Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified


B'Etor (pr n) BE'ETOR
baby (n) GU
baceh'tluth, type of liquor (n) CECXUX
back (of hand) (n) CAP
back away from, back off, get away from (v) See also HED - retreat. DOH
back of body (n) DUB
bad, be bad (v) KAB
baffle (n) [BoP Poster] VID'IR
bagpipes (n) (music) DIRON
bahgol, type of liquor (n) BAKGOL
balanced, be balanced, be stable (v) FAD
balderdash, nonsense (n) (slang) CAX
baldric, Klingon sash (n) HA'KUJ
band (in the non musical sense), group, party (n) GOM
bandage (n) SEV
bank, array (n) [BoP Poster] DAH
banquet, feast (n) 'UQ'A'
bar, saloon, cocktail lounge (n) e.g., HIK DASAMMEH TAC YI'EL - To find ale, go into a bar. TAC
barbed spearhead (n) (w) SEDVEK
bargain, barter (v) XOF
barrel, vat (for storage of liquor (n) KEG
barrier, prevention, block (n) * BOT
bartender (n) COM
barter, bargain (v) XOF
base (military term) (n) WAW'
bat'leth, type of hand weapon (n) BETLEH
bat'leth display (n) BETLEH BEY'
bat'leth; move it from the vertical to horizontal orientation (v) LEV
bat'leth; cause bat'leth to rotate, twirl bat'leth (v) (w) JIRMOH
bat'leth; move it from horizontal to vertical orientation (v) (w) FOL
bat'leth; thrust upward with end of bat'leth (v) CAQ
bat'leth; toss bat'leth from one hand to the other (v) BAQ
bat'leth; Order of the Bat'leth (n) The highest honour that the High Council can bestow on a Klingon (p182 KGT) BETLEH 'OBE'
bath; tub (n) 'IB
battle, combat (abstract) (n) refers to the concept of battle whereas, MAY' - battle (n) & SUV - fight (v), are used to refer to a specific instance. [KGT p47] VIK
battle (n) MAY'
battle array (n) MAY'MORG
battle cruiser (n) MAY'DUJ
battle gear, panoply, complete set of armour and weapons (n) MAY'LUC
battle record; [SEE record of battle (n) & page 182 for more details] MAY' TA
battle song (n) MAY' BOM
Battle Spear (a specific kind of spear), Gin'tak (n) GINTAK
battle, fight (of major ferocity) (v) HARG
battle, fight (of mid-level ferocity) (v) VAY
battle, fight (of minor ferocity) (v) QOR
battle, fight (of relatively major ferocity) (v) LUL
battle, fight (of relatively minor ferocity) (v) XAS
battle, fight, do battle, wage war (v) must have an expressed object so ‘with' normally forms part of the translation GOB
battlefield (n) CE'RON
beam (aboard) (v) JOL
beam away (v) QOL
bean, beans (n) KURG
bear, endure (v) SIQ
beard (n) e.g., TODUJ 'OS ROL - A beard is a symbol of courage. ROL
beat (something with an implement) (v) MOK
beautiful, be beautiful, handsome (v) 'IH
-because, due to (n-5) e.g., SuSmo' joqtaH - It was fluttering in the breeze. -MO'
-because, due to (v-9) e.g., SUYOHMO' - because you (plural) are brave (or because all of you are brave). -MO'
become (v) MOJ
-become, -begin to [SEE -change (v-3)] (-COH)
bed (n) QOFDAK
bed, in bed (v) QOFDAKDAK
beer, wine, liquor, alcohol, ale (n) HIK
-before (v-9) e.g., COQAHPA' - Before you help me. -PA'
beg, plead (v) KOY'
begin a process, initiate (v) TAG
-begin to, become [SEE -change (v-3)] (-COH)
behave as, act in a manner of (v) DA
behind, area behind (n) 'EM
being (nonhumanoid) (n) DEP
bekpuj, type of mineral (orange in colour) (n) BEKPUJ
believe (v) HAR
bell; percussion instrument (drum, bell) (n) 'IN
belligerent, be belligerent (v) VID
bellows, windbag (n) SUSDEK
belly (n) COR
below-area, area under (n) BIF
belt (n) KOG
bend (v) SIH
beside-area, area next to (n) REX
betray, commit treason (v) also to indicate reveal, act against. (see also 'UR) . MAG
between, area between (n) JOJ
beverage (non-potent), root beer/ginger beer (n) 'AWJE'
big, be big (v) TIN
