Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

mace (stick, club) (n) GANJAK
machinery (n) JO'
machinery (n) MIKTA'
mad, be mad, be angry (v) QEH
magato (n) MUGATO'
magnetic field (n) PEQ CEM
magnetism (n) PEQ
main core (n) [BoP Poster] SOSBOR'A'
main corridor (n) [BoP Poster] COB'A'
maintain (v) LEH
maintenance (n) LEH
make, create, form (v) CENMOH
make a mistake, be mistaken, err (v) QAG
make a mistake, err (v) (slang) see also QAG for non-slang. BACHA'
make peace (v) ROJ
make war (v) QOJ
maker, creator (n) CENMOHWI'
male, man (n) LOD
mallet (for striking a musical instrument) (n) (m) MUPWI'HOM
Maltz (pr n) [TKD p58] MAX
man, male (n) LOD
manage (v) VU'
manager (n) VU'WI'
manipulate by hand, handle (v) RAQ
manoeuvre (engines) (v) QOD
manoeuvre (military term), adventure (n) TUH
manually control, by hand (v) RUQ
manuscript (n) GIX
many, be many, be numerousı (v) (when used in a sentence with: PUS it forms a comparative statement) e.g., LA' JAK LAW' YAS JAK PUS - The commander is bolder than the officer. (This further forms a superlative sentence when both are used with HOC e.g., LA' JAK LAW' HOC JAK PUS - The commander is boldest of all. If the noun following HOC is explicitly plural, it means 'all'. If it is singular, it means ‘each'. [ıTKD in E-K] LAW'
Mara (pr n) Kang's wife and science officer. MARA
marinade (n) when thickened it forms a sauce known in most regions as KETXUP although in some regions it is just called CANDOK JED - thick marinade. CANDOK
marinate (v) HAH
mark (in co-ordinates) (n) DOD
mark (upon), write , engrave, incise (v) see also KON – record, compose and GER - formulate, compile. GIX
markmanship, sharpshooting (n) VI'
marriage (n) XOG
marrow, bone marrow (n) MELCOQ
marry (husband does this) (v) SAW
marry (wife does this) (v) NAY
mash, squash (v) TAP
master (n) PIN'A'
mate challenge (n) NALKAD
mate challenge (n) NALKAD
mate with (v) e.g., TARGLIJ YIFAG YIRUC - go mate with your targ FAG
matter (n) HAP
maturation, growth (n) NEN
mature, be mature, be grown-up, be adult (v) NEN
mature, grow-up (v) NENCOH
mavek dagger (n) a twin bladed dagger used in the Mak Tovar Ritual. MA'VEK
maximum (n) [BoP Poster] 'AKROS
-may (v-9) (never used with v-7's) (expresses a desire or wish that something happens in the future) e.g., JAGPU'LI' DAGIJJAJ - may you scare your enemies. -JAJ
mean to, intend (v) HEC
mean, be mean, grouchy (v) KEJ
measure (unit of linear measure approx. 14"/35cm) (n) 'UJ
measure (unit of electric shock) (n) 'UL
measure (v) JUV
measure, have a length/height of (v) (object is the length/height) 'AB
measure, have a length of (v) 'AD
measure, have a width of (v) [MSN 10/22/97] JUC
measurement; unit of measure, 1.25 light years (n) [BoP Poster] LOGKAM
meat, animal (n) HA'DIBAH
meat; be just killed, be fresh (meat) (v) GOQ
meat from midsection of animal (n) GAB
meat from midsection of animal (no bones) (n) (regional) GAB TUN
medal, emblem, symbol, insignia (n) DEG
mediate, arbitrate (v) 'OD
medicine (n) HERG
meet (for the first time) (v) KIH
meet, encounter, assemble, rendezvous (v) GOM
meeting (n) KEP
mek'leth, type of weapon (n) a short Klingon sword with a sharp edge leading to a deadly point. Some also have serrated edges. MEKLEH
Melota (pr n) from a Klingon Opera MELLOTA'
melt (v) TET
memory/data banks (singular) (n) KAWHAK
menu (n) HIDJOLEV
merchant (n) SUY
merchant ship (n) SUYDUJ
mercy (n) PUF
merely, only, just, alone (adv) If after a noun it trivialises it taking on a meaning of only/merely/ just. If after a verb it means only/alone. NEH
mess hall (n) SOPWI'PA'
message (n) QIN
messy, be messy, sloppy (v) GIH
metal (n) BAS
metal flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional) (fu) MIV
metal flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional) (fu) MIV BARG
meteor (n) CUNDAB
mevak (n) a dagger used for the mauk-to'vor ritual - a way to restore one's honour by dying at the hands of a family member or friend. mevaq ?
