Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

oath (n) 'IP
obey (v) LOB
object, gripe, complain (v) BEP
obliterate (v) SAF
observe, celebrate (a ritual) (v) LOP
observe, notice, discover, find (v) TU'
obsolete, be obsolete (v) NOX
obstruct (v) WAQ
obstructed (not), be not obstructed, be clear (v) HUV
obtain, acquire, get (v) SUK
-obviously (v-6) e.g., NEPWI' DABA' - he/she is obviously lying. -BA'
occasionally, sometimes (adv) RUT
occupy (military term) (v) DAN
occur, happen (v) KAS
occurrence, phenomenon, event (n) WANI'
ocean (n) BIQ'A'
odd, be odd (v) JUM
odour (n) PIW
offend (v) MAW
officer (n) YAS
offspring, child (n) PUK
often, frequently (adv) PIJ
Okay! I will! Yes! (excl) LUK
Okay! I will! Yes! (excl) LU'
old, be old (not new) (v) FO'
omit (v) NOP
on purpose, intentionally, purposely (adv) CIC
on, at, in, to, with-in [SEE -locative (n-5)] (-DAK)
once (adv) WA'LOG
-one another (v-1) e.g., MAKIPCUK - We hit each other (‘no object' prefix must be used as well as plural subjects). -CUK
one in authority or in charge, authority, power (n) (slang) FUP
one, 1 (num) WA'
-oneself (v-1) e.g., BILIH'EG - You introduce yourself. (prefix for no object must be used). -'EG
only, merely, just, alone (adv) If after a noun it trivialises it taking on a meaning of only/merely/ just. If after a verb it means only/alone. NEH
open (v) POSMOH
open, be open, opened (v) POS
open/flat hand (n) GIT
opened, be opened, open (v) POS
opening, chance, opportunity (n) 'EB
opera (n) GE'NAQ
operate, be in operation (v) QAP
operation; be in operation, operate (v) QAP
opinion (n) VUD
opponent, adversary (n) GOL
opportunity, chance, opening (n) 'EB
oppose, resist, confront, face, challenge (v) KAD
option, possibility (n) DUH
or, and/or (joining nouns [after]) (conj) JOK
or, and/or (joining sentences) (conj) KOJ
or, either/or (joining nouns[after]) (conj) GAP
or, either/or (joining sentences) (conj) PAG
orange, be orange, red (v) DOK
orbit (v) BAV
order, command (n) * RA'
order, command (v) RA'
order, group officially recognised by government (n) 'OBE'
Order of the Bat'leth (n) The highest honour that the High Council can bestow on a Klingon (p182 KGT) BETLEH 'OBE'
order, structure (societal) (n) (slang) XAM
ordinals numbers (num el) e.g, 1st 2nd 3rd - WA'DIC CA'DIC WEJDIC -DIC
Organia (n) 'ORGEN
Organia (n) 'ORGENYA'
Organian (n) 'ORGEFAN
Organian (n) 'ORGENYA'FAN
Organian Peace Treaty (n) 'ORGEN ROJMAB
Organian Peace Treaty (n) 'ORGENYA' ROJMAB
organisation, association, league, union, federation (n) DIVI'
organism (n) YAG
origin (n) MUF
ornament; ancestor hanging (wall ornament) (n) NO' DIR
others, extras (n) * LAXMEY
-our (n-4) (see also -MA' ) -MAJ
-our (noun capable of using language) (n-4) (otherwise use -MAJ). -MA'
out (get), flee (v) HAW'
out (take out), get out (v) LEL
outer (v) KOG
outside (n) HUR
outsider, alien, foreigner (n) NOV
outsider, foreigner (n) (slang) HUR'IK
over there, thereabouts, there (n) PA'
overhead (area), area above (n) DUF
overly, to an excessive degree, too much (adv) e.g., XOY JISOP - I eat too much. See also 'IK - be too many [KEP'A' JAVDIC] XOY
override (v) FEP
overripe, be overripe, be ripe (fruit, vegetable) (v) DEH
overtake, pass (v) JUS
oxygen (n) YINSIP

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