Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

page, sheet (n) * PAKNAV
pain, ache, sore (n) 'OY'
painstick (n) 'OY'NAQ
paint using fingers (v) FOH
paint, pigment, dye (n) RIX
painting [SEE stone panel (n)] (NAG BEQ)
pair (n) [BoP Poster] CAF'EF
palm (of hand) (n) TOC
panic (v) LIM
panoply, battle gear, complete set of armour and weapons (n) MAY'LUC
pants, trousers (n) YOPWAH
paper (n) NAV
paper clip (n) MAVJOP
Paradise (n) QI'TU'
parallel course (n) HEDON
parallel, be parallel, go parallel to (v) DON
paralyse (cause to be paralysed) (v) ROSHA'MOH
paraphernalia (n) 'AH
parry, deflect a lunge (v) WAY'
part, component, piece, section (n) 'AY'
participate (v) JES
partition/wall (interior) (n) for exterior wall see RED XOY'
partner (n) KOC
partner; romantic companion/partner (n) PARMAKKAY
party, celebration (n) probably an event or persons celebrating the event - picture of smiling Klingons. LOPNO'
party, group (n) GOM
pass, overtake (v) JUS
passage; [SEE corridor (n)] (COB)
passenger (n) RAQPO'
passionate, be passionate (v) NOF
patient (n) SID
patient, be patient (v) TUV
patrol (v) FIV
pause (v) YEV
paw (n) NAMWEC
pay attention, concentrate (v) KIM
pay for (v) DIL
peace (n) ROJ
peace; make peace (v) ROJ
peace treaty (n) ROJMAB
peel, husk, rind (of fruit, nut) (n) YUB
pelt (skin with fur still attached) (n) VEDDIR
penalty (n) JIP
percent (n) VAXVI'
percussion instrument (drum, bell) (n) 'IN
perfect, be perfect, exact (v) PUP
-perfective (v-7) e.g., DALEGPU' -You have seen it. (present perfect- action is completed) -PU'
perform (music) (v) when referring to playing an instrument but not performing see CU' MUC
perform surgery (on) (v) HAK
perhaps (adv) CAK
perilous, be perilous, be hazardous, be treacherous (v) QOM
period of time (n) POH
permanent, be permanent (v) RU'HA'
permit (n) CAW'
permit, allow (v) CAW'
person (humanoid) (n) GOT
person (humanoid) (n) NUV
person who is irresponsible or undisciplined (n) (slang)*e* DUJ FADHA'
personnel record (n) GOTPU' TA
persuade, convince (v) PON
pet (n) Some e.g. pet commands <> BA' - Sit! <> QAM - Stand <> HIV - Attack <> DESVEX YIV - Chew that arm! <> MEV - Don't eat that! <> HA'DIBAH KAB - Bad animal! SAJ
pet name, endearment (n) BAF POF
pet, stroke (v) YAC
petty officer, yeoman (n) NE'
phaser (n) PU'
phaser banks (n) PU'DAH
phaser crew (n) PU'BEK
phaser dental surgery (n) * HO'DU' PU'HAK
phaser pistol (n) PU'HIC
phaser rifle (n) PU'BEH
phenomenon, event, occurrence (n) WANI'
photon (n) 'OX
physician, doctor (n) QEL
pick up (v) WOH
pickle (cucumber) (n) HURG
pie, tart, dumpling (n) CAB
piece, part, component, section (n) 'AY'
pigment, paint, dye (n) RIX
pigment stick (n) RIX NAQ
pigment stick (n) (slang) NIX NAQ
pipius (n) PIPYUS
pistol; disruptor pistol, hand held disruptor (n) NISWI' HIC
pit (of fruit) (n) {KGT p89} NAHNAG
pity (v) VUP
place (something) (v) LAN
plain, be plain, be pure, be uncorrupted, be unsullied (v) NIT
plain spearhead with single sharp point (n) [KGT p64] QIN PUP
plan (v) NAB
plan, procedure (n) NAB
planet (n) YUQ
planet surface, surface (of a planet) (n) GOR
planetoid (n) YUQHOM
plant (type of) (n) DIGNA'
plant (v) POC
plant sap; sap of a plant, juice (n) some regions use VIYCORG to also generally refer to a sauce and might even say KAG VIYCORG instead of GEVI' . VIYCORG
plastic (n) MEP
plate (for eating) (n) JEFVA'
plates (for eating) (v) ??? FOP
