Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

label (n) PER
label/ascertain╣, specify╣ (v) [TKD / NEWS group online 2/3/99] (v) PER
laboratory; research lab (n) [BoP Poster] QULPA'
lack focus, be not attentive, be distracted (v) (slang) DAC
lack, be lacking, be without, to not have (v) HUX
Lady/Lord, head of house, (n) JOH
lake (n) e.g., LUSOR FEF - Lake Lusor (NB. luSor is not canon) FEF
Lake Lusor (pr n) * the lake in which Kahless plunged his lock of hair to make the first betleH luSor ngeng ?
lame, be lame (v) RIG
land (n) PUH
land (v) SAK
landing gear (n) [BoP Poster] SAKJAN
landing party (n) SAKGOM
landing/take-off thrusters (n) (plural form) [BoP Poster] 'EDSEHCA
language (n) HOL
language; ancient language (n) NO' HOL
language; Emperor's language (n) TA' HOL
language; standard dialect (n) often shortened to just TA' HOL TA' XIFAN HOL
large wind instrument (n) MESCUS
laser (n) 'UD
laser scalpel (n) 'UD HAKTAJ
last words (n) MU'MEY QAV
last year (n) WA'BEN
last, be last, final (v) QAV
late, be late (v). PAS
lateral, be lateral, move laterally (v) NEC
latest innovation, new invention (n) (slang) see KGT page21 CAB CU'
laugh (v) HAG
launcher (n) [BoP Poster] BAHJAN
lava (n) VAHBO'
law (n) CUT
layer, level, standing (n) see also rank. PAX
lazy, be lazy (v) BUD
lead, guide (v) DEV
leader (n) DEVWI'
leaf (of a plant) (n) POR
league, union, federation, organisation, association (n) DIVI'
leak (v) NIJ
learn (v) GOJ
leave, depart (v) MEJ
lecture, address, speech (n) SOQ
left (side) (n) POS
left over, be left over (v) CUV
leftovers (grammatical term) (n) CUVMEY
leg (n) 'US
leg (served as food) (n) HAJDOB
legal proceeding, type of (n) MEKBA'
legal, be legal (v) MUB
lend (v) NOJ
length; have a length of, measure (v) AD
lengthy, be lengthy, long (duration) (v) NI'
lengthy, be lengthy, long (of an object) (v) TIK
-less [SEE -diminutive (n-1)] (-HOM)
-let, will, allow (implied when with a command) [SEE -cause (v-4)] (-MOH)
Let's go!, Come on! (excl) HA'
level, layer, standing (n) see also rank. PAX
level, layer, standing (n) see also rank. PAX
lexicon; Dictionary (n) MU'GOM
lick (v) ROS
lie, fib (v) NEP
lie, recline (v) QOT
lieutenant (n) SOG
lid, top, cover (of an object) (n) for top of an object see YOR for inside of lid... see 'AKROS [KEP'A' JAVDIC] YUVXE'
life (n) YIN
life signs (n) YINROH
life-support system (n) YINTAG
ligament, tendon (n) TO'WAQ
light, be light (weight) (v) TIS
light, be light, bright (v) WOV
light (n) [BoP Poster] as in a 'light' that you switch on. WOVMOHWI'
light years ( 1.25); unit of measure, 1.25 light years (n) [BoP Poster] LOGKAM
Ligon (n) LIGON
Ligonian (person) (n) often pronounced LIGOFAN missing off the last N in LIGON when adding FAN - ‘-person of' suffix. LIGONFAN
Ligonian Spike Glove, glavin (n) LIGON DUQWI' POG
like (v) PARHA'
likely (adv) GAYTAN
limb (of an animal) (n) GAM
limit (v) VUS
line, rope (n) XEG
lingta, type of animal (n) LIFTA'
linguistics (n) literally ‘language science'. HOLQED
lip (n) WAS
liquid, solution (n) TAS
liquor (type of), bahgol (n) BAKGOL
liquor, alcohol, ale, beer, wine (n) HIK
list (n) TEX
list, roll, scroll (n) TEX
listen (v) 'IJ
listen to, hear (v) QOY
litter, rubble, debris (n) DI
little, a little bit, slightly (adv) LOQ
live (v) YIN
live in/at, reside in/at, dwell in/at (v) DAB
liver (n) CEJ
liver (n) (regional) MAVJE'
lizard skin, scales (animal covering) (n) GISDEN
lizard-like, salamander-like creature, loong (n) LUF
loathsome, be loathsome, be unsavoury, be disgusting, be repugnant, be icky (v) 'UP
locate, seek and find (v) SAM
location, site (n) DAK
-locative (in, to, on, at) (n-5) (equiv. Terran suffixes: -ed/-en) e.g., PA'DAK JIHTAH - I'm in the room. (Need never be used on nouns connected to a locative verb) Also ‘with-in' can be implied in a translation e.g., SOHDAK KEYLIS KA' YINJAJ - May the spirit of Kahless live within you (May the spirit of Kahless live in/to/at/on you). -DAK
locked, be locked, be sealed, be secured, be fastened (v) FAQ
log, journal (n) QONOS
long, be long, lengthy (duration) (v) NI'
long, be long, lengthy (of an object) (v) TIK
long range sensors (n) [BoP Poster] CUK'A' NOCMEY
look for, seek, search for (v) NEJ
loong, type of animal (lizard like) LUF
loose, be loose (v) QEYHA'
loosen (v) QEYHA'MOH
lord (n) JAW
lord/Lady, head of house (n) JOH
lose (not win) (v) LUJ
lose, misplace (v) CIL
lots of times; [SEE ordinal numbers (num el)] (-LOG)
love (only with more aggressive overtones) (n) PARMAK
love song (n) BAF BOM
love, one who is loved (n) BAF
low, be low (v) 'ES
lower (spear) to horizontal to attack (v) (w) GUS
loyal, be loyal (v) MAX
luckily, with luck (adv) DO'
lucky, be lucky, fortunate (v) DO'
lullaby NAJMOHWI'
lumpy, be lumpy (v) XER
lunch (n) MEG
lung (n) TAG
lunge, thrust (v) JOP
lunge, thrust (v) JOP
Lursa (pr n) LURSA'
lyric, lyrics (n) BOM MU'

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