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qe'San be'rawn

My mother, a terran, fought bravely in the battle of Venturi against the Romulans. As is known this battle was brought to an early end with the arrival of the IKV bortaS Captained at that time by Capt. Koragg. When found my mother stood proudly in front of her rescuers with several Romulans lying slain around her. She was commended by Capt. Koragg for her skills and was escorted to his quarters aboard the bortaS to rest. During the journey to DS7 my mother fell deeply in love with Koragg and before they reached their destination they became mates. The result was that I qe'San of the house be'rawn was born.

I learnt to be a warrior from an early age and won many battles before finally entering the Klingon Defence Cadets. I quickly rose up the cadet ranks. On leaving I ventured into intelligence and specialised in communications and architecture.

At one point I spent some time with Terrans. It was following this experience that I proposed to my superiors the wisdom of possessing the knowledge of which Terrans were paying an interest in the Klingon Empire, In addition to those already working with the Klingon Strike Force. I was subsequently ordered to complete this task. This order came directly from the High Council. I was to take on the role of 'Terran Liaison Officer' and produce tlhIngan Qummem (The Klingon Directory). This would be under the pretence of enabling Klingon language students to contact each other to improve their abilities. Although this would be the case it would increase personal contact between Terrans and Klingons. A Klingon warrior is after all always a Klingon warrior but Terrans through their normal upbringing are naturally too trusting. At the commencement of battle they would either be allies or likely hesitate to their cost. Additionally it was considered important to establish the location of all who were capable of translating Klingon communications and taking one of our many edges.

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My Interests apart from Star Trek, Klingon, tlhIngan Hol and fencing are my family and pets whom I love and spend most of my time enjoying life with. Together we love swimming, wildlife and are all members of a local Wildlife Park (Woburn Safari Park) . Needless to say I also love computers.

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