Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified


"catch of the day", dish in a restaurant (n) DAHJAJ GED
cadet (n) not an official title; refers to someone who is training to become a soldier. MAFHOM
cage (n) MO'
calculate (v) SIM
calendar (n) 'ISJAH
call, name (v) POF
calm, be calm (v) JOT
camp (military term) (n) RAQ
-can, able (v-5) e.g., JIKAWLAH - I can remember. -LAH
cancel (v) KIL
candle (n) WEQ
cane, staff (n) NAQ
cannon (n) [BoP Poster] TAL
cape (clothing) (n) FUP
capital (of a place) (n) MON
capital; First City (n) Capital of Kronos, the Klingon Homeworld. The region in this area is simply known as VEF WA'DIC SEPFirst City Region VEF WA'DIC
captain (rank) (n) HOD
Captain Jean-Luc Picard JANLUK PIKARD HOD
capture (v) JON
Cardassia (n) KARDAS
Cardassian (person) (n) KARDASFAN
care (about), be concerned (about) (v) SAH
care for, take care of (v) QORG
careful, be careful (v) YEP
careful, be careful, be profound, be thorough (v) (slang) COF
careless, be careless (v) YEPHA'
cargo (n) TEP
cargo carrier (n) TEPKEFWI'
cargo lift (n) [BoP Poster] (add to current defs) TEPKEFWI'
carry, convey (v) KEF
catalogue (n) MEM
catastrophe (n) LOT
-cause (imp: let, will, allow) (v-4) (equiv: -en). With commands use words like: let, will, allow) e.g., TIJWI'GOM VICENMOH - I form a boarding party (indicates the subject is causing a change of condition or causing a new condition to come into existence) -MOH
cause bat'leth to rotate, twirl bat'leth (v) (w) JIRMOH
cause damage, damage (v) QIH
cause (someone) to confess or reveal a secret (v) LUH
cause to ferment (v) ROGMOH
cause trouble (v) SEF
cautious, be cautious (v) HOJ
cave (n) DIS
cease (v) MEV
ceiling (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] PA' BEB
ceiling of a lower room, top of a room (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] [qep'a' javDIch] RAV'EK
ceiling/floor between stories (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] XOY' SAS
celebrant, recipient (n) SIQWI'
celebrate, observe (a ritual), (v) e.g., YILOP . WA'LES CAK MAHEG - Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die! LOP
celebration (n) LOP
celebration, party (n) LOPNO'
center, middle (n) BOX
century (n) VAX DIS POH
ceramic flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional) CO
ceramic flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional) COR BARG
ceramic material (n) NAG
ceremonial, be ceremonial, be formal, be ritualistic (v) SEQ
ceremony, rite, ritual (n) TAY
certain, be certain, be sure, be definite, be positive (v) (slang) BEJ
certain, be certain, be sure, be definite, be positive (v) (slang) NA'
-certainly, undoubtedly (v-6) e.g., CIMBEJ - It is certainly empty. -BEJ
certainty (n) DIC
chain (n) MIR
chair (n) KUS
challenge (n) KAD
challenge (v) KAD
chance (take a), take a risk, gamble (v) SUD
chance, opening, opportunity (n) 'EB
chancellor (n) QAF
-change in state/direction (become, begin to) (v-3) e.g., MADO'COH - We are becoming lucky (a change of luck). -COH
change (n) COH
change, alter (v) COH
charge (military term) (v) YOV
charge (up) (v) HUJ
charming! (used only ironically) (excl) WEJPUH
chase, follow (v) XA'
chat (v) JAW
cheap, be cheap (v) KUX
cheat (n) FORWI'
cheat (v) FOR
cheek, jowl (n) KEVPOB
chew (v) YIV
chewy, be chewy (v) FAL
child, offspring (n) PUK
chin (n) WOS
chisel (v) NANWI'
chocolate (n) YUC
choice (n) WIV
choke (v) VOQ
choose, select (v) WIV
chore, duty, quest, mission, task (n) QU'
chronometer, watch (n) XAK
circle (n) GO
citizen (n) REWBE'
city (n) VEF
civilisation (n) TAYKEK
civilise (v) TAYMOH
civilised, be civilised (v) TAY
claim (territory) (v) DOQ
clarify for, specify for, explain clearly to (v) (slang) CUH
class (starship), starship (n) 'EJDO'
classification (n) BUV
classify (v) BUV
claw (n) PAC
clean, be clean (v) SAY'
clear, be clear, not obstructed (v) HUV
-clearly, perfectly (v-6) e.g., JIJAJCU' - I understand perfectly. -CU'
cleavage (female), valley (n) FEC
