Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

Kahless (pr n) KEYLIS
kajunpakt, courage, audacity (n) of an unexpected or even reckless nature rather than that described when using TODUJ. Originally only spoken in Krios literally meanining ‘glowing lava' (pg10 KGT). KAJUNPAQ
Kang (pr n) KEF
Kargan (pr n) {HolQeD 4.3} KARGAN
keep score (v) PE''EG
keep something secret, be secret (v) Secrecy Proverbs to use: <> HOV GAJBE'BOG RAM RUR PEG GAJBE'BOG JAJ - A day without secrets is like a night without stars. <> DE' LI' SOVLU'DI' CAK DO'HA' - Knowledge of useful information may be unfortunate. <> NOT MEV PEGMEY - Secrets never cease. <> JIJAXPA' JAX HOVMEY - The stars will talk before I will. PEG
keep, save (v) POL
kellicam (n) KELI'KAM
ketchup; type of (thick) sauce (n) prepared by thickening CANDOK - marinade. In some regions it is just called CANDOK JED - thick marinade. KETXUP
ketchup; type of (thick) sauce (n) (regional) prepared by thickening CANDOK - marinade. Normally known as KETXUP CANDOK JED
kevas (n) KEVAS
Khitomer (n) QI'TOMER
kick (v) PUP
kidnap (v) KUC
kill (v) HOH
killed-just; be just killed, be fresh (meat) (v) GOQ
killing (n) HOH
KLI journal (pr n) ‘language science.' HOLQED
Kling District (pr n) [BoP Poster] XIF YOS
Klingon (n) XIFAN
Klingon agoniser (n) QIGPEJ
Klingon ale, warnog (n) WORNAG
Klingon Assault Group (n) XIFAN HIVGOM
Klingon Defence Force (n) XIFAN HUBBEK
Klingon Directory (n) * XIFAN QUMMEM
Klingon Empire (n) XIFAN WO'
Klingon fighting technique (n) TONSAW'
Klingon High Command (n) ultimate Klingon military authority XIFAN RA'GOMKUV
Klingon Language Institute XIFAN HOL YEJHAD
Klingon major holiday (n) * which comes every tenth Klingon month. Like most Klingon holidays it is marked by much eating and drinking . It is also marked by a peculiar custom; Each guest brings a large dish of TO'BAJ 'US - stuffed to'barg legs to the hosts house. In return the guest is allowed to take any non-sacred item in the house. The actual origin of this custom is obscure. (I thought it sounded like KEPLO' ) . QI'LOP
Klingon martial art, Mok'bara (n) MOQBARA'
Klingon psychic probe (mind sifter) (n) TUQDOK
Klingon Sash, baldric (n) HA'KUJ
Klingon Security Force (n) XIFAN HUFBEK
Klingon standard language (n) refers to the current dialect which changes depending on the leader at the time. See also shortened version TA' HOL TA' XIFAN HOL
Klingon Strike Force (n) XIFAN MUPBEK
Klingon writing system (n) PIKAD
knee (n) KIV
kneel (v) TOR
knife case, sheath (n) VAH
knife for cutting (n) PE'MEH TAJ
Knife of Kirom (n) * (an ancient & sacred knife stained with the blood of Kahless the Unforgettable. qIrom taj ?
knife with a slender blade (a particular type) (n) GONDOK
knife with wavy-blade (n) QIS
knife, dagger (n) TAJ
knife; type of knife (n) TAJTIK
know (v) SOV
knowledge (n) SOV
kradge tail, type of food (n) QAJ XUQ
kradge, type of animal (n) QAJ
Kri'stak (n) * The volcano climbed by Kahless according to the myth of Kahless QI'Steq ?
Kronos (n) QO'NOS
Krotmeg (n) see QOTMAG SEP - Krotmag Region. QOTMAG
Krotmag Region (n) named after the leader of a powerful house who conquered neighboring areas centuries ago. QOTMAG SEP
K'Tinga class (of battle cruiser) (n) KITI'FA'
Kud - naturally produced (n) BURG KUD
kut'luch - ceremonial weapon (knife) of an assassin (n) e.g., REH BOC KUTLUC LO'LU'BOG - The used kut'luch is always shiny. KUTLUC
K'Vort (class of Klingon Bird-of-Prey Starship) (n) KIVO'RIT

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