Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

UFP, United Federation of Planets (n) (see also YUQJIJQA') YUQJIJDIVI'
ugly, be ugly (v) MOH
un- [SEE –Undo (v-R)] (-HA')
unconditional surrender (n) DOGJEY
unconscious, be unconscious (v) VUL
uncorrupted, be uncorrupted, be plain, be pure, be unsullied (v) NIT
uncritical, be uncritical be shallow, be superficial (v) SAS
undelicious; be undelicious, be untasty (v) can be used to describe food that is edible but not particularly tasty. For a Klingon this could include food that is merely cooked {KGT page 84} 'EYHA'
under-area, area below BIF
underground (n) WUX
underside, bottom (never the interior bottom) (n) for interior bottom see BIS'UB [KEP'A' JAVDIC] PIRMUS
understand (v) YAJ
undisciplined person, irresponsible person(n) (slang)*e* DUJ FADHA'
-undo (v-R) similar to Fed. Std. mis-, de-, dis-, also used when something is done wrong. Always appears after the verb so it is not known why this is a rover. e.g., YIC'HA' - Dis-engage it <> BIJAXHA'CUG - If you say the wrong thing (if -BE' had been used it would translate - If you don't speak). -HA'
-undoubtedly, certainly (v-6) e.g., CIMBEJ - It is undoubtedly empty. -BEJ
undress (v) TUQHA'MOH
uneasy, be uneasy (v) JOTHA'
uneasy, be uneasy, nervous (v) BIT
unexceptional, be unexceptional, be non-specific (v) LE'BE'
unfortunate, be unfortunate (v) DO'HA'
unfortunately (adv) DO'HA'
unhappy, be unhappy (v) QUCHA'
unidentified part of body (n) KIVON
uniform (n) HIP
unimportant, be unimportant, trifling, trivial, (v) RAM
uninhabited, be uninhabited, deserted, empty (v) CIM
uninteresting, be uninteresting, be dull (v) KEX
union, federation, organisation, association, league (n) DIVI'
union, bonding (n) * not known if used as a word in its own right (RUS-)
unit of currency, darsek (n) DARSEK
unit of linear measure (approx. 14"/35cm) (n) 'UJ
unit of measure , 1.25 light years (n) [BoP Poster] LOGKAM
unit measure of electric shock (n) 'UL
unit measure of volume, approx. one quart/litre (n) [MSN 10/22/97] XO'REN
unit measure of weight, approx. 5 pounds (2.25kg) (n) [MSN 10/22/97] CEB
United Federation of planets (n) see also YUQJIJQA' YUQJIJDIVI'
United Federation of planets (n) see also YUQJIJDIVI' YUQJIJQA'
universe (n) 'U'
unjustly treat, wrong (v) QIH
unknown or unspecified quantity, some (n) 'OP
unlikely (adv) GAYTANHA'
unprocessed, be unprocessed, raw (v) XOL
be unruly, rowdy (n) [KGT p150] FIJ
unsavoury, be unsavoury, be disgusting, be repugnant, be loathsome, be icky (v) 'UP
unspecified or unknown quantity, some (n) 'OP
unsullied, be unsullied be plain, be pure, be uncorrupted, (v) NIT
untasty; be untasty, be undelicious (v) can be used to describe food that is edible but not particularly tasty. For a Klingon this could include food that is merely cooked {KGT page 84} 'EYHA'
unusual, be unusual (v) MOXBE'
update, news (n). DE' CU'
upside down, be upside down (v) YOY
urgent, be urgent (v) PAV
use (n) LO'
use (v) LO'
used (v) but like this cannot have a subject noun e.g., REH BOC KUTLUC LO'LU'BOG - The used kut'luch is always shiny. LO'LU'BOG
use experimentally, try out, test (v) WAH
use or manipulate a sword (v) YAN
use up, consume, expend (v) NAX
useful, be useful (v) LI'
useless, something useless T'oohomIrah (n) TU'HOMI'RAH
usual, be usual (v) MOX
usually, typically, as expected (adv) MOX
usually; as in [SEE customarily, regularly, habitually (adv)] (ROD)
utility (preceeds noun it modifies) (n) [BoP Poster] LO' LAW'

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