clever, be clever, be insightful (v) (slang) SIJ
clever, be clever, smart, intelligent (v) VAL
cliff (n) KOJ
climb (v) TOS
clip (v) PODMOH
clipped, be clipped (v) POD
cloak, hide (v) e.g., HIVMEH DUJ SO'LU' - A ship cloaks in order to attack. SO'
cloaking device (n) SO'WI'
close female friend of a female (n) CAJ
close in, get closer, come nearer (v) COL
close, be close, near, nearby (v) SUM
close, shut (v) e.g., LOJMITVEX YISOQMOH - "Shut that door!" (an infamous Terran English saying). SOQMOH
closed, be closed, shut (v) SOQ
clothing (n) SUT
cloud (n) 'EF
club, bludgeon (n) JEKKIJ
club, stick [SEE mace (n)] (GANJAK)
clumsy, be clumsy (v) SOY'
coalition (n) BOK RU'
coalition, alliance, bloc, fusion¹ (n) [¹BoP Poster] BOK
coat (food) with a herb mixture (v) (fu) PID
coat (type of) (n) CESVEL
coat, jacket (n) WEP
coat, jacket (n) (regional) CESVEL
cockroach (n) VEX
cocktail lounge, bar, saloon, pub (n) e.g., HIK DASAMMEH TAC YI'EL - To find ale, go into a bar. TAC
code (n) FOK
code name (n) PER YUD
coffee (n) KA'VIN
coffee with liquor (n) RA'TAJ
cold, be cold (v) BIR
collapse (v) DEJ
collar (n) MOFDEC
collect (v) BOS
collide (v) PAW'
collide with, bump into, run into (v) FEQ
colony (n) MID
column (n) TUT
combat (abstract), battle (n) refers to the concept of battle whereas, MAY' - battle (n) & SUV - fight (v), are used to refer to a specific instance. [KGT p47] VIK
come nearer, close in, get closer COL
come, follow (a course), approach, go away from, proceed (v) GOS
comet (n) LIY
command, order (n) * RA'
command, order (v) RA'
commandant (n) LA''A'
commander (n) RA'WI'
commander (rank) (n) LA'
commend, approve, praise (v) NAD
commendation (n) NAD
Commendation list (n) NAD TEX
commit a crime (v) HES
commit suicide (v) HOH'EG
commit treason (v) (see also MAG) . 'UR
commit treason, betray, reveal, act against. (v) see also 'UR MAG
commodore (n) TOX
communicate (v) QUM
communications, communication related technology (n) [BoP Poster] QUM
communicator, communications device (n) QUMWI'
companion; romantic companion/partner (n) PARMAKKAY
company (military) (n) WEY
company (military) (n) WEY
comparatives (gram) [SEE be many/be few] when A & B are the nouns being compared and A is Q-er than B the layout can be represented by: A Q LAW' B Q PUS e.g., LA' JAK LAW' YAS JAK PUS - The commander is bolder than the officer. superlative: When A is Q-est of all then both LAW' and PUS are used with HOC used in the B position. The layout can then be represented by: A Q LAW' HOC Q PUS . e.g., LA' JAK LAW' HOC JAK PUS - The commander is boldest of all. (LAW' + PUS)
compel, force (v) RAD
compete (v) 'OV
compile, formulate, pull together (thoughts) (v) doesn't have a straightforward equivalent in English. The idea seems to be that of bringing thoughts together into some kind of reasonably coherent form so that they can be conveyed to someone else. see also GIX – write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise and KON – record, compose. GER
complain, object, gripe (v) BEP
complete, be complete, full, whole, entire (v) NAQ
Completed! Finished! Done (excl) PIX
complex, be complex, be difficult (v) QAX
comply (v) HEQ
component, part, piece, section (n) 'AY'
compose, record (v) see also GIX – write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise and GER - formulate, compile. NB: Apparently Klingon songs are not composed by anybody - they're just out there, waiting to be hunted down, trapped and taught to others. KON
compromise (v) MOS
computer (n) DE'WI'
concentrate on, focus on, think only about (v) e.g., VEKLARGLI' YIBUS 'EJ VEKLARGWI' VIBUS - You pay attention to your Fek'lhr and I'll pay attention to mine. BUS
concentrate, pay attention (v) KIM
concertina, accordian (n) MAY'RON
condemn (v) KIC
conduct diplomacy (v) GAR
conduit¹, tunnel (n) [¹BoP Poster] 'OC
confer, discuss (v) JA'CUK
confess (v) DIS
confess; cause (someone) to confess or reveal a secret (v) LUH
confide (v) TEY'