midday (n) PEMJEP
middle, centre (n) BOX
midnight (n) RAMJEP
midnight snack (n) GEM
midsection meat from animal (n) GAB
military (n) QI'
milk (n) NIM
million's, 1000000's (num-forming element) (num) -'UY'
millionth, 1000000th (num) 'UY'DIC
mind sharing (n) TOVA'DAK
mind sifter (Klingon psychic probe) (n) TUQDOK
mind, brain (n) YAB
mine (n) XILHAL
mine (v) XIL
miner (n) XILWI'
mineral (n) XIL
minute (of time) (n) TUP
mis-; [SEE -undo (v-R)] (-HA')
miscellaneous, be miscellaneous, varied, various (v) SAR
Mishtarc (pr n) sculptor who made ‘Blood Oath Circles.' MISTAK
misinterpret (v) YAJHA'
misplace (v) CIL
mission ops (n) QU' VU'WI YAH
mission, task, chore, duty, quest (n) QU'
mistake; make a mistake, be mistaken, err (v) QAG
mistake (make a), err (v) (slang) see also QAG for non-slang BACHA'
mistaken, be mistaken, make a mistake, err (v) QAG
mix (v) DUD
mixed up, be mixed up, confused (v) MIS
mixing stick with flattened, paddlelike end (n) FAWDEK
mixing stick, stirring stick (n) 'UN NAQ
mixture of animal parts (n) DAGTUJ
mock (v) VAK
module (n) BOBCO'
Mok'bara, Klingon martial art) (n) MOQBARA'
money (n) HUC
monitor (v) JIH
month (Klingon) (n) JAR
moon (n) MAS
moonlight (n) MASWOV
morning (n) PO
morning, this morning (n) POVAM
mortal, be mortal (v) JUBBE'
most, greater part (n) HOCHOM
mother (n) SOS
motherboard (n) [BoP Poster] SOSBOR
motivate, inspire, stimulate (v) PILMOH
motivated, be motivated, be inspired, be stimulated (v) PIL
motivation, motive, grounds, reason, rationale (n) (slang) MO'
motive, motivation, grounds, reason, rationale (n) (slang) MO'
motive, reason (n) MEK
motor (n) [BoP Poster] FUSDI'
mountain, hill (n) HUD
mouth (n) NUJ
mouthfuls; eat small mouthfuls, nibble (v) NOS
mouthpiece (of a wind instrument) (n) (m) FUJLEP
move bat'leth from horizontal to vertical orientation (v) (w) FOL
move bat'leth from the vertical to horizontal orientation (v) (w) LEV
Move fast! Move quickly! (excl) NOM
move laterally, be lateral (v) NEC
move, be in motion (v) VIH
mumble, speak incoherently (v) (slang) JAT
murder (v) COT
muscles (n) SOMRAW
music (sound) (n) whether or not a Klingon voice is participating to produce this sound. QOQ
music; perform (music) (v) when referring to playing an instrument but not performing see CU' MUC
musical instrument (general collective term) (n) can also be QOQ JANMEY but the suffix -MEY is never required. Reference to an individual Instrument when used in context can be just JAN (see page 74 KGT). QOQ JAN
musical instrument (n) a shortened form of QOQ JAN but can be used especially when context makes it clear. JAN
musical performance [SEE opera (n)] (GE'NAQ)
musician (n) when referring to someone who plays an instrument but does not perform see CU'WI' MUCWI'
-must; -need (v-2) e.g., MASOPNIS - we need to eat. *** -NIS
mustachio (n) LOC
mutiny (v) KIQ
-my (n-4) (see -WI' if referring to nouns capable of language) -WIJ
-my (noun capable of using language) (n-4) (otherwise use -WIJ) -WI'
myth (n) WIC

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