Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

qa'vak, hoop & stick manoeuvre (traditional game) (n) KA'VAQ
quadrant (n) JOG
quadrotriticale (n) LOSPEV
qualified, be qualified (v) 'UM
quantity; some, an unknown or unspecified quantity (n) 'OP
quarrel (v) SOL
quest, mission, task, chore, duty (n) QU'
question (asking a) (v) GEL
question, interrogate (v) YU'
qud; artificially produced qud (n) 'UN KUD
quickly, fast (adv) NOM
quickly-Move! Move quickly! Move fast! (excl) NOM
quiet, be quiet (v) TAM
quit (v) BUP
Qu'vatlh (short form) (invective) (excl) VA

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