confidence (one with lack of self-confidence) [SEE insecure one, one full of self-doubt (n) (regional) (slang)] (GAW')
confident (self), be self confident (v) JEQ
confine (v) WEG
conflict (n) YOL
confront, resist, oppose, face, challenge (v) KAD
confuse (v) MISMOH
confused, be confused, mixed up (v) MIS
confusion (n) MIS
conglomeration (n) XOQ
congratulate (v) HOY'
connect (v) RAR
conquer (v) CARG
conqueror, victor (n) CARGWI'
consent (v) GIB
consequential thing, something important (n) POX
consider, take into account (v) KEL
conspiracy (n) QUS
conspire (v) QUS
consul (n) JOJLU'
consume soup (v) 'EP
consume, use up, expend (v) NAX
contain (an enemy) (v) SEV
contain (have inside) (v) FAS
contemptible, be contemptible be reprehensible, be disgusting (v) (slang) NAX
continue, go on, endure, survive (v) TAH
-continuous (v-7) (equiv: -ing) e.g., YIGOSTAH - Maintain this course -TAH
contradict (v) XOC
contribute (v) GAK
control (v) SEH
control manually, by hand (v) RUQ
control panel (n) SEH
convey, carry (v) KEF
convince, persuade (v) PON
cook, prepare food (v) does not require any heat VUT
cooperate (v) JIJ
cooperate (v) YEK
cooperative, be cooperative (v) JIJ
co-ordinates (n) QUV
corporal (rank) (n) DA'
corpse (n) LOM
correct, be correct, right, ü (v) LUG
corridor (n) [BoP Poster] COB
corrode, rust, decay (v) RAG
corrupt (v) KALMOH
corrupt, be corrupt (v) KAL
cosmos (n) FEHBEJ
costume, disguise (n) JEC
could; [SEE –can,-able (v-5)] (-LAH)
Council of Elders (n) KUPRIP
council, assembly (n) YEJ
council, assembly (n) RIP
count (v) TOG
counterfeit, be counterfeit, false, fake (v) FEB
country, countryside (n) HAX
couple; pair (n) [BoP Poster] CAF'EF
courage, audacity, kajunpakt (n) of an unexpected or even reckless nature rather than that described when using TODUJ. Originally only spoken in Krios literally meanining ‘glowing lava' (pg10 KGT). KAJUNPAQ
courage, bravery (n) for courage of an unexpected or even reckless nature use KAJUNPAQ. TODUJ
course, dish (at a meal) (n) NAY'
course, route (n) HE
court (n) BO'DIJ
court-martial (v) GIPDIJ
cover, top, lid (of an object) (n) for top of an object see YOR for inside of lid... see 'AKROS YUVXE'
coward (n) NUC
crazy, be crazy (v) MAW'
creator, maker (n) CENMOHWI'
credit (monetary unit) (n) DEQ
crest; family crest (n) TUK DEG
crew, crewman (n) BEK
crime (n) HES
criminal (n) HESWI'
crowd (n) GOM'A'
crowd (v) KEV
crown (n) MIV'A'
cruise (v) KUG
cruiser (n) KUGDUJ
cruising speed (n) [BoP Poster] KUGDO
cry (v) SAQ
cry out, shout, yell, scream (v) JAC
cry, howl, wail (n) used alone and in sentences e.g., HEG BEY - death cry <> BEY SEQ - ceremonial howl BEY
crystal (geologic formation) (n) KUT
cunning, be cunning (v) 'OF
cur, dog, inferior person (slang) (n) HA'DIBAH
cur, dog, inferior person (n) (slang) HA'DIBAH
cur, dog, inferior person (slang) (n) HA'DIBAH
cure (v) VOR
currency (a unit of) (n) DARSEK
curse (n) MU'KAD
curse (n) MU'KAD
curse warfare (n). e.g., <>DEJPU'BORG HOV RUR KABLIJ -Your face looks like a collapsed star! <> HOS LI' DALO'HA'CU' - You are a total waste of good energy! <> GE' 'ORDAK LUSPET 'OH DAKLIJ'E' - You belong in a black hole in the netherworld! <> HAB SOSLI' QUC - Your mother has a smooth forehead! MU'KAD VES
curse words:  
!"$%£# (excl) TAHKEK
!"%^&@ (invective)(excl) BAQA'
#^$%!' (excl) you might call someone this if you weren't on the best of terms TODSAH
$~#!@ (excl) used in moments of extreme anger QU'VAX
%$"@# (invective) (excl) HU'TEG
%$"~*# (short for Qu'vatlh) (invective) (excl) VA
%£!@~# (excl) QOVPAX
&*%@~# (excl) PETAQ
(general invective) (excl) BAQA'
*?!#@ (excl) QI'YAH
@*$%# (invective) (excl) This is the curse one would use after receiving an unsettling communiqué. It is far worse than "Darn it!" GUY'CA'
~@'#$£" (invective) (excl) GAY'CA'
"!£$&##@ (excl) YINTAG
cursed, be cursed, be jinxed (v) 'IG
custom (n) TIG
customarily, habitually, regularly (adv) ROD
cut (v) PE'
cut, trim (hair) (v) CIP
cutting knife (n) PE'MEH TAJ

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