Words followed by an * or ? are either non-canon or non-verified

v'gro, type of animal (like a cat) (n) VIGRO'
vacate (v) KED
vacation, take a vacation (v) GIQ
valiant, be valiant, be brave, be heroic, be bold, be intrepid (v) (slang) SUB
valley, woman's cleavage (n) FEC
Valkris (pr n) [TKD p58] VALQIS
valuable, be valuable (v) LO'LAH
value (n) LO'LAHGAC
vanish, disappear (v) FAB
varied, be varied, various, miscellaneous (v) SAR
variety (n) SAR
various, be various, miscellaneous, varied (v) SAR
vat, barrel (for storage of liquor (n) KEG
vegetable knife, fruit knife (small knife) (n) NAH TAJ
vegetable, fruit (n) NAH
vegetation (n) TI
vein (n) 'AD
velocity (n) DO
vengeance, revenge (n) BORTAS
vent (n) YIB
verb (n) WOT
verify (v) 'OL
vertical, be vertical (v) COF
-very [SEE -emphatic (v-R)] When attached to a verb acting adjectivally it normally takes on the meaning ‘very'. (-KU')
Very good! Well done! (excl) MAJQA'
vessel, ship (n) DUJ
vicious, be vicious (v) NAS
victory cry (when the victory is particularly gratifying) (excl) QAPCU'
victory, triumph (n) YAY
viewing screen (n) JIH
vigilant, be vigilant (v) DUG
vigilant, be vigilant (v) DUG
vigorous, be vigorous be effective (v) See also be aggressive VAQ
village (n) VEFHOM
violate (v) WEM
violation (n) WEM
violent, be violent (v) RAL
virtually, almost, nearly (adj) XES
virtue, ethics (n) GOB
viscous, be viscous, be dense (v) JED
visit (v) SUC
visual display (n) HASTA
virtually, almost, nearly, not quite (adv) XOS
vocabulary (n) MU'TAY'
voice (n) GOG
volume; unit measure approx. one quart/litre (n) XO'REN
volume; have a volume of (v) MUK
volunteer (v) SAP
Vospeg Region (n) SW of 1st City VOSPEG SEP
vow, swear (v) 'IP
voyage, trip (n) LEF
Vulcan (person) (n) VULKAFAN
Vulcan (planet) (n) VULKAN
vulgar, be vulgar (v) QUT

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