Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

face (n) (also used as a symbol of identity) KAB
face, resist, oppose, confront, challenge (v) KAD
fact (n) FOD
faction, sect (n) XAC
faction words; argot, jargon (n) jargon in the sense of specialized vocabulary used in an activity or trade e.g., warfare, music, arts, food. XAC MU'MEY
factory (n) LASVARG
fail (v) (also lose (v)) LUJ
fail utterly (v) (slang) VONLU'
fair, be fair (v) MAY
fake, be fake, false, counterfeit (v) FEB
fall (suffer loss of status) (v) LU
fall (v) PUM
false, be false, counterfeit, fake (v) FEB
family (n) KORDU'
family crest (n) TUK DEG
famous, be famous (v) NOY
fan, fanatic (n) FOXWI'
fanatic, fan (n) FOXWI'
fanatical, be fanatical (v) FOX
far, be far, remote (v) HOP
farm (n) DU'
farm(n) WIJ
fascinate (v) VUQ
fast, quickly (adv) NOM
fastened, be fastened, be sealed, be locked, be secured (v) FAQ
fast-Move! Move fast Move quickly! (excl) NOM
fat, animal fat (n) XAG
fat, be fat (v) PI'
fat, be fat (v) ROR
fatal, be fatal (v) HEGMOH
fate (n) SAN
father (n) VAV
fault (seismic) (n) SEK
fault, blame (n) PIC
FAX machine (n) NAV HABLI'
feast, banquet (n) 'UQ'A'
fed up, be fed up (v) PUQ
Federation battle cruiser (n) DIVI'MAY'DUJ
federation, organisation, association, league, union (n) DIVI'
feed (someone else), enrich (spirit) (v) e.g. KA' WIJE'MEH MASUV - we fight to enrich the spirit. In this example the sentence focuses more on the giver than that of the recipient (the sole). JE'
feet (n) KAMDU'
Fek'lhr, Klingon devil/demon (n) the beast who guards the dwelling place of the dishonoured dead. VEKLARG
Fek'lhr's eyes are yellow/green, jealousy (idiom) e.g., a] LOSMAH ROMULSFAN SUVWI'PU' HOHTA' KEF. b] SUD VEKLARG MINDU'... a] Kang killed 40 Romulan warriors. b] Somebody is jealous. [See also GAL - jealous, envy (n)] [KEP'A' JAVDIC] SUD VEKLARG MINDU'
female, woman (n) BE'
fend off, resist (v) 'OM
Ferengi (n) VEREFAN
Ferengi dog (n) a classic insult (excl) VEREFAN HA'DIBAH
ferment (v) ROG
ferment; cause to ferment (v) ROGMOH
festival (n) YUPMA'
few, be few, be several, be a handful (v) (when used in a sentence with: law' it forms a comparative statement) e.g., LA' JAK LAW' YAS JAK PUS - The commander is bolder than the officer. (This further forms a superlative statement when both are used wit PUS
field (of land) (n) YOX
fierce, be fierce (v) KU'
fife, flute (n) (music) DOV'AG
fifth tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) VAG
fifth, 5th (num) VAGDIC
fight (v) used to refer to a specific instance. The noun VIK - combat, is used to refer to the general concept. SUV
fight dirty (v) HIG
fight, battle (of major ferocity) (v) HARG
fight, battle (of mid-level ferocity) (v) VAY
fight, battle (of minor ferocity) (v) QOR
fight, battle (of relatively major ferocity) (v) LUL
fight, battle (of relatively minor ferocity) (v) XAS
fight, battle, do battle, wage war (v) must have an expressed object so ‘with' normally forms part of the translation GOB
fighting; Klingon fighting technique (n) TONSAW'
filament, string, thread (n) SIRG
file (work tool) (n) TEYWI'
fill (v) TEB
filled up, be filled up, be full (v) BUY'
final, be final, last (v) QAV
financier, accountant (n) (slang) CELWI'
find (after seeking), locate (v) SAM
find, observe, notice, discover (v) TU'
fine, tax (v) RUP
finger (holes, strings of instrument) to vary sound (v) HEF
finger (holes, strings of instrument), vary sound (v) HEF
finger (n) NIX
finger paint, paint using fingers (v) FOH
fingernail (n) NIXPAC
fingernail dirt (n) BUX
Finished! Done! Completed (excl) PIX
finished, be finished, accomplished (v) RIN
finova bean(s) (n) VINO'VA' KURG
fire (n) KUL
fire (torpedo, rocket, missile) (v) BAH
fire dancer (n) KUL MI'WI'
fire, energise (e.g., thrusters) (v) LAQ
first, 1st (num) WA'DIC
first (and last) tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) YU
First City (n) Capital of Kronos, the Klingon Homeworld. The region in this area is simply known as VEF WA'DIC SEPFirst City Region VEF WA'DIC
First City Region (n) the name of the region surrounding VEF WA'DIC - First City VEF WA'DIC SEP
First Officer (n) [KGT p53] YAS WA'DIC
fish (n) BIQDEP
fissure (n) QARG
fist (n) RO'
five, 5 (num) VAG
fix, repair (v) TI'
flag (n) JOKWI'
flap, flutter, wave (v) JOK
flat end of a pigment stick (n) (slang) NIXPAC
flat, be flat (v) BEQ
flat/open hand (n) GIT
flat-bottomed pot for food preparation (n) BARG
flat-bottomed pot for food preparation (n) (regional) can be shortened to just VUT'UN. See also BARG. VUTMEH 'UN