platter for serving (n) 'ELPI'
play (a musical instrument) (v) when referring to performing with an instrument rather than just playing see MUC CU'
play (v) REH
play a game (v) QUJ
player (of an instrument) (n) when referring to someone who plays an instrument but does not perform see MUCWI' CU'WI'
plead, beg (v) KOY'
plead, request, ask (v) XOB
pleased, be pleased (v) BEL
pleasure (n) BEL
pluck (a stringed instrument) (v) (m) PAF
-plural (beings capable of using language) (n-2) e.g., PUKPU' - children. -PU'
-plural (general) (n-2) e.g., YIHMEY - tribbles (some nouns are inherently plural, RAY'-targets. When the singular form is used with -MEY it means ‘all over the place') (this also applies when -MEY is used instead of -PU'/-DU') -MEY
-plural (n-2) e.g., NIXDU' - fingers. -DU'
pneumatic hypo, hypo (n) HERGWI'
pneumatic hypo, hypo (n) HERG QAYWI'
point; decimal point (n) VI'
policy (n) FOC
political power, authority (n) WOQ
pony tail (n) (slang) NAQ
ponytail (n) DAQ
ponytail holder (n) COLJAH
ponytail holder (n) (slang) QEB
popular, be popular (v) QAT
population (n) ROGVAH
positive, be positive, be certain be sure, be definite (v) (slang) BEJ
positive, be positive, be sure, be definite, be certain (v) (slang) NA'
posses, have (v) GAJ
possession (spiritually) (n) JATYIN
possibility (n) NUH
possibility, option (n) DUH
possible, be possible (v) DUH
possible, be possible (v) KIT
postpone, procrastinate (v) LUM
pot; (flat-bottomed pot for food preparation) (n) (fu) BARG
pot; flat-bottomed pot for food preparation (n) (regional) can be shortened to just VUT'UN. See also BARG. VUTMEH 'UN
pot; flat-bottomed pot for food preparation (n) (regional) shortened form of VUTMEH 'UN. See also BARG. VUT'UN
pot; (for food preparation) (general term) (n) 'UN
pot made of ceramic with a flat bottom (n) (regional) CO
pot made of ceramic with a flat bottom (n) (regional) COR BARG
pot; type of pot with handles (used for food preparation) (n) NEVDAG
pour (from one container into another), decant (v) KAF
pour (into/onto anything) (v) LIC
power (political), authority (n) WOQ
power, authority, one in authority or in charge (n) (slang) FUP
power, strength, energy (n) HOS
powerful, be powerful (v) HOSGAJ
practice, train, prepare (v) KEK
praise again, re-approve, re-commend (v) NADKA'
praise, commend, approve (v) NAD
precede (v) NUF
predecessor (n) NUBWI'
prefer (v) MAS
preferable, be preferable (v) KAK
prefix (n) MOHAK
Prefixes, verb prefixes [SEE tables on page 5]  
  • he/she/it - him/her/it/them (pre)
  • he/she/it - us (pre)
  • he/she/it - you (pre)
  • he/she/it/they - (no object) (pre)
  • he/she/it/they - me (pre)
  • he/she/it/they - you(pl) (pre)
  • I - (no object) (pre)
  • I - him/her/it/them (pre)
  • I - you (plural) (pre)
  • I - you (pre)
  • imp: you - (no object) (pre)
  • imp: you - him/her/it (pre)
  • imp: you - me (pre)
  • imp: you - them (pre)
  • imp: you - us (pre)
  • imp: you (plural) - him/her/it (pre)
  • imp: you (plural) - me (pre)
  • imp: you (plural) - them (pre)
  • imp: you (plural) - us (pre)
  • it/he/she - him/her/it/them (pre)
  • it/he/she - us (pre)
  • it/he/she - you (pre)
  • it/he/she/they - (no object) (pre)
  • it/they/he/she - me (pre)
  • it/they/he/she - you(pl) (pre)
  • she/he/it - him/her/it them (pre)
  • she/he/it - us (pre)
  • she/he/it - you (pre)
  • she/he/it/them - (no object) (pre)
  • she/he/it/they - me (pre)
