Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

gagh; sauce for gagh (n) GEVI'
gagh, serpent worms (as food) (n) KAG
gain (n) SOK
gain; get closer, come nearer, close in (v) COL
galactic rim (n) KIBHES
galaxy (n) KIB
gall, slime, bile (n) HUH
galley (n) VUTPA'
gamble, take a chance, take a risk (v) SUD
game (n) QUJ
gang plank, stairway leading to the door of a ship (n) (regional) LEX
gangplank, stairway leading to door of a ship (n) COGVAT
garbage (n) VEQ
garbage scow (n) VEQDUJ
gargle (v) GAG
gas (n) SIP
gate, door (n) LOJMIT
GaTH'K, Ode of Respect (n) GA'XIK
gear, equipment (n) LUC
gemstone (n) NAGBOC
gemstone; type of gemstone (n) general term for gemstone is NAGBOC SEPAR
general (rank) (n) SA'
generation (n) PUK POH
generation (n) PUK POH
generator (n) LIFWI'
Genesis (n) KA'VAM
genius (n) WIG
get, acquire, obtain (v) SUK
get; [See –cause/-change] as in become as specified e.g., WA'HU' JIYIQCOH - I got wet yesterday. YIQMOH BIQ - water gets me wet. ??? (-MOH)


get away from, back away from, back off (v) See also HED - retreat. DOH
get closer, come nearer, close in (v) COL
get in (v) YOF
get off (of) (v) LITHA'
get on(to) (v) LIT
get out, flee (v) HAW'
get out, take out (v) LEL
get up (v) HU'
Gevchock Region (n) a city in this region is RUK'E'VETRukevet see entry for more details or pge17 KGT. GEVCOK SEP
gift (n) NOB
Gin'tak, battle spear (n) GINTAK
ginger beer/root beer, any non-potent beverage (n) 'AWJE'
girl (n) BE'HOM
give (v) NOB
give back (v) NOBHA'
give back, return (v) NOBHA'
give up, surrender (v) JEG
gladst, type of food (n) XAX
gladst; sauce for gladst (n) 'USU'
Glasnost (ancient political movement) (n) GILASNOS
glass (tumbler) (n) HIVJE'
glavin, Ligonian spike glove (n) LIGON DUQWI' POG
glob fly (n) a tiny Klingon insect that makes a loud buzzing sound but has no stinger. Proverb e.g.: GILAB GEWMEY TIBUSQO' - Pay no heed to glob flies (which means, ‘Don't pay attention to insignificant things'). GILAB GEW
glove (n) POG
glow (v) WEW
gnaw (v) COPTAH
go (v) JAH
go aboard, board (v) TIJ
go after; [See follow, chase (v)] (XA')
go ahead, do it, proceed (v) RUC
go away from, proceed, come, follow (a course), approach (v) GOS
go in, enter (v) 'EL
go on, endure, continue, survive (v) TAH
go parallel to, be parallel (v) DON
go through (an open door, a tunnel, etc.) (v) {qep'a' loSDIch} VEG
goal, purpose (n) FOQ
God/Godess (n)* JOH'A'
gone (all), be all gone (v) LOJ
good news!, it's good to hear that! (excl) (slang) BUY' FOP
Good! (expressing satisfaction) (excl) MAJ
good, be good (v) QAQ
good, be good, be excellent (v) (slang) COF
gossip (v) JOS
gossip, rumour (n) JOS
gouge (v) NAN
govern (v) KUM
governess, nurse, nanny GOJMOK
government (n) KUM
governor (n) KUMWI'
gown (n) PAH
Gowron (pr n) GAWRAN
grain (n) TIR
grammar (n) PAB
grandfather (n) VAVNI'
grandmother (n) SOSNI'
grasp, hold (v) 'UC
gratitude, appreciation (n) XO'
grave (n) MOL
gravity (n) XAM
Great Barrier (n) VEH TIN
Great Hall (n) VAS'A'
great, be great, be wonderful, be excellent, be splendid (v) (slang) KU'
Great!, Wonderful! (excl) (slang) The (v) (slang) may also be used as an exclamation and in this sense is interchangeable with COF. KU'
great, be great, wonderful (v) DUN
greater part, most (n) HOCHOM
greedy, be greedy (v) KUR
green, be green, blue, yellow (v) SUD
Grethor, netherworld (the place where the spirits of the dishonoured go (n) GE'TOR
Grethor, netherworld (the place where the spirits of the dishonoured go (n) GE''OR
grin, sneer, smile (v) MON
gripe, complain, object (v) BEP
grouchy, be grouchy, mean (v) KEJ
ground (n) YAV
grounds, motivation, motive, reason, rationale (n) (slang) MO'
ground-up, dried-up mixture for brewing tea (n) QENVOB
group of people with shared culture, society (n) NUG
group officially recognised by government, order (n) 'OBE'
group, party (n) GOM
grown-up, be grown-up, be mature, be adult (v) NEN
growth, maturation (n) NEN
grow-up, mature (v) NENCOH
guard (n) 'AVWI'
guard (v) 'AV
guess (v) LOY
guest (n) MEB
guide, lead (v) DEV
guilty, be guilty (v) DIV
gunner (n) BAHWI'
gunner (n) MATHA'
gunpowder (n) FAT

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