flat-bottomed pot for food preparation (n) (regional) shortened form of VUTMEH 'UN. See also BARG. VUT'UN
Flat Mountain District (n) in the SA'QEJ Region HUD BEQ YOS
flatterer, sycophant (n) (slang) BOCMOHWI'
flee, get out (v) HAW'
fleet (of ships) (n) YO'
flood (n) SOD
flood (v) SOD
floor (n) RAV
floor; ceiling/floor between stories (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] XOY' SAS
floor; deck (on a ship) (n) [BoP Poster] for a ceiling/floor between stories use XOY' SAS (n) [NEWS 12/7/98] COQ
flute, fife (n) (music) DOV'AG
flutter, wave, flap (v) JOK
fly (v) PUV
focus - lack of, be not attentive, be distracted (v) (slang) DAC
focus on, think only about, concentrate on (v) e.g., VEKLARGLI' YIBUS 'EJ VEKLARGWI' VIBUS - You pay attention to your Fek'lhr and I'll pay attention to mine. BUS
follow (a course), approach, go away from, proceed, come (v) GOS
follow (rules) (v) PAB
follow, chase (v) XA'
food (n) SOJ
food server in a Dok'e (fast-food restaurant) (n) TEBWI'
food server, waiter, waitress (n) JABWI'
food; type of food (n) SU'LOP
food; type of food preparation  
  boil (v) PUB
  cook, prepare food (v) does not require any heat VUT
  render, boil fat (v) 'IM
  stew (v) QEV
fool (n) KOH
foolish, be foolish, silly (v) DOG
foot (n) KAM
foot-sole of (n) BEM
foot-top of (n) MOV
-for (n-5) e.g., QU'VAD LI' DEVAM - This information is useful for the mission. When the indirect object (in this case, the hearer) is first or second person, the pronominal prefix, which normally indicates first or second person object may be used. e.g., KAMA'PU'VAD SOQ DAJAX - you make a speech to the prisoners. -VAD
-for (only in the sense of {because of/due to}) e.g., MEKMEY PUSMO' - for several reasons [SEE -due to (v-5)] *** (-MO')
-for, for the purpose of, in order to (purpose clause marker) (v-9) e.g., JA'CUKMEH ROJHOM NEH JAGLA' - The enemy commander wishes a truce (in order) to confer. -MEH
forbid (v) TUC
force back, force a retreat; drive back (v) page 48 KGT DOHMOH
force, compel (v) RAD
force field (n) SURCEM
forcefully, by force (adv) PE'VIL
fore (n) 'ET
forehead (n) QUC
forehead (n) (regional) BOD
forehead (n) (regional) HUY'DUF
forehead (n) (regional) JARG
forehead (n) (regional) MIQ
forehead (n) (regional) NO''OC
forehead (n) (regional) TUKVOL
forehead (n) (regional) 'AQLO'
foreigner, alien, outsider (n) NOV
foreigner, outsider (n) (slang) HUR'IK
foresight (n) LESSOV
forest, woods (n) FEM
forget (v) LIJ
fork (n) [From Marc Okrand on startrek.klingon (Usenet newsgroup) 5/5/98] PUK CONNAQ
form, make, create (v) CENMOH
formal, be formal, be ritualistic, be ceremonial (v) SEQ
formulate, compile, pull together (thoughts) (v) which doesn't have a straightforward equivalent in English. The idea seems to be that of bringing thoughts together into some kind of reasonably coherent form so that they can be conveyed to someone else. see also GIX – write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise and KON – record, compose. GER
fortify, invigorate, strengthen (v) [MSN news group 10/20/98] RAC
fortunate, be fortunate, lucky (v) DO'
four, 4 (num) LOS
fourth tone of nonatonic musical scale (n) LOS
fourth, 4th (num) LOSDIC
fraudulent, be fraudulent (v) KARHA'
free, be free, independent (v) XAB
freedom, independence (n) XAB
freeze (v) TADMOH
freighter (n) TOFDUJ
frequency (radio) (n) e.g., EVNAG SE' - subspace frequency SE'
frequency, radio frequency (see also Hertz) (CADVAY')
frequently, often (adv) PIJ
fresh, be fresh, be just killed (meat) (v) GOQ
friend (n) JUP
friend, close female friend of a female (n) CAJ
friend; companion; romantic companion/partner (n) PARMAKKAY
-from (n-5) e.g., PA'VO' YIJAH - leave the room! -VO'
from now, time period from now (n) e.g.wej tup pIq - three minutes from now [See also LES - days from now <> NEM - years from now <> WAQ - months from now] [KEP'A' JAVDIC] PIK
front, area in front of (n) XOP
frozen, be frozen (v) TAD
fruit, vegetable (n) NAH
fruit (a type of) (n) NA'RAN
fruit (type of) (n) PEB'OT
fruit; husk, rind, peel (of fruit, nut) (n) YUB
fruit knife, vegetable knife (small knife) (n) NAH TAJ
fruit pit; pit (of fruit) (n) {KGT p89} NAHNAG
frustrated, be frustrated (v) MOG
fuel (n) NIN
full, be full, be filled up (v) BUY'
full, be full, whole, entire (v) NAQ
function, succeed, work, win (a competition) (v) QAP
funeral (n) NOL
fungus; type of fungus (n) 'AXKAM
funny, be funny (v) XAQ
fur (n) VED
fusion, alliance, bloc, coalition (n) [BoP Poster] BOK

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