bile, gall, slime (n) HUH
Bird of Prey (vessel) (n) TOQDUJ
bird-of-prey (similar animal to) (n) TOQ
birthday (n) KOS
bite (n) * COP
bite (v) COP
bitter, be bitter, be tart (v) WIB
black hole (astronomical phenomenon) (n) LUSPET
black hole (n) LUSPET
black, be black (v) KIJ
blade of an axe (n) GIT
blade, sword (n) 'EX
blade, sword (n) 'EX
blame (v) PIC
blame, fault (n) PIC
bland, be bland (referring to food) (v) XORGHA'
bleed (v) REG
bloc, coalition, alliance, fusion╣ (n) [BoP Poster] BOK
block, barrier, prevention (n) * BOT
block, prohibit, prevent (v) BOT
blood (n) 'IW
blood oath circles (n) the name of a well known sculpture by MISTAK. 'IW 'IP GOMMEY
bloodworm (n) e.g., REH HIVJE'LIJDAK 'IWGARG DATU'JAJ - May you always find a bloodworm in your glass. 'IWGARG
blow (into a wind instrument) to produce a sound (v) (m) SUS
blow one's top (v) QAY'
bludgeon, club (n) JEKKIJ
blue, be blue, yellow, green (v) SUD
bluff, deceive, trick (v) TOJ
blunt, be blunt (of blades), be dull (v) JEJHA'
board, go aboard (v) TIJ
boarding party (n) TIJWI'GOM
body (n) PORG
body part; unidentified part of body (n) KIVON
boil (v) PUB
boil fat, render (v) 'IM
bold, be bold (v) JAK
bold, be bold, be brave, be heroic, be valiant, be intrepid (v) (slang) SUB
bonding ritual (n) RUSTAY
bonding, union (n) * not known if used as a word in its own right (RUS-)
bone (n) HOM
bone marrow, marrow (n) MELCOQ
book (n) PAK
boot (n) DAS
boot spike (n) DASPU'
boring, be boring (v) e.g., DAL PAG JAG - No enemy is boring. DAL
born, be born (v) BOG
borrow (v) FIP
boss (n) PIN
bother, annoy (v) NUQ
bother, annoy, irk, irritate (v) (slang) YIV
bottle, jug, jar (n) BAL
bottom (interior of an object) (n) for the underside of an object see PIRMUS [KEP'A' JAVDIC] BIS'UB
bottom, underside (never the interior bottom) (n) for interior bottom see BIS'UB PIRMUS
bottom of foot (sole) (n) BEM
boundary (n) VEH
bowl (large) (n) (fu) MAHPIN
bowl (small) (n) (fu) DUK
boy (n) LODHOM
boy's knife GOJMEH TAJ
brag (v) MIY
brain (organ) (n) QOGIJ
brain, mind (n) YAB
brak'lul (redundancy in body parts) (n) BIRAKLUL
brakish, be brakish, be salty, (v) NA'
brave one (n) YOHWI'
brave, be brave (v) YOH
brave, be brave, be heroic, be bold, be valiant, be intrepid (v) (slang) SUB
brave, the brave (n) YOHWI'
bravery, courage (n) for courage of an unexpected or even reckless nature use KAJUNPAQ. TODUJ
break (rules) (v) BIV
break (something) off (v) WIX
break (v) GOR
break one's word (v) LAY'HA'
break up, ruin completely, destroy, tear down (v) QAW'
break, recess (n) LEN
breakfast (n) NIQ
breath (n) XUH
breathe (v) e.g., SUVBE'CUG SUVWI' XUHBE' SUVWI' - If a warrior does not fight he does not breathe. XUH
breed (v) SEP
breeze, wind (n) SUS
bregit lung (n) BIREQTAG
Brek'tal ritual (n) BIREKTAL
bridge (of ship) (n) MEH
brigadier (n) 'EC
bright, be bright, light (v) WOV
bring (v) KEM
brother (n) LODNI'
buddy, pal, close male friend of male (n) MAKOC
bug, cootie (n) GEW
build up, take form (v) CEN
building, structure, house (n) KAC
bump into, run into, collide with (v) FEQ
burn (n) * MEQ
burn (v) MEQ
burst into song (v) WUP
bury (v) MOL
bus, jitney (n) LUPWI'
business (n) MALJA'
but, nevertheless, even so, however (conj) 'A , 'AC
butt heads (v) (slang) PAW'
buy, purchase (v) e.g., BIJE'BE'CUG VAJ BIHEG - Buy or die. JE'
by hand, control manually (v) RUQ
by then; then, (adv) in the sense of 'and then'..., after that..., by then..., subsequently and the like. e.g., wam chaH. ghIq Soj luvut - They hunt and then they prepare food. [KEP'A' JAVDIC] GIK

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