argue, dispute (v) GOH
arm (body part) (n) DES
armour; complete set of armour and weapons, panoply, battle gear (n) MAY'LUC
armpit (n) 'I'
army (n) MAFGOM
array, bank (n) [BoP Poster]  DAH
arrest (v) KOP
arrive (v) PAW
arsenal (n) NUHMEY
artificially produced qud (n) 'UN KUD
as a; resemble (v) the verb RUR - resemble is often translated as ‘as a' when used in the following way e.g., BOC; GIC RUR – shiny as a nose. RUR
as expected, typically, usually (adv) MOX
-as for, -regarding [SEE -topic (n-5)] page 68 TKD e.g., WA' NUH YIWIV'EG CA' XIH'E' - as for the two of you, choose a weapon <> puqpu' chaH qama'pu''e' - As for the prisoners they are children. -'E'
-as soon as, when (v-9) e.g., KARA'DI' - when I command you. -DI'
ascend (v) SAL
ascertain/label, specify (v) [TKD / NEWS group online 2/3/99]
ashamed, be ashamed (v) TUH
ask (a question) (v) GEL
ask, plead, request (v) XOB
assemble, rendezvous, meet, encounter (v) GOM
assembly hall, hall (n) VAS
assembly, council (n) YEJ
assembly, council (n) RIP
assess, evaluate (v) COV
assignment, task, duty (n) (slang) GIG
assist (v) BOQ
association, league, union, federation, organisation (n) DIVI'
assume duties of, take over responsibilities of (v) GES
asteroid (n) GOPDAP
astronomical phenomenon; black hole (n) LUSPET
-at, in, to, on, with-in [SEE -locative (n-5)] (-DAK)
atmosphere (n) MUD
attack (v) e.g., PUJWI' HIVLU'CUG KUVBE'LU' - There is no honour in attacking the weak. HIV
attack fighter (n) HIVDUJ
attempt, try (v) NID
attitude-control thrusters (n) LOLSEHCA
audacity, courage, kajunpakt (n) of an unexpected or even reckless nature rather than that described when using TODUJ. Originally only spoken in Krios literally meanining ‘glowing lava' (pg10 KGT). KAJUNPAQ
-augmentative (n-1) (infers noun is bigger/more important/more powerful) e.g., SUS'A' - strong wind -'A'
authority, expert (n) (slang) PIN
authority, political power (n) WOQ
authority, power, one in authority or in charge (n) (slang) FUP
award (n) VAN'A'
away (get/from), back away from, back off (v) See also HED - retreat. DOH
away (go/from), proceed, come, follow (a course), approach (v) GOS
away (taken), be taken away (v) YAH
axe (n) 'OBMAQ
axe blade (n) GIT
axe handle (n) DES
axe with a double-head (n) JEY'NAS
axe with spike at end (n) 'ALFEG

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