  • she/he/it/they - you(pl) (pre)
  • they - him/her/it (pre)
  • they - them (pre)
  • they - you (pre)
  • they/he/she/it - (no object) (pre)
  • they/he/she/it - me (pre)
  • they/he/she/it - you(pl) (pre)
  • we - (no object) (pre)
  • we - him/her/it (pre)
  • we - them (pre)
  • we - you (plural) (pre)
  • we - you (pre)
  • you - (no object) (pre)
  • you - him/her/it (pre)
  • you - me (pre)
  • you - them (pre)
  • you - us (pre)
  • you (plural) - (no object) (pre)
  • you (plural) - (no object) (pre)
  • you (plural) - him/her/it/them (pre)
  • you (plural) - me (pre)
  • you (plural) - us (pre)
pregnant, be pregnant (v) YAX
prepare, practice, train (v) KEK
prepare for, be alerted to (v) GUH
prepare food, cook (v) does not require any heat VUT
prepare kud in a specific way (v) SUKKA'
prepared, be prepared, ready (to launch) (v) if object is not specified it is always assumed to be a torpedo otherwise for ready refer to -RUP or (excl)'s 'EH, SUH, SU' GUS
-prepared, -ready (referring to beings) (v-2) e.g., KAQAHRUP - I am ready to help you. -RUP
present (v) MUC
present, be present (not absent) (v) SAH
presentation (n) MUC
preserve, save (v) COK
preside, rule, reign, run (v) CE'
prevent, block, prohibit (v) BOT
prevention, block, barrier (n) * BOT
prey (n) GED
Pride of weapons (n) [KCD] NUH BEY'
primitive, be primitive (v) LUX
prison, jail (n) BIGHA'
prisoner (n) KAMA'
prisoner (n) (slang) JAV
privilege, right (as in legal & moral entitlement) (n) DIB
prize (n) TEV
probe (n) NEJWI'
problem, be a problem, be a hassle (v) KAY'
procedure, plan (n) NAB
procedure, process (n) MIW
proceed, come, follow (a course), approach, go away from (v) GOS
proceed, go ahead, do it (v) RUC
process, procedure (n) MIW
proclaim (v) MAK
procrastinate, postpone (v) LUM
produce (n) DU' NAH
produce (v) LIF
profound, be profound, be thorough, be careful (v) (slang) COF
program (a computer) (v) GUN
progress (n) SER
progress (v) XEX
prohibit, prevent, block (v) BOT
project (task) (n) JINMOL
project, put on (screen) (v) HOX
promise (v) LAY'
promote (v) NUM
propel (v) VO'
prosper, be prosperous (v) CEP
protect (v) QAN
protected, be protected, be safe (v) (slang) QAD
protest (v) MORG
protrude from (v) JEK
proud, be proud (v) HEM
prove (v) TOB
prove, test conclusively (v) TOB
proverb (n) VITXEG
proverbs (n) VITXEGMEY
pull together (thoughts), formulate, compile (v) which doesn't have a straightforward equivalent in English. The idea seems to be that of bringing thoughts together into some kind of reasonably coherent form so that they can be conveyed to someone else. see also GIX – write, mark (upon) , engrave, incise and KON – record, compose. GER
pungent, be pungent (referring to food) (v) XORG
punish (v) BIJ
punish (v) HUP
punishment (n) BIJ
pupil (of eye) (n) LUR
purchase, buy (v) e.g., BIJE'BE'CUG VAJ BIHEG - Buy or die. JE'
pure, be pure (v) WAX
pure, be pure, be plain, be uncorrupted, be unsullied (v) NIT
-purpose; -for, for the purpose of, in order to (purpose clause marker) (v-9) e.g., JA'CUKMEH ROJHOM NEH JAGLA' - The enemy commander wishes a truce (in order) to confer. -MEH
purpose, goal (n) FOQ
purposely, on purpose, intentionally (adv) CIC
push (v) YUV
put down (v) ROQ
put on (clothes) (v) TUQMOH
put on, project (screen) (v) HOX
putrid, be putrid (v) FIM
pyjamas (n) NIVNAV

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